Latest Vinco Ventures acquisition Honey Badger Media has been killing it since the acquisition and the application of Vinco’s Be Big Strategy as promised in the latest PR release by the company.

If you missed the news in our latest article, Honey Badger Media is a digital media platform that specializes in taking companies with no digital presence and scaling them up dramatically, by leveraging its 300 Million + Followers network across multiple popular social media platforms.

Within the first month, the company was able to sign an impressive roster of very well known celebrities including but not limited to Jackass Star Bam Margera, Reality World renown guest speaker Adalia Rose, and internet personality and blogger Joy of Mom.

Announcing this news was the newly appointed Brian McFadden Chief Strategy Officer. “We chose Honey Badger as the first platform under our Be $BBIG Increase Earnings due to the quick start potential and scale-able revenue models that it benefits from,” and he went to add on “We know what the company is capable of and are optimistic about the quick ramp to the business. It is exciting to watch our customer list grow which expands our user base by multiples. Honey Badger was the first of our platforms, and we are confident it will be integral to our overall growth,”

This perfectly matchs our predictions from last month, any keen eyed investor would know these are moves not very common in the OTC Market, it seems like Vinco is aiming to break the $5 some time soon, in my opinion.

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