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AXXA Stock on the Road to $100 Million in Revenue?

Not every OTC company sets multi-million-dollar revenue targets, but Exxe Group, Inc. (OTC: AXXA) – a diversified fintech company focused on acquisitions – announced, is on the road to achieving $100 million in revenue in March 2023. This comes following the company’s new multi-million dollar real estate deal and major Metaverse initiative. Since its inception, AXXA has developed a solid portfolio of acquisitions which it plans on leveraging to converge its physical and digital assets through the metaverse. AXXA stock has so far sustained its momentum and is currently trading at $.058 – a 172% increase from its share price before the Metaverse announcement. 


In 2020, AXXA enjoyed substantial revenue and equity growth for shareholders due to the management’s reorganization plan. Despite Covid-19 affecting the company’s initial plans, AXXA was able to reduce its reliance on unstable revenue streams like live events. Instead, it merged several of it’s assets into its financial services division and has been pursuing more opportunities in the digital sphere ever since. Now, AXXA expects to record revenue and net income of $49 to $53 million by March of 2022. In its last quarter, the company reached $24 million in revenue – a $10 million increase from the year before. 

This strong financial position led the company to announce its plans to achieve $100 million in revenue by March of 2023. Although many investors may have doubted this goal at first, now that the company has introduced its Metaverse initiative and new real-estate deal, investors’ confidence is building. 

As a digital-first company, AXXA holds a portfolio of tangible and intangible assets after acquiring a total of 28 companies across several high-growth industries. AXXA holds a majority controlling interest in acquired entities across the FinTech, agribusiness, and digital technologies industries.

But AXXA is also establishing a real estate portfolio that consists of a total of 250 residential units, commercial property, and land. One of the company’s most lucrative physical assets in the industry is the Trump Tower – four luxury residences located in Trump World Tower in Midtown Manhattan

Aside from that, AXXA concluded the first stage of its $100 million Western European deal in a $10 million transaction for a section of commercial and residential properties in Germany’s thriving Frankfurt Bornheim region. The first transaction included the acquisition of three buildings out of the planned six. 

Already, the company’s estimates suggest that these properties “represents an immediate 25% increase” in value for the company. Which has led its management to plan an audit of the entire new real estate portfolio in 2022 and anticipate that rental income and revenue could be doubled over the next two years.

Aside from the company’s growing real estate portfolio, AXXA has had prominent acquisitions in other major industries as well. When it comes to FinTech, the company has invested heavily in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and foreign exchange platforms as well as venture capital assets. 

One of the company’s most significant assets is its digital real estate platform – REAXXA. Currently, under development, REAXXA is a real estate community marketplace integrated with blockchain technology. As an investor platform, REAXXA will serve as a source of liquidity and fractional ownership because it allows investors to list their real estate assets for others to see.

With its broad range of physical assets, AXXA aims to transform the way businesses operate by enabling the convergence of its digital and physical spaces. To do that, the company intends to establish marketplaces by implementing new technology that could connect physical products with its digital community. 

This ties into its recent Metaverse initiative which AXXA hopes will position it to become a prominent market player. As an early adopter with a digital strategy focused on transforming the way real estate and business services operate, AXXA hopes to take advantage of lucrative opportunities in the market by offering digital space that is attractive for users to work or play in. As the company already has expertise with international virtual communities, AXXA is planning on selling features and accessory upgrades to build communities in the Metaverse.

On this note, Eduard Nazmiev, AXXA’s CEO, recently highlighted the company’s “unique opportunity to leverage and integrate the physical with the digital”. He added that the company’s status as an early adopter and provider of unique Metaverse services and products “could set the stage for some of the fastest growth rates we have enjoyed, since inception.”

With an outlined roadmap going well beyond 2021 to expand its presence and offerings in the Metaverse, AXXA is positioned to generate greater revenue and a potential return on investment for its shareholders. AXXA already believes that with its current status, within a year and a half digital services could account for one-third of the company’s total revenue. if successful – this initiative could lay the groundwork for the company’s broader participation in the Metaverse ecosystem for years to come.

Media Sentiment

With this in mind, investors like @Modrnerapharaoh are speculating whether AXXA could match OWUV’s epic run which you can learn more about here.

Technical Analysis

AXXA stock chart
AXXA stock price

Following its 172% increase, AXXA is currently trading at $.058 with primary support at 5 and secondary support at .021 while it maintains a strong resistance at .08. Accumulation is witnessing a downwards trend after the initial spike. The MACD just became bearish and the RSI is cooling down at 49 after earlier overbuying. 

All this indicates that AXXA stock price could settle in the range between its support at .05 and the resistance at .08. AXXA stock might see a 54% increase by Q1 of 2022 to send AXXA stock price to $.851 – similar to March’s high – if the company continues its positive progress.

AXXA Stock Forecast

News of AXXA’s Metaverse initiative and lucrative real estate deal set the stock off but whether it is maintained will depend on the company. AXXA promised its shareholders a PowerPoint focusing on the Metaverse initiative, its sustainable energy solutions, as well as information regarding its physical and digital real estate deals.

Many investors believe that with the company’s ongoing potential, AXXA stock could recover soon and could retest its resistance at .08. With that in mind, the AXXA stock forecast is looking very positive and investors should keep an eye on the company’s strategic direction heading into 2022 for further developments.

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