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Best Silver Stocks To Buy In A Hot Market

best silver stocks

As the effects of the pandemic wear out and the economy reopens, demand for silver continues to escalate driving the commodity’s price to record highs. Focused on acquiring and developing lucrative silver assets across the Americas, Norseman Silver Inc (OTC: NOCSF) seems poised for growth in the months ahead. Recently, the company reported successful field results on its Norseman’s Caribou Copper-Silver project in British Columbia. Given the company’s expansions, investors are bullish NOCSF could be one of the best silver stocks as it releases updates on its exploration program at the Taquetren Silver-Gold Project in Argentina. 

NOCSF Stock News

The silver salt market has seen exponential growth over the past few years and is projected to reach $2 billion by 2030. This growth could be largely attributed to the rapid increase in global silver demand – which is expected to reach a record high of over 1.1 billion ounces before EOY. As it continues developing lucrative silver assets across the country, NOCSF is in a good position to capitalize on this increase in demand.

Recently, the company has been updating investors on the progress and development of its Taquetren Silver Project. With a massive 285km area, the project is already showing major potential in light of its main focus on Patagonia and  Argentina – two areas where major gold and silver discoveries have been previously made. Given that the area has one of the largest silver deposits in the world, investors are bullish on the company’s developments as it inspects this lucrative yet under-explored district.

To unleash the full potential of this project, NOCSF recently expanded the exploration team in order to accelerate the program. Not only that, but the company also previously staked an  additional 300 square kilometers with the goal of expanding the property’s boundaries. In light of these efforts, the company recently confirmed the presence of the vein system on the margin of a circular structure and along the track of the NW-SE. 

For this reason, CEO Sean Hurd believes “this region presents an excellent opportunity for the company as one of the premier regions in the world for generating new discoveries.” As anticipation grows, the company has assured investors that it will update geochemical data from the Q4 exploration programme as soon as it is available.

Aside from the Taquetren Silver Project, NOCSF has four other projects in British Columbia – all of which are highly prospective of silver and copper mineralization.  On February 22nd, NOCSF announced that it had covered 3 concessions from an area of over 3,567 hectares during its field program last fall.

The company collected a total of 148 rock outcrop and float samples at the Caribou property – an outcrop sample of which graded 42% Cu and 384 ppm Ag. Meanwhile, another 30% displayed Cu contents of 1% and above from the ones collected. Clearly, the initial results proved promising as they demonstrated important copper values on the Caribou Project’s surface. With this in mind, NOCSF will continue to focus on advancing this promising project, alongside expanding its activities in Argentina.

These impressive results come as no surprise given the company’s solid management. In fact, CEO Sean Hurd has over 20 years of experience in the mining exploration sector. He is well-known for providing management, financing, and consulting services to various venture firms in mining  and other industrial sectors. In light of his solid presence in the industry and his relations across the world, Hurd is well-equipped to guide NOCSF to growth in the coming months.

Another promising addition is the company’s director – Kyler Hardy – an entrepreneur with over 19 years of industry experience. Hardy is well-known for his role as a founder and former CEO of a prominent geosciences and logistics management firm. Throughout his career, Hardy has raised funds, led M&A deals, and formed strategic alliances totalling over $2 billion.

Under their leadership, the company has established its presence in the growing silver industry. As it expands further, investors are bullish on the company could witness more growth in light of its prominent key personnel. Going forward, management has placed great emphasis on maintaining transparency with shareholders through constant updates and PRs. Clearly, NOCSF seems poised for growth as it delivers on its key objectives and reports findings from its several promising exploration projects.

Media Sentiment

Investors like @ChairmanOtc are bullish on the company’s objectives and the silver industry growth.

Technical Analysis

Currently, NOCSF is trading at $.198 with a primary support at .1849 and a secondary support at .1699. The stock shows a resistance at .2099 and another at .2202. Accumulation is fluctuating but has recently seen an uptick. Similarly, the MACD is bullish to the upside and the RSI is at 62 – indicating the stock is overbought.

These indicators clearly highlight investors’ bullish sentiment. This bullish sentiment could be due to the rapid growth of the silver industry and the company’s increasing dedication to capitalize on the demand.

NOCSF Stock Forecast

With constant developments and expansions, NOCSF stands to benefit greatly from the projected growth of the silver industry. Now that demand is increasing rapidly, the company’s lucrative projects could open a plethora of great opportunities for NOCSF to capitalize on the increasing supply shortage. With an arsenal of resources, the company is in good position to execute its goals and source high grade silver, copper and other precious commodities. In light of this and a prominent management team, NOCSF could be among the best silver stocks to benefit from the silver industry’s rapid growth.

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