The GEMZ Corporation’s (OTC: GMZP) stock has been witnessing a steady increase in its stock prices for the third day in a row. Over the past two weeks it has risen a total of 59.29% in value, making it very exciting for investors. GMZP’s change in trend may be attributed to its newly found revival after 15 years of inactivity when SSM Monopoly Corporation was granted custodianship by a Nevada court. Now, given the flurry of investor activity, GMZP is quickly looking to be one of the best penny stocks to buy now.


SSM Monopoly Corporation’s main goal is to revive either distressed or delinquent companies, by putting forward custodianship petitions in court and executing reverse mergers. The company vows to be dedicated to all the tickers they invest in in order to restore their shareholder value. Currently, SSM is working to bring AAPT, AHFI, and AVVH companies current as well as GMZP and it reports that it is on schedule to meet all deadlines. 

Amongst the most important catalysts for GMZP is the anticipation of it moving from a pink limited company to a pink current one. According to SSM, the “application with OTC Markets is being processed” and the vetting for the best merger candidate is underway.

Pursuant to the GMPZ acquisition by SSM Monopoly Corporation, there has been newly appointed management. On June 3rd SSM was granted the authority to act on behalf of the company in processes including the issuing of stock and entering into contracts. The current CEO of GMZP – Kareem Mansour –  is now in charge of bringing the company current. 

The recent disclosure of the attorney’s letter and quarterly reports, have sparked even more excitement regarding this shift.The major attraction of GMZP, which has exponentially increased in recent days, is the cancellation of 5.2 billion shares as per the Attorney letter released on September 15th. These shares are evenly owned by Bay Ventures LTD and Pra Holdings LTD, both of which cannot be located. This dramatic reduction in the number of outstanding shares will result in an OS of 900 million. This has sparked excitement amongst investors, hence the positive trends that GMZP’s stock has been witnessing.

GMZP also boasts a lack of outstanding promissory, convertible notes or debt arrangements further increasing the potential for a merger candidate. As it currently stands, SSM is “vetting for the best merger candidate”.

Media Sentiment

As GMZP goes through the process to become current with the OTC, investors like @Weezus420 have caught on to the stock’s potential.

Technical Analysis

best penny stocks to buy now GMZP chart

Despite a minor dip on Wednesday evening, GMZP stock has shown a sharp increase in value from $0.0155 to $0.0180 accompanied by an increase in accumulation. The support line is steady at 0.0152, with a secondary support at 0.0135. GMZP is currently at its resistance level of 0.0180. The RSI is currently at 56 and is moving downwards. The MACD had a bullish crossover on the 14th, however it is declining and may have another crossover soon.

Should you Buy?

GMZP is currently undergoing processes that show a relatively positive outlook. The catalysts include the prospects of a merger which is likely to produce good opportunities for short-term investments. When the stock becomes pink current, investors can expect another runup; the stock has shown a somewhat steady increase in value already. Since the beginning of September, it has shown an increase from $0.0104 to its highest point at $0.0180. Both the merger and the change to pink current are likely to take place at the end of September or even into October, making now a good entry point. Given these catalysts, the stock may reach $.02 in the runup making it one of the best penny stocks to buy now.


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