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Biotech Penny Stock & Government Contractor

It is not every day you see a biotech company listed on the OTC become a US government contractor. As a holding company, Halberd Corporation (OTC: HALB) is known for developing treatments for some of the most common neurodegenerative diseases. With a solid portfolio of patented technologies, HALB has been developing and testing its products leading HALB to become an official US government contractor. HALB saw a 80.5% increase overnight on this news and many investors are bullish on its future as one of the best biotech penny stocks.

HALB Stock News

On January 5th, HALB announced its recent registration within the US government’s award management system. This registration allows HALB to conduct business with the US government for R&D in Biotechnology and the Food (Health) Supplement sectors. Aside from expanding the company’s research and development, this opportunity also could expand HALB’s consumer base by providing products and services to military members as well as government agencies. The company’s unique edge in treating neurodegenerative diseases could be one reason it has qualified as a government contractor and could indicate its future growth potential as a services provider.

Targeting PTSD/CTE, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s Disease, HALB is hoping to treat the almost 35.6 million Americans who seek treatment for these diseases annually. HALB could utilize its technology to meet this underserved market using its cutting edge technology, but its treatments for service members may prove extremely beneficial as PTSD remains one of the most common diseases nationwide. In the military alone, an average of 11-20% of veterans experience PTSD. Given that HALB is now an official US government contractor, the company could utilize its technology to deliver treatment for this increasingly common disease. But HALB will also have the opportunity to treat the over 15 million patients suffering from PTSD annually.

To date, HALB has obtained exclusive worldwide rights to three issued patents and has filed nineteen related provisional, PCT or utility patent applications to preserve its technology. The company is pursuing an aggressive timetable to advance the development of these breakthrough technologies through laboratory, hospital, and clinical trials.

After undergoing several tests, HALB is now closer than ever to creating a technology that could “precisely control the levels of inflammatory cytokines and neurotransmitters to inhibit progression, and aid in the treatment” of these diseases. With the completion of these studies, HALB will be on its way to deliver a “successful treatment regimen for a suffering world.”

Recently, HALB has attained “proof-of-concept” that the “Top Ten” disease antigens and inflammatory cytokines associated with these diseases, can be safely removed from cerebral spinal fluid through their patented process. In light of the company’s “patented extracorporeal technologies”, HALB’s CEO believes it already has a competitive edge over other companies given that its technology permits the company to advance potential treatment of neurodegenerative diseases well beyond any other company in the industry.

Looking to the future, HALB could be well-positioned to bid on additional federal contracts along with capitalizing on increasing demand for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases within the military and the general population.

Media Sentiment

@MoonMarket_ and @CrocodileOTC are bullish HALB as an undervalued biotech penny stock after becoming an official US government contractor.

Technical Analysis

Biotech penny stocks HABL stock chart

After an 80% increase, HALB is currently trading at $.0234 with a support at .021 and .0171. It is trading at an old resistance near .0235 but has a higher resistance at .0327. The MACD has just become bearish and the RSI is cooling off at 54 after earlier overbuying. Accumulation has taken a steep dive from profit taking as well.

Given HALB’s low float of 280 million, HALB’s run could renew. Investors bullish on the company’s long-term potential could find a suitable entry point near its support at .021 in case of a multi-day run. But this may be a long-term hold for investors considering the company’s potential to secure government contracts in the future.

HALB Stock Forecast

As the company prepares to treat the underserved market for neurodegenerative diseases, HALB is one of the biotech penny stocks that shows great potential. Treating PTSD/CTE, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s Disease will bring HALB’s treatments to a huge audience. Considering the impacts of PTSD upon the military, HALB could be a useful asset in treating the 11-20% of veterans who experience PTSD.

Investors are also bullish on the company which has had no dilution over the past 4 months. Considering its potential to secure government contracts, HALB could be a long-term hold for investors interested in biotech penny stocks.

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