Sun Kissed Industries Inc. (OTC: SKDI) formerly known for the development and sale of CBD consumables, online ad monetization technology, and digital content management. Has recently turned its business into being a provider of high-end luxury goods. Having had an okay run in the global CBD market with their former subsidiary Hakuna Brand, the opportunity of moving into the rapidly increasing global luxury goods market presents them with an opportunity to capture some market share and so far, they have had the year to back up such a claim.  

2020 was record-breaking and 2021 is shaping up to be even better.

Unlike most of us, 2020 hasn’t actually been that bad for Sun Kissed Industries Inc. (OTC: SKDI). With solid revenue numbers across the first two quarters of 2020 and a $3.2+ Million in just the last two quarters, Sun Kissed Industries INC. (SKDI) officially reported millions in revenues in 2020 for the first time in its history. Furthermore, they’re expected to rack up even better numbers once the announcement of the profits of the 4th quarter of 2020 ahead of the annual report comes out. In addition to spectacular rises in stocks such as when it had a 433% increase after jumping from .0300 to .1600 on November 7 and a 101% increase, going from .0084 to .0169 on January 3. 

A couple of reasons they were able to achieve all of this includes them having directed their focus on high value, high revenue segments, the divestiture of assets including their subsidiary, Hakuna Supply/Products Group, Inc., and the fact that Covid-19 actually turned out to increase their online sales. One more factor that significantly increased their sales was the price of gold going up. When the price of gold increases, almost everyone becomes interested in investing in gold rather than money in the bank for the sole reason that gold will always remain valuable while currency fluctuates. 

In a recent MoneyTV interview the CEO of Sun Kissed industries inc (SKDI), Joseph Ladin spoke on how the company will be entering 2021 with a strong capital base, leading to accelerated growth and new capital that can be of use with potential acquisitions, and the building a strategic inventory. All of which leads to the expectation of an increase in revenue of 30% in 2021 compared to that of 2020. 

Enter 2021

Sun Kissed Industries Inc. (OTC: SKDI) has also decided to change its corporate name to SFL Maven, its high-end jewelry retail subsidiary that sells luxury and estate items. The recent name and ticker symbol change, is a strategic move on SKDI’s part signaling its strong entrance into the Luxury Goods sector and completely moving away from its other ventures. This move is meant to assure investors that SKDI is committed to increasing revenues and ridding itself of any bloated assets they have. This lean strategy should reflect on the next quarterly reports and revenues given the strength of SFL Maven revenue performance in the previous quarters.   

Moreover, (OTC: SKDI) PRs have not been scattered for alerts on broker platforms yet, which means once they are on the broker platforms the traders will have something to go back to in order to get more information on how well the company is doing and how good this potential stock they could buy might be. This will help increase the number of stocks being bought because it will make the traders/investors realize the success SFL has accomplished over the past year.

As we just mentioned, Sun Kissed Industries INC. (OTC: SKDI) have enjoyed an increase in online sales. SFL has been on eBay for 18 years, and has a tremendous +97,000 positive feedbacks from customers on its eBay store. They have also amassed a track record in the past 18 years of nearly $11 million in 2019 and over $122 million since 2004 in sales which has been nothing short of astounding.  

That has been felt throughout their eBay store where they are listed as a top rated best seller and have had 8M new users registered in the second quarter of 2020, more than the last 6 quarters combined. Being listed as a top seller is no easy feat and it definitely comes with a few benefits such: Discounts on shipping when using eBay Labels which saves money, improved ‘Best Match’ search ranking, which helps people find you easier on the website, and being eligible for display of prominent eBay Premium Service badge on qualifying listings which builds up a trustworthy image. Which in retrospect, assists in adding more value to the overall stock price of SKDI.  

Additionally,  according to various statistics, the global luxury goods market is expected to increase from US$285.1 billion in 2020 to US$388 billion in 2025, at a CAGR of 6.4% which gives them an opportunity to capture market share and build a whole new customer database in the expeditiously growing global luxury goods market. 

Well, in addition to SFL Maven being one of the best sellers in the business sector on eBay. Sun Kissed industries inc (OTC: SKDI) will actually launch an online store that is expected to help them collect, structure, and use their own data through their own website, instead of having it go to a separate entity like eBAY. They can control how, where, and when their products are presented and They will have created their own online sales channel on their own platform where they can customize products. Selling on their own website and not eBay will eliminate the possibility of them losing sales to competitors who are selling the same products at a lower price, and generate sales from a different stream. Moreover, using their own online store will help them connect with customers in a more personalized manner. 

The contender rises!

In short, Finishing up 2020 as the 1st ranked Top Profit Pick & Top Actual Banked Profit Earning Stock is quite the accomplishment. Alongside their 2021 objectives such as increasing exposure in the luxury market, using their new capital to remove capital barriers that will enable their growth, creating their own online retail store, and enhancing their brand and corporate image. In addition to some impressive numbers over various dimensions, the even better performance predictions put in place for 2021 makes SFL Maven (OTC: SKDI) a stock to keep an eye on for anyone interested in investing in any profit-generating stock. 


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