Rising from the ashes, Oncologix Tech, Inc. (OTC: OCLG) became current after four years of non-reporting. Since then, this custodianship play by Alpharidge Capital LLC. has been waiting for a merger candidate. As a former diversified medical holding company, OCLG has been waiting for Alpharidge’s other shells to find merger candidates and with JPEX’s merger with Veemost Technologies officially announced, many are predicting OCLG will soon follow. After a panicked sell-off starting on the 26th, OCLG is trading at a dip price of $.0134 but will likely recover with merger news making it one of the best penny stocks to buy this week.


Oncologix Tech, Inc. was formerly a diversified medical holding company incorporated in the state of Nevada. The company provided cost-effective medical supplies, services, and advanced medical equipment. The company had three subsidiaries in the medical field: Advanced Medical Products & Technologies, Inc., Esteemcare, and Amian Angels Inc. 

Formed in 2014, Advanced Medical Products & Technologies, Inc. (AMPT) was a wholly-owned, operating division of Oncologix Tech, Inc. It’s sole mission was to distribute and sell Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Home Medical Equipment (HME). Its services expanded to include wholesale/commercial distribution centers and e-commerce sales serving all institutional healthcare and medical providers throughout the U.S.

OCLG’s second subsidiary, Esteemcare, provided home medical equipment for sleep and respiratory therapies. While Amian Angels Inc. was a subsidiary committed to personal homecare by connecting elderly or disabled patients with qualified CNAs and PCAs for companionship, personal care assistance, and Alzheimer’s support.

According to the annual report released on October 30th, OCLG has convertible notes and accrued interests equivalent to $6,666,379 but this will likely be cancelled because the company has been inactive for the last 4 years.

As with all of Alpharidge Capital’s custodianships, Frank I. Igwealor has assured shareholders that no dilution or reverse splits will occur. It shared via Opportunity Zones Capital in August that a “restrictive clause that prevents any stock dilution of more than 20% within 2 years after the merger” would be included along with a “Restrictive Clause, forbidding Reverse-Splits for two years minimum”.

OCLG also appears to have an upcoming share cancellation. According to Opportunity Zones Capital’s announcement in September, “Shares cancelation on the already Pink-Current started this week. Announcements would start once progress in that area start flowing in.” It appears that OCLG will have a significant share reduction, which is welcome news for shareholders. OCLG currently has an AS of 1.6 billion of which 1.5 billion are outstanding – leaving little room for dilution. Interestingly, 1.37 billion shares are still held at DTC.

While OCLG was well established as a medical holding company before falling out of activity, its unclear if its merger candidate will be in the same sector. In any case, many believe that this is the “highest demand shell” under Igwealor’s custodianship which makes it particularly attractive following JPEX’s great merger.

Media Sentiment

@SalsTradingOTC has been watching OCLG for the long haul

Technical Analysis

best penny stocks to buy OCLG chart

OCLG was gaining momentum until a panicked sell-off on the 26th which dropped the PPS to its current price of $.0134. At this dip price, OCLG has a clear support at .0127 and a resistance at .015 with a secondary resistance at .016. The MACD has a bullish crossover and is trending upwards while the RSI rests at 46. Despite the dip, accumulation has remained high which is a good sign for OCLG’s recovery.

Should You Buy?

One of Alpharidge’s many tickers, OCLG is shaping up to be one of the best penny stocks to buy this week after JPEX’s merger news. Interest is running very high as investors consider the possible merger candidates for the stock, but OCLG has other catalysts going for it as well. With an upcoming share reduction and an appealing dip price, OCLG will be a stock to watch in the days ahead. Particularly now – as OTC investors wary of the lack of volume avoid many stocks with solid catalysts – OCLG could be on of the best penny stocks to buy ahead of merger news which could send it back to its highs of $.02.


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