Strategic Asset Leasing Inc. (LEAS) is a development stage company, which engages in the provision of leasing equipment to different businesses. Its latest quarterly report indicates the company is pivoting towards the pharmaceutical industry, as it announces its plans for a merger with ANEW and its two wholly owned subsidiaries. Since then, the company stock price shot up from .0074 to .0083 – a notable increase of 99.2%. And now, as the company sets its sights on becoming Pink Current, there are a number of catalysts that have left investors feeling bullish about LEAS and how it is shaping up to be one of the best penny stocks 2021 has uncovered.


With an increase in investment flow and a growing market size that is currently valued at $1.27 trillion, the global pharmaceutical manufacturing market is expected to see immense growth over the next decade. While it stands true that COVID-19 negatively impacted many industries, the pandemic may be seen as a century’s opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry – and with its new business direction, LEAS is looking to get on the bandwagon.

Investors would attribute this strategic decision to the company’s CEO, Joseph Sinkule, who has over 35 years of drug, biologic, and medical device commercialization experience, as well as a decade of experience starting and running companies, while raising millions in funding. He is also most known for co-founding and running Pharmia – a growing company that is primarily focused on products that treat cancer and infectious diseases, and shortages of drugs caused by the ongoing pandemic.

After Sinkule paid $110K to take control of LEAS and clean up its debt, investors speculated that a merger might be on the line. The release of LEAS’s latest quarterly report confirmed investors’ hypothesis, as Strategic Asset Leasing announced it is merging with ANEW and acquiring its two subsidiaries – ANEW Oncology, Inc. and ANEW Gene Therapy, Inc. This was no surprise to investors. After all, LEAS is a very attractive merger candidate with a fairly low float of 9 million shares and a clean balance sheet.

With a merger and two acquisitions on the line, investors are predicting that the company will announce that there is a drug ready to take through FDA approval and bring to market. After all, LEAS is going through the entire process of becoming current. Nevertheless, the company is yet to confirm their suspicions.

Under Sinkule’s management, investors are bullish that LEAS can become one of the best penny stocks of 2021. By utilizing ANEW’s ties with Pharmia’s phase 3 biosimliar products and implementing LEAS’ equipment financing structures, the company could start generating revenue soon. Also, Pharmia’s production technology and ANEW’s licensed rights in major world markets could set the company on the path to success in the industry.

Media Sentiment

It is clear that investors have faith the company is heading in the right direction under Sinkule’s Leadership as @DBTradePicks demonstrates the CEO’s history of successful endeavors in the industry.

Technical Analysis

Currently, LEAS is trading at 0.0083 with a support of 0.0074. Its primary resistance is at .0097 and it has a secondary resistance of .0129. Following a downward trend, accumulation is now steady with a possibility of an uptick. LEAS is holding at an RSI of 48 and has a bearish MACD that just started approaching a bullish crossover.

Should you buy?

With their Q3 report out and filings done, Strategic Asset Leasing is now on its path to becoming Pink Current. Nevertheless, the company is already making a lot of progress and investors are hypothesizing it will be an even bigger success once it’s current. With a low float, an incoming merger, strong management, and growing investor interest, LEAS could go on a run up – hitting its resistance at $___ and possibly surpassing it.

While there is still speculation that the company will change its name after merging, nothing is confirmed yet. Nonetheless, management has ensured investors that soon they will have PR updates that will outline the company’s path moving forward. Depending on the path it takes forward, LEAS could become one of the best penny stocks of 2021.


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