2020 was a rough year for everyone. The pandemic situation pushed everything south and it should already be an achievement to get through into the new year. 2021 will be the year where things start hot penny stocks in 2021 to get back into shape. As the world recovers from the adversity that was 2020, the new year is being anticipated to be a relief and a vessel to make up for the losses. Similarly, the market is also expected to rise higher. New players are expected to break through while the old ones will regain their

Among those names one of hot penny stocks in 2021 is the Starstream Entertainment (SSET). There have been very positive signs that it will rise as a solid player in the market in 2021, looking at the records and recent deals. But nobody is investing without doing their Due Diligence and as such allow us to show you 5 reasons why Starstream Entertainment SSET is hot penny stocks in 2021

SSET’s Facetime Promo Model – Credit Facebook

A whopping 145℅ increase in revenue near the end of 2020 and the hot penny stocks in 2021

SSET is hot penny stocks in 2021 saw a massive revenue increase of 145℅ near the end of 2020, statistics that will force anyone who wishes to invest in the stock market to stop and fix their attention on the company. While many companies still struggle to be profitable, SSET is generating incredible numbers to back it up against all the competitors, placing it a level higher in the hierarchy of the industry. Investing in a company that’s raking in numbers like these is a no brainer, because the margin of return of investment is considerably higher, and who doesn’t watch to catch the bigger fish?

The company also announced deals with Michael Jordan’s premium tequila brand, Cincoro, Skrewball’s peanut butter whiskey, and others. While products like Cincoro bring in seasoned customers, unique and exclusive products like Skrewball’s whiskey bring in new customers because of the innovation.

So it already seems good going for the company. A massive revenue and sensational deals set it up for a firm presence in the market.

Stella Rosa Country Campaign

Huge deals in the alcoholic beverages industry

As mentioned above, Starstream Entertainment has bagged incredible deals with Cincoro, Michael Jordan’s premium whiskey brand, and others. At the charity event, Golf for C.O.P.S, SSET showcased the brands of Proximo through their subsidiary, Facetime Consulting, and Promotions (FCP). The brands included Jose Cuervo, the number one selling tequila in the world, Pendleton, an American oak barrel-aged Canadian Whiskey, and Kraken, a rich spiced rum.

With premium brands like Cincoro and Jose Cuervo and innovative brands like Screwmate, Pendleton, and Kraken, SSET looks forward to a stronghold in the liquor industry.

Alcoholic beverages are a multi-billion dollar industry and quite usually, there seems to be no slowing down there. With the restrictions being lifted from the lockdown, people are coming out more. Since they had to spend a whole year staying inside, this year, with the opening of bars, pubs, and clubs, there would be a rush to get back to enjoying life. This will result in an increment in the overall flow of the industry, allowing it to make great profits.

Since SSET has a solid foot in with their relationship with the liquor brands, there will be a good amount of stability and even progress in the company’s position in the market. A company that’s stable and shows promising signs of progress is a fair investment to make.

Conner Mcgregor’s Proper Twelve Campaign

SSET one of hot penny stocks in 2021 launched a Special Purpose Acquirement Company (SPAC)

In yet another powerful move, SSET is one of hot penny stocks in 2021 recently launched their own SPAC. This was done to push their growth even higher and leverage the benefits of the highly valued SPAC industry.

Starstream SPAC Holdings Corp (“SPAC”) was formed and launched as a Florida Based holding company. The SPAC will be used as an acquisition asset to identify target businesses, perform necessary in-depth diligence, and build a business combination that’s disruptive and gives an edge over other competitors in the market. The Company has plans to target businesses within the staffing industry that possess astounding Enterprise Value to Revenue ratios. While the staffing industry continues to grow with leaps and bounds, SSET seems to capitalize on this opportunity.

What does that mean? SSET through its SPAC will be able to acquire and join hands with other businesses and companies. This will result in more services to offer, more innovation in their offerings as they will be able to combine ideas of other businesses as well, and lastly, creating an ecosystem of direct and indirect relationships with clients and owners. An incredible gesture, strengthening ties with other businesses will amount to more trust and referrals.

Overall, the ultimate conclusion of this move will be that SSET will become more dependable as a stable company because of the ecosystem. And acquiring other businesses and using them to modify and upgrade their offerings will end up bringing more revenue. An investor’s paradise!

Bud Light Selter Launch Campaign

Launched a unique Jeep advertising program and expanded brand ambassador program

In an astounding set of moves, SSET launched a unique advertising program based on the Jeep Truck and expanded its original brand ambassador program to maximize its reach.

The advertising program with Jeep will provide exclusive customization to the clients, allowing them to run promotional campaigns all year round, and with utmost dynamics. With the mobility of a vehicle, brands will be able to promote products and themselves at places a normal billboard can’t and will allow for a change of location whenever desired to shift to more fruitful areas, the customization will be an added advantage to catch the attention of prospective customers or clients.

The expanded brand ambassador program will be instrumental in improving the skill sets of the ambassadors to garner more attention and awareness about the brands they will be promoting. Since they will be available locally, customers will have a better chance of getting known to the brands and products.

Through these endeavours, Starstream Entertainment (SSET) aims to multiply their client’s sales and awareness. And not by any small margin, but a massive 900℅! This will surely attract new clients and keep the current ones hooked to the services of SSET. Amounting to good business and revenue.

Bud Light Placement Campaign

Impressive statistics to look out for

Apart from all the deals and decisions to maximize their reach and revenue, the numbers on SSET’s company profile also seem promising. With a 52-week change in Stock Price of 45℅, it shows that the company’s shares are moving ahead at an amazing rate. Profitability stands at a decent 9.82℅, marking great gains for the company in their businesses.

The return on equity shares stands at an incredible 111.69℅, giving investors more reasons to be content.

The change in stocks sits at an impressive +3.64℅.

The stats are worth a thought for an investor, as all the things are going in a positive direction.

Facetime Team regularly holds out meet and greets for the public, increasing brand transparency

Starstream Entertainment Inc hot penny stocks in 2021. is going to shine high in the market this year and there are no second thoughts about it. SSET has gone all-in with their guns blazing as they have struck deals that will strengthen connections and increase reach, and have also taken business decisions that will place them solidly on the market floor. The numbers are in their favor too, indicating significant growth over the last year, making it clear that 2021 will be theirs.


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