Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTC: NSAV) has kept its momentum since our last update on the stock in July. This holding company has continued to make progress on its entrance into the crypto, digital asset, and blockchain space as well as its overarching goal of establishing itself as a fully integrated technology company. NSAV is one of the most intriguing blockchain penny stocks given its aim to become the “leader in the Decentralized Finance sector in China” for years to come.


For this reason, NSAV has made strategic partnerships to facilitate its entry into China’s lucrative market. One such partner is Silverbear Capital which has brought the valuable additions of Mr. Danny Lau and Mr. Dato’ Sri Desmond Lim to NSAV’s leadership. Property tycoon and Silverbear Capital partner, Mr. Dato’ Sri Desmond Lim was appointed Senior VP of NSAV’s Cryptocurrency Operations and interim CEO due to his impressive roles in the financial sector. Similarly, NSAV has a 50% stake in SilverBear Capital Decentralized Finance Investment, Inc. which plans to launch its SBC Unix X Token “soon”.

NSAV’s 50/50 partner – TG Private Equity Inc – is also a major player in China’s investment community. But the addition of Mr. Yuen Wong – CEO of LABS Group Lmtd. and Bitmart Cryptocurrency Exchange’s Managing Partner – as NSAV’s managing director is a particular achievement considering his experience with Bitmart’s approximately $2 billion 24-hour trading volume and 220 cryptocurrencies.

Despite this strong leadership structure, NSAV has hit a few stumbling blocks. Citing regulatory issues in early August, the company has delayed the launch of its Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange by 90 days or longer. Because the exchange is located in Hong Kong where there are no regulations in place, the company is currently pursuing the licenses necessary to proceed with its launch but says the site is fully operational otherwise. On August 13th, the company decided to pursue a Decentralized (De-Fi) Cryptocurrency Exchange as well and believes it will be “up and running and revenue producing is between 30 and 60 days”.

On the other hand, its most recent stake holding – VirtuaBroker – launched globally in June, offering its AI powered trading services to users interested in managing all their crypto holdings in one place. Using VirtuaBroker’s tools, users are able to trade on major exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Bitfinex, and Kraken.

However, NSAV is planning to enter the virtual assets under management sector expecting great demand from clients who will want to store their digital assets with regulated entities and licensed institutions. This would relieve users of potentially catastrophic losses resulting from forgotten passwords. According to the company, Bitcoin investors alone have lost over $140 billion because of forgotten passwords – highlighting a burgeoning need for solutions offered by a virtual asset asset management company.

As of August 24th, the company has taken action to enter this sphere by signing a binding LOI for a 40% stake in an undisclosed Hong Kong based virtual asset management company. According to the LOI, NSAV would become the company’s largest shareholder, giving NSAV an entry point into Hong Kong’s $53.4 trillion stock exchange and access to the company’s Type 9 asset management license.

In this way, NSAV hopes to become crypto investors’ bridge with the banking sector to prevent clients’ bank accounts from freezing due to sub-standard crypto investments. With plans to launch its Premium OTC Crypto Trading Desk by mid-September, NSAV is already targeting institutions and individuals trading large blocks of cryptocurrency. Its discreet trading desks are intended to attract clients through its increased liquidity, price protection, Fiat support, and unlimited purchases.

Recently, NSAV has established a strategic partnership with LuxFi – entering the company into the luxury asset-backed NFT marketplace. NSAV will be involved in tying real-world assets – such as art pieces, diamonds, luxury watches, and branded bags – to NFTs in such a way that eliminates counterfeits and employs benchmarks made from real-world data to assess NFT pricing.

Media Sentiment

One of NSAV’s most obvious assets is its leadership which is essential for all blockchain penny stocks. FinTwit entrepreneur – @InvestorGroup15 – highlighted this fact back in August.

Technical Analysis

blockchain penny stocks NSAV chart

Trading at $.0317, NSAV has experienced a sharp selloff after becoming Pink Current. The added uncertainty following its exchange’s regulatory delays has endangered investor confidence in the stock. The stock’s most immediate support level is near .301 with a secondary support at .0226. NSAV’s resistance formed at .0475 with a secondary resistance level at .0614. The stock’s trading volume is relatively low but accumulation has been consolidating since the end of August. The stock’s RSI is at 34 signaling that the stock is becoming oversold. The MACD remains on the downside after a bearish crossover on September 3rd. With very little room between the indicator and the signal line another crossover could happen soon.

The company is also appealing to bullish investors because of its finalized decision not to pursue a reverse split for the next 10 years. NSAV’s authorized shares sit at 6 billion with 5.9 billion outstanding meaning its share structure is almost maxed out and the risk of dilution is low. The company is also in the process of updating its name given the sector it is now pursuing.

Should you Buy?

NSAV is incorporated in the state of Colorado but its business plan could still be affected by the notoriously temperamental PRC. The company has plans to launch its SBC Unix X Token, Premium OTC Crypto Trading Desk, and centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges in the coming months which could drive up stock value as these play out. Additionally, if the LOI is fulfilled then the company’s value could also increase as the company’s asset is traded on Hong Kong’s stock exchange. In light of these catalysts and the company’s ambition to become one of the best blockchain penny stocks, the NSAV could return to its August PPS of $.11 offering short term gains for investors.


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