GreenPro Capital Group (NASDAQ: GRNQ) offers services in four major areas of finance such as corporate advisory, wealth management, incubation and Fin-Tech. With 30 years of experience under their belt, they have big plans for the future of their company and are poised to become one of the best fintech stocks available today. With the new projects underway, the stock is likely to rise from its current value at $0.76, to surpass $1 PPS like back in August.


Working to establish a new, digital finance ecosystem, GRNQ has a number of projects underway related to its flagship – the CryptoSX digital asset exchange platform. GRNQ holds 18% equity in CryptoSX’s holding company and has big plans for the exchange. The company’s CEO, Dr. CK Lee, recently shared the GRNQ’s goal of making CryptoSX the leading STO Exchange globally by EOY. While its an ambitious mission, the exchange platform has already become one of the top digital asset and security token exchanges in Asia.

With this in mind, GRNQ is fighting to make its exchange the equivalent of Coinbase in the Security Token Asset Exchange space. Because Coinbase does not operate with security tokens GRNQ is particularly interested in STO or tokenized IPOs which are a type of public offering for security tokens sold on cryptocurrency exchanges or security token exchanges.

This ties into GRNQ’s other service – incubation – because the exchange’s STO platform will facilitate alternative digital finance for financing its incubated start-ups. According to Dr. Lee, “security tokens have become a possible investment vehicle that allows businesses to reverse the financial pyramid and democratize the capital markets”. He went on to say that the STO platform on CryptoSX will help the company “provide a stable and reliable exit from its incubated projects”.

GRNQ has already invested in two pre-STO projects: Link Cap International Limited and Samothrace International Limited. Link is Singapore-based agritech company while Samothrace is a consumer credit platform based in Vietnam. The latter has developed a data modelling and scoring method using AI algorithms that forecast customers’ repayment behavior, but both STO projects were approved by CEZA (Cagayan Economic Zone Authority in the Philippines) and are on the CryptoSX platform.

GRNQ is also actively developing a Shariah compliant digital finance economic zone in Brunei and East ASEAN for its CryptoSX platform. The company hopes to capture a share of the largely underdeveloped digital finance market in this region – a decision which could make GRNQ one of the best fintech stocks today.

On this note, GRNQ’s incubator company – Angkasa-X – has entered into a partnership with Silkwave Holdings Limited to develop and operate an integrated satellite network and services platform to service the entire ASEAN-Greater Bay Area which would give GRNQ a major advantage in the satellite service markets.

But a major upcoming catalyst for GRNQ are the planned dividend distributions for several of GRNQ’s incubated companies. The CEO confirmed the company’s plans after a dividend distribution of SEATECH Ventures Corp. shares in August. GRNQ has a strong financial record with YOY revenue growth and $25 million in assets – an $11 million increase from six months ago. In May, the company jumped into the NFT market with a purchase of 7,700 NFTS for $16 million. These NFTS were part of an animated Sputnik NFT series and doubled in value just 2 weeks later. Now the company is planning a series of corporate actions for the NFT series.

Media Sentiment

@RadioSilentplay seems to have a lot of conviction in this GRNQ play

Technical Analysis

best fintech stocks GRNQ chart

Currently trading at $0.76, GRNQ has a resistance at .8029 and a first support at .7195, with a stronger support at .6805. After spiking a week ago, accumulation has taken a general downturn. The MACD had a bullish crossover a number of days ago, however is quite shaky as it stands. The RSI is resting at 55.28.

Should You Buy?

Fintech is the future and fintech stocks are a hot commodity as investors search for the best fintech stocks out there. GRNQ is a great candidate considering its strong fundamentals and innovative approach to STO’s. Its ambitious strategies in regards to its CryptoSX digital asset exchange platform could make this stock a good long-term hold. Despite its recent downtrend in value, some are predicting that PPS will pass its resistance at $0.8029 and hit $1 or more.


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