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ADTX Stock – A Reverse Split Play Heating Up

ADTX Stock

Aditxt, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADTX) is a promising biotech company with a main focus of developing technologies that improve the health of the immune system. While the stock has been plunging for a while now, ADTX stock is grabbing investors attention in the meantime after the company effected a reverse split. Considering that reverse split plays are gaining more interest from investors, ADTX climbed by as much as 139%. As the company is set to trade on a post-split basis today, ADTX could be one to watch this week as it could continue soaring.

ADTX Stock News


Through its proprietary monitoring technology РAditxtscore РADTX aims to provide patients with a thorough profile of their immune system by monitoring reactions to different viruses, bacteria, allergens, as well as transplanted organs. After monitoring the immune system’s reactions, AditxtScore can anticipate attacks on the body and determine potential responses. As a result, the immune system would be able to manage or neutralize the pathogen more effectively. Since this platform could revolutionize the treatment of several diseases, ADTX stock could be one to invest in for the long-term.

Currently, ADTX is developing AditxtScore for treating type 1 diabetes. This could be achieved through AditxtScore’s ability to detect auto-antibodies early. Following this, the platform monitors the progression of the disease and its response to therapy. By following this mechanism, AditxtScore has the potential to be applied in treating diseases affecting the immune system, bones and joints, brain, cardiometabolic, thyroid, as well as hormone imbalances. Given the potential of treating such diseases, ADTX has the potential to process more than 10 million Aditxtscores annually which could provide the company with significant revenues in the future.


As well as AditxtScore, ADTX is developing another technology РAdimune Рto modulate the immune system and address autoimmunity, organ rejection, and allergies. Considering this technology’s long-term potential, ADTX protected this technology by 7 patent families in the US and across the world. Out of these patents, 8 are based in the US and 4 additional patents are pending applications. Meanwhile, Adimune has 86 foreign patents and applied for an additional 14 patents globally. With this in mind, these patents are categorized into 3 groups for autoimmune diseases and type 1 diabetes, prevention of immune activation, and delivery systems for antigens. Through these patents, ADTX has the potential to emerge as a global leader in treating such diseases.

In the meantime, ADTX is studying the possibility of utilizing Adimune in treating Psoriasis which is caused when the immune system attacks skin cells. ADTX is looking to use Adimune in preventing these attacks and dealing with the causes of skin cell build-ups. In a 10-day study, Adimune was able to reduce skin thickening and scaling by 69% and 38% respectively. Moreover, ADTX is studying Adimune’s ability to treat type 1 diabetes by stopping the immune system malfunction to allow for the production of insulin. If this approach is successful, Adimune could be the first permanent cure for type 1 diabetes. With this in mind, Adimune already showed encouraging results in initial trials as it successfully restored insulin production and reversed hyperglycemia.

ADTX is also studying Adimune’s ability to cure skin allografts which result from skin grafting to cover wounds. Since grafting is not a permanent solution to these cases, ADTX is aiming to utilize Adimune in increasing the graft’s longevity to improve patients’ quality of life and reduce the number of required surgeries in the future. Considering Adimune’s potential in treating all of these diseases, ADTX intends to move forward with clinical trials for treating psoriasis, diabetes, and skin allografts in 2023 after completing pre-clinical studies this year. In light of this, ADTX stock could be well-positioned to soar on more updates regarding clinical trials.


Looking to generate revenues to aid it in growing its business, ADTX entered into a revenue sharing agreement with Cellvera Global Holdings LLC, formerly AiPharma Global Holdings LLC. With this in mind, ADTX has agreed to acquire Cellvera, however, the acquisition remains in the due diligence stage. Despite this, ADTX could be able to realize more revenues in the lead up to the acquisition thanks to this agreement as it allows ADTX to receive up to 10% of net sales up to a maximum of $30 million. In this way, ADTX could be well-positioned for financial growth since Cellvera holds exclusive global rights to a broad spectrum oral antiviral drug targeting Covid-19 and 11 other diseases. As the demand for such antivirals is high at the moment, ADTX could receive a much needed boost to its financials from this agreement.

Reverse Split

Meanwhile, ADTX stock is receiving investors’ attention after sharing its plans to effect a 1 for 50 reverse split to regain compliance with the NASDAQ listing rules. As this reverse split would see the company have an OS of only 1.1 million shares, ADTX stock has been emerging as a potential reverse split runner as these plays have been the hottest in the market lately. With this in mind, many investors are bullish ADTX stock could witness a run-up similar to ShiftPixy, Inc. (NASDAQ: PIXY) and NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: NRBO). For this reason, ADTX stock is one to watch this week in case it further runs.

ADTX Stock Financials

According to its Q2 report, ADTX has $10 million in assets including $803.9 thousand in cash. However, this is a decline from the company‚Äôs assets at December 31, 2021 where the company reported $16.6 million in assets and $7.8 million in cash. Meanwhile, liabilities increased from Q4 to $9.3 million compared to $6.4 million. 

In terms of revenues, ADTX reported $214.7 thousand in Q2 making its revenues for the first half of 2022 $424.9 thousand after not realizing any revenues last year. However, the company incurred $5.8 million in operating costs – leading to a net loss of $5.8 million. Considering that the company remains in its early growth stages, ADTX could be poised for significant revenue growth when its treatments are brought into the market.

Media Sentiment

@Mitch___Picks expects ADTX to continue its run today following the reverse split.

@nxtplse is excited about his gains from ADTX stock.

Technical Analysis

ADTX stock chart

ADTX stock is currently trading at $18.4 and has supports near 16.68, 12.35, and 6.25. Meanwhile, the stock shows resistances near 21.9, 26.07, and 30.56. With the stock running past $29 in pre-market, ADTX could test its resistance near $30 with high momentum. However, investors should be wary that the stock already ran nearly 140% leading up to the reverse split which could see the stock drop due to investors selling the news. For this reason, bullish investors could find good entry points on retests of supports if the supports hold. 

ADTX stock chart

As reverse split plays are becoming more popular lately, accumulation is trending upwards and the MACD is bullish to the upside. However, the RSI is at 85 indicating that ADTX stock is overbought. In light of this, ADTX could be poised to drop as the RSI regulates which could present good entries for the stock. Following its reverse split, ADTX has an OS around 1.1 million and a float near 1 million.

ADTX Stock Forecast

By utilizing its technology platforms, ADTX has significant growth potential when its treatments are introduced to the market as they could revolutionize treating diabetes, Psoriasis, and skin allografts. However, since these treatments are yet to start clinical trials, any future growth could take years to materialize. With this in mind, ADTX stock like other biotech stocks move on binary events like FDA approvals and clinical trial news. Based on this, ADTX could soar soon as it plans to start clinical trials for its treatments in 2023. 

Meanwhile, ADTX stock is becoming an attractive investment in the short-term following its reverse split. Considering the growing popularity of reverse split plays, ADTX stock is one to watch this week for a continuation. However, investors should be wary that the stock could easily drop due to selling the news.

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