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BIEI Stock – A Graphene Stock To Watch In 2023

graphene stocks BIEI stock

Premier Biomedical, Inc., N/K/A Nova-Graphene Ballistics, Inc. (OTC: BIEI) is a graphene stock worth watching as it prepares to operate in this lucrative industry. With the company securing a reverse merger to operate in this lucrative field, many investors are confident BIEI stock could be poised to reach the penny mark on more news. Now that the company is preparing to launch its products into the US market, many investors are increasingly bullish BIEI stock could be one of the graphene stocks to hold onto for the long term.

BIEI Stock News

With much speculation regarding a reverse merger, BIEI gained investors’ attention after merging with Nova Graphene Ballistics, Inc which has the rights of use – within the US – of a proprietary technology for graphene ballistic plate production. In this way, the company is set to operate as a marketer and seller of graphene products integrating a low-cost approach to producing graphene. 

As a global advanced materials firm, NG Ballistics has a primary focus on research, production, and marketing of its proprietary CarbonEra graphene, CarbonEra Black, as well as graphene-enhanced materials and products for the manufacturing sector. These products are produced in the company’s 12 thousand square foot light industrial facility and can be integrated into the production process of other products to make them stronger, as well as more fire resistant and energy efficient. Based on these features, BIEI could become one of the top graphene stocks in the OTC given its product’s potential uses in several industries.

With this in mind, BIEI is currently focused on producing lightweight, super protective, 3D-printed gear for army wear and law enforcement. Meanwhile, the company has the potential to enter into the EV space since graphene could be used in manufacturing EV batteries. Although graphene adoption is significantly costly, BIEI could be well-positioned to capitalize on this fact since it is able to produce high-quality graphene products using its proprietary low-cost production model. This model has been made possible thanks to BIEI’s partnerships with Nova Graphene Inc. and Nova Graphene Canada.

On that note, the company is also in partnership with Carbon Rivers LLC where all these companies are working together to supply large-scale industrial quantities of graphene at the most competitive large-volume prices. In light of these partnerships, BIEI stock appears to be a graphene stock worth investing in for the long term as the company works to expand graphene adoption.

Meanwhile, BIEI is currently working to bring its proprietary technology to the US market to accelerate the commercialization of 3D-printed ballistics plates. With this in mind, the company’s Canadian branch – Nova Graphene Canada – is starting with its third defense contract with the Canadian federal government where production will take place in the company’s Tennessee facility. If the company is able to translate its success in the US market and secure federal contracts, BIEI stock could be one of the best graphene stocks to hold on to for the long term considering its relatively cheap PPS.

In other news, many investors are bullish on BIEI stock’s future prospects as the company promised to not effect a reverse split. At the same time, BIEI committed to a policy of no convertible debt to avoid diluting its shareholders’ value. Thanks to these commitments from the company, investors are increasingly bullish BIEI stock has the potential to become one of the best graphene stocks in 2023.

*Updated January 24th, 2023

Looking to begin rolling out its products into the US market, BIEI commenced the development of its proprietary technology for graphene ballistic plate production with CarbonEra graphene with Novel 3D printing filaments in Knoxville. With this in mind, BIEI shared its upcoming steps in its pursuit of finalizing its 3D-printed graphene ballistic plate production including the prototype. Through these steps, BIEI would be able to manufacture lightweight, protective, 3D-printed gear for military and law enforcement applications. 

While this market may prove to be profitable for the company, BIEI’s ultimate target is to manufacture graphene-enhanced materials and products for public uses like sports and riding helmets. As the company continues working to achieve that goal, BIEI stock could be a graphene stock to hold onto for the long term. Meanwhile, BIEI could be poised for a spike in the near term as it promised to announce the prototype delivery schedule as well as technology and development partnerships soon. In light of this, BIEI could be an opportunity for investors at its current PPS in anticipation of its upcoming catalysts to roll out.

Meanwhile, BIEI reassured its shareholders of its policy of no new convertible debt instruments and has engaged in a holding company reorganization to avoid any dilution from its previous convertible debt. On that note, BIEI recently filed its amended articles of incorporation preventing the company from issuing any convertible debt instruments or effecting a reverse split. Considering the company’s interest in protecting its shareholders’ value, BIEI stock could be one of the best graphene stocks to invest in for the long term.

Media Sentiment

@ChairmanOtc believes BIEI has the potential to have another run near $.006 in light of its latest update regarding its articles of incorporation.

@SuperRobotOTC is bullish on BIEI’s recent filing for its amended articles of incorporation.

Technical Analysis

graphene stocks BIEI stock chart

BIEI stock is currently trading at $.0050 and has supports near .0047, .003, and .0021. The stock also shows resistances near .0056 and .0069. Following the company’s recent update regarding its operations, BIEI has been climbing investors’ watchlists thanks to its promising plans in the graphene industry. At the same time, many investors are confident BIEI could provide major returns in the long-term thanks to the company’s commitment to protecting its shareholders’ value. Given that the company intends to share more updates regarding partnerships and its prototype delivery schedule, BIEI could be poised to soar once these updates are released. 

Although BIEI climbed by as much as 31% after its recent update, the stock cooled down and tested its support multiple times. Given that the company recently filed its amended articles of incorporation, BIEI appears to be poised to continue this run – especially with the increasingly bullish sentiment surrounding the stock. For this reason, bullish investors could enter a starter position at the current PPS and average up as the price moves. 

graphene stocks BIEI stock chart

Following BIEI’s recent update, accumulation has been trending upwards and the MACD is bullish to the upside. The RSI is holding at 62 which leaves enough room for the stock to run on high trading volume. BIEI has a nearly maxed share structure with an AS of 1.1 billion, an OS of 1 billion, and a float of 1 billion – leaving little room for dilution.

BIEI Stock Forecast

As the company secured a profitable reverse merger, BIEI is landing on investors’ watchlists thanks to the major potential of the graphene industry. Considering the company’s partnerships in this field, BIEI appears to be a graphene stock to hold onto for the long term given its potential. With the company preparing to launch its products in the US market, many investors are bullish BIEI could be poised for significant growth once its products are fully developed. Given the company’s commitment to a no convertible debt and no reverse split policy, BIEI stock could be a safe long-term hold as the company works to grow its business.

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