Alpine 4 Holdings Inc. (OTCQB:ALPP) has been attracting many investors after remaining the highest value OTC stock for the last few days. Over the last eight days, ALPP stock has already increased roughly 100% on momentum. But as a tech holdings company, ALPP has many fundamental catalysts driving its recent increase. The company seeks out and acquires businesses fitting its disruptive DSF (Drivers, Stabilizers, and Facilitators) business model making it a worthwhile long-term investment for some bullish investors.


ALPP has holdings in a number of big industries such as defense, aerospace, technology, manufacturing, and construction. Its wide range of acquisitions means ALPP has a diversified portfolio with assets in lucrative sectors. One particularly appealing aspect of ALPP is their list of impressive customers which include high-end Fortune 500 companies and even the US government. Through its manufacturing center in Silicon Valley ALPP is also working with Apple and Tesla.

But ALPP’s biggest accomplishments definitely come through its subsidiary Vayu Aerospace, which supplies the Air Force with surveillance and protection drones. ALPP recently showcased its latest vertically integrated drones at the CUAV Expo and has plans to expand its production facilities under the leadership of its President – retired Navy seal TK Eppley.

However, most investors are waiting on news regarding ALPP’s pending uplisting to the NASDAQ. August’s shareholders letter detailed the company’s continuous efforts to become listed on the NASDAQ and with this goal in mind ALPP hired Donohoe Advisory based on their previous success. The company has also hinted at some impending changes tweeting, “It’s time to embrace change” as a subtle hint to investors. Now many bullish investors are buying ALPP shares in anticipation of news confirming its uplisting.

Given that the company has lucrative contracts with the US government through its subsidiary TDII as well as revenue coming in from its other subsidiaries, the company’s market cap of almost $570 million is surprising. Many investors claim ALPP is notably undervalued. According to ALPP’s disclosure, its revenue at the end of June was about $14 million in comparison to $9 million the year before. The same goes for their gross profit, which is up almost 2 million from the year before $1.9 million to $3.9 million which is a good indication of ALPP’s growth.

However, ALPP has seen the most significant change in its assets which currently total $94 million – a $40 million increase from only 6 months prior. This difference is largely due to ALPP purchasing intangible assets which specifically grew by $22 million over the same period. With anticipated activity in its technology branch, this seems like a good sign for ALPP stock.

Media Sentiment

@flyboy1075 looks like NASDAQ is ALPP’s next stop

Technical Analysis

alpp stock chart

After the surge in price, ALPP stock is currently trading at $3.89 with a resistance at 4.25. Its first support formed 3.65 with a secondary support at 3.19 and a third at 2.62. Accumulation spiked up with the stock’s movement and the RSI is now cooling off at 56.9 after overbuying yesterday. Although the MACD is still on the upside, it had a bearish crossover on October 7th and is still downtrending with no sign of another crossover.

Should You Buy?

With their A-list, Fortune 500, customers, ALPP has the potential to attract even more top-tier clients based on their work. The company has passed numerous milestones thanks to their subsidiaries’ success but its main focus is uplisting to NASDAQ. After reaching all-time highs and surpassing the $8.50 PPS earlier this year, bullish shareholders are predicting that ALPP will hit double digits soon after uplisting. The anticipated announcement will likely be released soon causing many investors to look forwards to both the short and long-term benefits of ALPP. As it currently stands, ALPP stock could dip farther before news sets it off again possibly breaking its resistance at $4.25.


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