Allied Energy Corporation (Ticker Symbol: AGYP) offers and markets patented brands of organic fertilizers to industrial farmers of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains all over the world. It operates in the oil and gas industry through its wholly-owned subsidiary. Allied Oil & Gas, Inc. has signed a deal to obtain a one percent (1%) overriding royalty interest in eleven (11) oil and gas leases with producing oil wells. It operates with green technology and has a tech that can get oil out of the ground at a rate of 10 times cheaper and 5 times faster, which is profitable and less time consuming than the traditional methods of acquiring oil.

AGYP’s Management Team:

  • President and Secretary: Morgan J.C Scudi got his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Tennessee as well as his Judis Doctor degree from The American University in Washington, D.C. As the founder of many start-up businesses, he has vast management experience. In addition, he is also managing partner of Scudi & Ayers, LLP.
  • CEO, CFO, Treasurer and Secretary: George Monteith has over 30 years of corporate leadership and management expertise in resource-based businesses. Mr. Monteith has worked on several projects such as mining and oil and gas around the globe after having provided geological services to the resource industry for the past 37 years. Mr. Monteith has also served as a resource industry consultant for a variety of clients, including Willingdon Resources – Toronto, John Pol Explorations – Toronto, Watts Mining and Consulting – Toronto, Caviar Minerals – Toronto, Blackstone Minerals – Toronto and Lenora Explorations – Timmins Ontario.
  • Director: Gordon H. Johnson was employed by two large independent oil companies that helped him gain experience in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Montana, Louisiana and North Dakota after leaving the University of Texas in September, 1965. He has been the President of many companies, one of which had a $6,000,000 completely subscribed underwriting in 1981 and was traded on the NASDAQ.

AGYP’s Key Data:

  • Market Cap: 23,669,884
  • Authorized Shares: 300,000,000
  • Outstanding Shares: 61,775,458
  • Par Value: 0.001

For more statistical information on AGYP, check their page on OTC Market

AGYP’s Socials/Websites:

  • Website: Their easily accessible website provides the viewer with various information about their products, marketing strategies and distribution, contacts as well as the management team. However, there is information that can only be viewed if the user sends their mail, such as news about investors and fertilizer facts. 
  • Twitter account: @AlliedEnergyCo1 AGYP posts news every once in a while on twitter.

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AGYP Plans to Acquire the Ownership of Two Producing Oil Wells

On March 4, 2021, AGYP, an energy corporation specialising in the acquisition and reworking of provable oil and gas reserves in the United States’ most prolific hydrocarbon areas has agreed to form an immediate relationship with a premier investor in the Texas oil industry for the majority ownership of two operating oil wells in northern Texas. This agreement is the final step to be taken before a definitive contract is signed by the company in order to obtain a 100% working interest, 80% net revenue ownership share in the two wells as well as 890.7 leased acres with the lease-hold owners. It is expected that the revenues move up after this decision is taken. 

“This month, we plan to sign a contract to acquire majority ownership in two producing oil wells in northern Texas and are committed to securing this majority ownership through entirely non-dilutive means. We are excited about the immediate revenue opportunities from current production levels at these two wells and are also confident in our plans to improve production through our expertise and use of technology” said the CEO, George Monteith. Of course, more assets, more income. AGYP was able to foresee the success in acquiring more oil wells, which will most probably result in more revenues. In addition, the two wells are located in a region with a rich and successful production history. Not only were they concerned about expanding their number of oil wells, but they also considered that the location must be enriched to ensure the utmost production. 

The two generating wells are about 2.5 hours north of Dallas in a prolific Texas oil and gas region. Due to world-class hydrocarbon sourcing from the Barnett shale and several stacked reservoirs in the Canyon Group, Strawn Group, Caddo Formation, Palo Pinto Formation, Marble Falls Group, and Mississippi Limestone, the region has a long history of oil and gas operations.

A newly hired Oil Operations Manager: Curtis William Boyles

On March 15, 2021, OTC: Pink AGYP publicly notified the hiring of an Oil Operations Manager Curtis William Boyles who will be responsible to oversee lease acquisitions, site Licensing, team management and new oil production. Mr. Boyles is a well-known Oil and Gas Operations Manager and Consultant in the oil industry, with more than 30 years of experience coordinating, leading, and funding high-value oil and gas exploration, assessment, and extraction projects.

“Hiring a prominent Oil Operations Manager demonstrates our commitment to investors to build the Company smartly and rapidly. Mr. Boyles has a sterling reputation within the oil industry as colleagues know his long list of industry successes” stated George Monteith. This definitely shows that the company has seen potential in Mr. Curtis and is expecting great outcomes in the coming future with the help of his experience, skills and talents. The oil stocks has gained more attention than anticipated during the week prior to the week of the hiring of Mr. Boyles and given that AGYP is in a hot industry sector, the stock price for the company is expected to climb up if Mr. Boyles were to shift the company to a more successful position. “Curtis is an integral part of that business and the Company is thrilled that he is now part of our team” added Mr. Monteith.

There have been rumors going around mentioning that Boyles has already hit the ground with multiple speculations concerning that he has started finalizing lease acquisition. It has only been a week since his hiring and people are already anticipating his successful achievements. 

AGYP signs a contract with Energy Management Resources and makes 80% Interest Revenues in 2 Northern Texas Oil Wells

On March 22, 2021, OTC:Pink AGYP, announced that the company signed a binding agreement with Energy Management Resources, LLC and and has gained an 80% interest revenues in the first two oil wells in Northern Texas known as the “Palo Pinto #1” and “Palo Pinto #2″ wells. With the help of AGYP’s land position, the company will be able to expand up to ten additional wells in an area in Baylor County Texas locally identified as the “Green Lease”. From acquiring 2 additional oil wells to 10 in just a short period of time, it is difficult not to notice that AGYP is going above and beyond. It is expected that the company’s revenues bounce up when that happens.

The CEO, George Monteith was proud of the decisions taken by the company and stated that both the Palo Pinto acquisition and the hiring of Curtis as Oil Operations Manager will speed up the real oil production. He also added that the company’s target is to acquire multiple wells at two different areas with daily production, as well as new wells coming online throughout 2021. AGYP is now enjoying two critical points: The first one is that acquisitions are being strategically funded in a shareholder-friendly manner, with the Company’s long-term sustainability in consideration, the second one is that increasing oil prices render using 21st-century technology to re-complete previously producing wells is extremely profitable. “We are in the right industry sector at the right time and now we have the working capital to take advantage of this surging oil market while putting our years of expertise to good use”, said Monteith.


There is no doubt that AGYP has been achieving nothing but successful results in March. The decisions it took throughout this month will most probably lead the company to a better market position. Moreover, given that the company’s stock is currently at a high level, more investors will probably be attracted to this company and buy more shares thanks to the successful updates the company keeps announcing, forcing the stock price to climb up more, thus, enhancing its business growth.

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