APT Systems, Inc. (OTC:APTY) is a software development company that works on blockchain-based escrow and payment services. As an emerging fintech company, their main focus is delivering innovative solutions to meet traders’ needs in the rapidly changing financial sector. Through their research and development APTY aims to develop integrated financial apps specifically tailored for the modern trader’s needs. This puts them in competition to be one of the best cheap tech stocks out there – for now at least. APTY has caught investors’ attention after a 45% runup from September 9th to the 15th and now the stock is consolidating at its new level.


APTY’s portfolio is a diverse one, centered around tech development and targeting the financial market. As it stands, they are operating at a net loss of $39,080 according to their most recent quarterly report, but the company secured $16,566 in revenue for the quarter. It was created as an “emerging growth company” designed to explore innovative trading platforms. The company reports that is now “focused on building a financial ecosystem around escrow that includes smart contracts and trading services” which would be backed by their stablecoin Spera (SRA).

APTY has recently launched its subsidiary – AUREX Trading and Recovery Inc – which facilitates the refining of electronic scrap to recover gold and other precious metals. This operation could contribute its “eco-gold” to back APTY’s Spera stablecoin. APTY has also launched SNAPT Games to design and develop games that facilitate long term financial app development. Currently, it has 3 games available in The Apple Store but they generate a negligible revenue for APTY and the company is in discussions with Apple to resolve certain issues related to their games.

APTY has been making moves as early as July to update their disclosures and become current with the OTC Markets. Their first official disclosure was a letter from the CEOGlenda Dowie – vowing to maintain transparency throughout the process while consistently updating their disclosures. By the start of August APTY began releasing their documents in a timely manner and have recently released a new quarterly report as the company worked to become compliant.

According to its latest press release on September 14th, APTY has stated that they have just been granted access to the OTC Markets OTC Disclosure & News Service dashboard, allowing them to update their financial documents, bringing them closer to achieving current status.

Starting in September, APTY became very active through its official twitter account most recently sharing that it is “SEC compliant and pink current is a bonus not our goal”. APTY then added that, “Pink Limited Information companies will still be quoted as well. OTCM has revised its standards for Pink Limited” which APTY currently meets. Investors are keeping a close eye on APTY’s twitter account as they wait for more catalysts. This highlights that the company is well on its way to becoming pink current.

Media Sentiment

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Technical Analysis

cheap tech stocks APTY chart

Currently trading at $0.0164, APTY has a resistance level at .018 and a support at .015. After a 10 day slump starting at the beginning of September, APTY hit its lowest point of the month at $0.0132 on September 9th, before quickly recovering and continuing its upward trend. Accumulation is also trending upward.

The MACD recently had a bullish crossover at the EOD after a bearish trend. This could give APTY a positive opening today despite its ambivalent RSI of 49.60.

Should You Buy?

With the recent updates from the OTC and APTY, investors seem to be excited for the company’s future. Given the popularity of tech stocks APTY could be a good investment as it nears compliance with the OTC. In due time, the company will be up to date on its disclosures and pursuing its mission in the financial and trading sector. As it draws closer to becoming current, APTY could pass its resistance point at $.018 and shoot up to July’s highs of $.02 or more.


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