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7 Tips for Selling on eBay

Tips for Selling on eBay.

Many people online will say they made thousands selling on eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY), then claim that they will teach beginners how to build their own eBay empire, but most of the time, they cover the basics, and fail to get into how to actually grow your eBay sales.

Nobody wants to know the mundane basics like how to create an eBay account or how to write a product’s description, so here are some overlooked tips and tricks that will help you boost your eBay sales and take your profits to the next level.

What Products to Sell

You should always be aware of the current trends, and what products people are searching for. To do this, you could use a product research software to enter keywords about a product and see the average number of people searching for it, and this can help you know which items are popular on eBay, as well as the right keywords to use in the listing’s title and the right price, as these software programs also compare the prices that other sellers set for the same or similar product. A great example for an eBay product research software is ZIK Analytics, but keep in mind that it’s not free, and its cheapest plan costs $15. But you can get a 7-day trial on any plan for just $1.

If you choose to sell a seasonal item, for example, Christmas decorations, you should keep in mind that you only have a certain period of time to sell your stock, and if you don’t end up selling everything, you’ll have to store what’s left until next year’s Christmas, so you might want to stay away from seasonal items, especially if you’re a beginner and don’t have a place to store your inventory. As for inventory, you should develop multiple consistent sources for your products and don’t depend on just one thrift store or one wholesaler. This way, you can diversify your offerings and focus on one niche every week or every month until you find out what’s selling best for you.

Stand Out

Once you’ve decided on a product you want to sell and confirmed that it’s an in-demand product, you should find ways to make it stand out on eBay. A lot of beginners make the same mistake when listing their products, as they take the same pictures that their suppliers posted and upload them to eBay, but everyone is doing this now and all the listings look identical. The pictures you include in your listings have to be very high quality, but don’t worry, you don’t need a professional camera to take great pictures. You just need your smartphone and some good natural lighting.

By uploading the pictures that you took yourself, you’ll stand out to buyers and your chances of selling could increase as many buyers now prefer to see real pictures of what they’re buying, rather than a stock image.

Set Listing Goals

When it comes to listing the products, you should try to set some listing goals, meaning, make it a goal to list 5 items each day before a certain time, or anything like that. Also, make it a goal to list items every single day. Once you’ve set your listing goal, you should be consistent with your listings for one to three months. This is important because eBay’s algorithm recognizes consistent patterns, so if you develop your own pattern, eBay will see it and send your products consistent traffic in return.


When pricing your products, try not to engage in price wars. Meaning, don’t undercut another seller’s price to get sales, because that might result in them cutting their prices too, and it will go on and on and neither of you will end up making a good profit on the sale. Instead, try to price your items similar to how other buyers price their items, and you can even go for a higher price if you add more value to the customer, like faster shipping or sustainable packaging.

You can also check the reviews under the products of other sellers and see what customers are complaining about. For example, if you’re selling mobile phone chargers, look for reviews for the same chargers on eBay and if you see customers saying that it was bad quality and was damaged quickly, you can specify in your listing that your chargers are high quality and won’t break off easily, which can help you get more sales and justify a higher price point.

You can also choose to sell products in bundles, and this will work really well if they’re small products. For example, you can sell a pack of two chargers instead of just one to stand out and get more money when it sells, and you also won’t have to pay more in shipping costs as bundles of small products fit into the small parcel boxes.


Most people are deterred from selling on eBay because the thought of shipping scares them, and this can be true if you’re a beginner, but after you do a few shipments, it becomes easy. When determining how much to charge for shipping you want to first calculate what the going rates are, because this can save you a lot of money. Meaning, you need to know the dimensions and weight of the item you’re selling to get it packaged. Then, you’d need to get shipping labels, and the best and cheapest way to get shipping labels is to print them through eBay.

After you become more comfortable with shipping, you could look into using alternative shipping providers then eBay, and that might help you find better prices. There are plenty shipping providers out there for you to choose from, but a good website for it is

Get Positive Reviews

eBay’s algorithm will be kinder to you if you have a lot of positive reviews, so you should work on getting these reviews up. You might get tempted to buy fake reviews, but eBay can find out if they’re fake, and if it does, it might ban your IP address and you won’t be able to sell on it again.

To get good reviews when selling on eBay, give it your all when it comes to packaging your product. For example, you can include a “thank you” card that asks your customers to leave reviews, and design it with eye-catching colors so the customers will actually see it. You can also wait for a few days after the sale before reaching out to your buyer by sending them a message asking them to leave a review. You can ask people to leave reviews, but you can’t ask them to leave “good” reviews, as that’s against eBay’s rules. Regardless, keeping in contact with your customers like this will help keep you in their minds, and they might end up regularly buying from you.

If you choose to sell used items with limited quantities, then it might be hard for you to get a lot of good reviews on one listing, and this can have a serious negative impact on how your listings rank on eBay. Therefore, you might want to stay away from items that you can only sell two or three of. You should also respond to customers’ messages as soon as possible, because how fast you reply to them can help boost your products’ rankings.

You can do everything right but still struggle to get sales, and if you’re going through this, consider investing some money into promoted listings. On eBay, ad rates are anything between 2% to 100% of the item’s total price, and the higher the rate, the higher the possibility of ad placement. Another way you can get higher sales is by utilizing the markdowns and discounts. For example, you can do a 20% discount each month to remain consistent, or check for the products that have been listed for a week or two and haven’t sold yet, then discount them.

Some people choose to remove their listings and post them again to get better results, and this can give you a boost in the rankings because it will show eBay that your store is active and constantly making new listings, but it’s not recommended to do that with every single listing because eBay might see it as suspicious activity, so just do it with items that aren’t selling well.

You should also use the eBay offers tool, and send out offers everyday. People might not buy your items, but if they click on it multiple times, they become a potential customer and you can send offers to them to encourage them to buy. You can also buy your own eBay store, because customers tend to buy multiple items from the same store as it’s more convenient for them. A starter store can cost you from $5 to $8 per month, and there are multiple subscription plans that you can view on eBay’s Seller Center, as well as a survey to help you determine which plan is right for you.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, selling on eBay can be a great side hustle for people who are looking for some extra income on the side, but it can also be turned into a full-time business that you can do for a living, even though that would require you to put in a lot of time and effort. With eBay, consistency is key, so keep that in mind if you want to start making a lot of money on the platform and hopefully you can follow these tips to reach your eBay goals.


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