Despite the drama caused by its former CEO, Astra Veda Corporation (OTC: ASTA) has overcome the legal challenges of the last three years and appears poised for a comeback. The company – which co-founds technology companies and incubates them to maturity – spiked up to a 52 week high of $.009 last week following their CEO’s announcement that ASTA intends to become pink current. As of July, the company’s profile was verified by the OTC market. Generating revenue through its promising subsidiaries, the Astra Veda Corporation has excited many investors thanks to its assets which are some of the strongest in the technology market. While this hot penny stock is trading under 10 cents, it may not be for much longer.

Hot Penny Stock Under 10 Cents Paranotek

Paranotek, the golden goose of Astra Veda, was developed by the company’s CTO and Co-Founder, Lauri Tunnela. The cybersecurity software company, whose main goal is ensuring maximum security for the users, provides the encryption necessary for the utmost privacy. With a four year patent-pending, Paranotek has what is likely to be the first quantum-computing resistant encryption. This is particularly impressive considering the novelty of the technology presented. While, COVID issues over the past 18 months have no doubt hindered the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s progress in approving its patent, Twitter updates from ASTA’s official account with the hashtag #patenttime is making speculative investors confident that the approval is coming soon. Once approved, Paranotek will be well ahead of its competition thanks to this cutting edge technology. But in the meantime, Astra Veda has continued progress on two of its internally developed apps.

Punchzee is a powerful field management platform suitable for start-ups in the construction and maintenance industries as well as for large general contractors. Available for download since 2019, the app allows its users to create projects and upload drawings that are readable down to the smallest detail on all devices. Additionally, it creates custom, easy-to-use task forms that can be quickly sent to field technicians for completion – eliminating the chance of errors or delays. Despite fierce competition, the app is standing its ground.

Hot Penny Stock Under 10 Cents Punchzee ASTA app

Punchzee has recently announced a partnership with the National Association of Women In Construction (NAWIC). This partnership provides an extraordinary opportunity for NAWIC members to utilize this powerful field management software in order to efficiently manage, track, and report construction operations.

ASTA’s second subsidiary, Saphyr, is heralded as the only quantum computer resistant messenger app. Messages sent with Saphyr are transferred directly from 1 device to the other without any servers in the middle. Unlike other messaging services, Saphyr does not require personal information like a user’s name or phone number. The app’s launch was generally delayed by previous mismanagement, but with FINRA corporate action nearing its completion, the final traces of its old management are almost removed. With this in mind and based on Parantok’s twitter updates, it appears the much-anticipated release of the Sayphr app could be very soon. 

Hot Penny Stock Under 10 Cents Saphyr ASTA app

As a company with so much potential, Asta’s board was adamant that it create a new identity for the company following the former CEO’s mismanagement. For this reason, the company filed in 2019 to change the company’s name from Worldflix (WRFX) to Astra Veda (ASTA). In the interest of transparency and accountability, the company has decided based on a forensic accounting examination that it is “required to reconstruct a general accounting ledger based on the information curated by the fraud and forensic examination team”. But the company has taken steps to put the past behind it. In a press release last March, the CEO said the company will meet the OTC market deadline and deliver the required filings on time. Currently, their draft financials are being reviewed by an independent audit committee and ASTA is showing no signs of slowing. 

Announcing a joint venture with Bullet Barrier last May, CEO Mick Davis is pursuing new plans with the manufacturer of ballistic-resistant windows and door coverings. In light of recent mass shootings, these products will likely be marketed to schools and governments as well as residential and commercial communities by 2025.

Astra Veda Corporation (ASTA) stock screen

Withstanding bad management and pandemic related setbacks, the Astra Veda Corporation has attracted the attention of bullish investors. With a market cap of approximately 52 million, ASTA is showing increased activity as indicated by its higher than average volume of roughly 119 million. Of 11.3 billion authorized shares, 5.8 billion are outstanding and the stock is currently trading at $.0090 – a 400% increase from July 22nd when it was at .0019. This hot penny stock is gaining in popularity and if its current trajectory holds with confirmation of a forthcoming patent – ASTA could have another runup. Currently trading at $.012, this stock is valued well below ten cents. But depending on its subsidiaries’ successes, the stock may soon reach $.02 with the potential for further gains down the line.


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