One of the Penny Stocks to keep an eye on lately is Allied Energy Corporation ticker symbol AGYP.  AGYP, as one can tell from the name it’s an energy play, a tech oil extraction one to be exact. One of Penny Stocks that’s been catching a few eyes lately. Oil prices have been steadily climbing up the past few months. Nonetheless, AGYP has this amazing technology and strategy that they are banking on to, well, bank hard. While most oil & gas companies are in the “volume game” drilling huge volumes of new wells looking for the largest reserves possible. Get this, AGYP instead of wasting millions on “hit or miss” oil exploration and drilling which also takes a heavy toll on the environment, they identify and monetize existing shut-in oil wells with historically proven reserves that large oil & gas companies consider “marginal”. A genius strategy. On the other hand It takes months to do this with existing tech if you are drilling a new well, not to mention 10 times the cost. This is what makes it a tech play and an oil play at the same time, you get two of the hottest sectors out there in one company!  

To recap everything that said so far:

  • Oil Prices are up 60%.
  • AGYP has tech that can get oil out of the ground that’s 10 times cheaper and 5 times faster.
  • And best of all, AGYP tech is environment friendly.

Penny Stocks, Watch out!

All this proving how attractive AGYP is. For a long play this company is heading on a straight path to be acquired and become one of the big Penny Stocks out there, if not for its strong revenues then for its amazing tech. 

Now, how well does this translate into the real world? Well, AGYP recently tweeted that they started production on not one, but three oil wells! On that news announcement, the company Price per share more than doubled from $.30 to a high of almost $.70. 

Doing the math on this one, with just three wells this company is trading in at around half a dollar. That’s not including revenue from those wells, or any additional wells they will add in next month. So once revenue kicks in and more wells are added, which will take about a couple of months. does the math not support this stock reaching at least $5 in the few months and a couple of dollars in a few weeks? A lot of people seem to think it does, and for that this Penny Stock is one to keep an eye for. 

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