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Best 3 Penny Crypto Stocks To Invest In 2022

Best 3 Penny Crypto Stocks To Invest In 2022

2021 was a year of constant gains and record highs for crypto! However, this growth came to a halt at the start of 2022 as the industry endured turbulent times and steady price declines. As of recently, the market is showing positive signs of a rebound which many are attributing to the increasing number of countries accepting the regulatory framework of this growing digital payment system.

For instance, UAE has plans to license crypto services providers by the end of Q1 and is now preparing for its Crypto Expo Dubai Event in March. Meanwhile, Russia is set to recognize cryptoassets as a currency and Ukraine recently passed a law that legalizes bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies.

In light of this progress, analysts are projecting the global cryptocurrency market will reach nearly $5 billion by 2030. With ongoing projects in the crypto space, Nextmart Inc (OTC:NXMR), NextPlay Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:NXTP), and APT Systems Inc (OTC:APTY) are some of the most promising penny crypto stocks poised to take advantage of the market’s potential growth.

Crypto Mining Stocks – NXMR

Earlier this year, Nextmart Inc (OTC:NXMR) announced its plans to venture into the crypto mining industry – upon which it saw a 103% increase in its PPS. On January 18th, NXMR announced its official entry into the crypto market after acquiring the necessary rigs to mine Ethereum. The company’s CEO emphasized NXMR’s efforts to establish its presence within the industry as it “buys nodes from established mining entities that have actual success in crypto coins such as Gala, Green, and Liberty.”

With the crypto market rebounding, NXMR teased posting a picture of a project they are working on, leaving investors speculating on the possibility of the project being crypto related which could possibly set the stock for a run-up.

To ensure a successful entry into the market, NXMR has been raising the capital necessary to start mining Ethereum. With plans to begin mining by Q2 2022, the company is currently in the process of finalizing the purchase of numerous revenue-producing nodes from a large crypto mining company.

The company’s management has promised to release more details in the coming days along with the launch of its new website. With this in mind, investors are bullish on the company’s progress and its “plans to move very quickly by acquiring other related assets on a regular basis”.

Currently trading at $.11, NXMR has the potential to run-up even higher once its upcoming merger is complete. With numerous catalysts driving growth ahead, investors like @Modrnerapharaoh believe it could hit $.10 – making it one of the most promising crypto mining stocks this week.

Decide for yourself whether NXMR is among the promising crypto mining stocks after reading our in-depth dive on the stock.

NXTP Stock

As a tech solutions company, NextPlay Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:NXTP) utilizes AI and blockchain for a range of services including games, crypto banking, and travel booking solutions. NXTP has been looking to establish itself in the growing metaverse industry. To facilitate its new suite of digital stable coins – which will cover a broad array of assets including a variety of fiat currencies across a group of crypto chains.

The company’s subsidiary – NextBank – recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Alphabit – a leading crypto exchange in the marketplace. This partnership will enable NXTP to provide deposit accounts and payment cards for members of ABCC cryptocurrency exchange, and also allow users to trade fiat currency and cryptocurrency on the exchange.

Aside from its ventures with NextBank, the company is also venturing into the FinTech sphere through its subsidiary – Longroot – which is known for creating regulated cryptocurrencies. In light of this, NXTP’s licensed Longroot digital token offering platform will serve as the financial advisor and underwriter for Ample Health’s proposed security token offering (STO). Longroot will be responsible for structuring the offering and raising the initial capital to fund the STO.

At the time of this writing, NXTP is trading at $.59. However, this company it working with Soma Innovation Lab and NFT Pro to develop an innovation lab focused on NFTs, social games, and Metaverse virtual worlds. Considering this long term potential as well as its suite of stablecoins, NXTP is a crypto stock worth watching.

For a deeper look at NXTP’s various ventures, read our article or find out what its doing to position itself among the best penny crypto stocks in 2022 in the video below.

APTY Stock

APT Systems Inc (OTC:APTY) is a fintech company focused on stock trading platforms and visualization solutions for financial markets. On February 17th, APTY announced its support to the efforts done by the US Congress to define a regulatory framework for the Spera stablecoin. CEO Glenda Dowie declared that “Spera is completely backed by US Dollars and gold as a response to senators’ concerns over stablecoins not living up to their claims of stability”.

Currently, the company’s Spera stablecoin is in its final stages and is sending waves of excitement among investors bullish on the potential of the stablecoin. Stablecoins like Spera are rising it popularity since they can be used for everyday transactions – bridging the gap between fiat money and cryptocurrencyBut Spera is also designed to have an active role in international trade through Verifundr – APTY’s escrow and payment provider using blockchain technology.

Upon announcing the completion of the UI design and implementation process for Verifundr, CEO Glenda Dowie assured investors that the company is “building Verifundr in sync with Spera stablecoin, since Verifundr must function in both crypto and traditional financial worlds”. Following this announcement, APTY saw a 25% surge and investors are bullish it could see more growth following the anticipated release of its Spera stablecoin.

Following its run-up, APTY is currently trading at $.0098. However, with investors bullish on its upcoming Q1 report and its Spera stablecoin release, APTY could see another run-up sooner than expected.

Is APTY truly among the list of promising penny crypto stocks? Read our article for a detailed look at everything Spera has going for it.

Should You Buy?

While countless otc companies may be venturing into cryptocurrencies in hopes of capitalizing on this promising industry, only a few companies have solid merger plans in place as well as prominent partnerships in the crypto industry. In light of the companies’ efforts, these three stocks could be smart buys that stand to benefit from the growth of the crypto industry. As they continue trading under a dollar, bullish investors might consider securing positions on these promising penny crypto stocks ahead of an anticipated bull run in 2022.

If you have questions about NXMR, NXTP, and APTY stocks and where it could be heading next feel free to reach out to us in our free alerts room!


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