Soon after Business Warrior Corp.’s (OTC: BZWR) twitter account mysteriously commented on August 3rd that “Something big is coming”, the stock experienced a sudden run-up of 112% over five days. Although the run up only began on August 5th, the marketing software company has been making a name for itself among OTC investors for a long time thanks to its continued quarter-over-quarter revenue growth.  

Using innovative, user-friendly software, BZWR assists small and mid-size businesses in targeted approaches to customer development. The company’s software platform is designed to grow businesses’ customer base by analyzing their performance and guiding them through critical areas of improvement. By independently evaluating these problems for business owners, the Business Warrior team is able to deliver effective solutions and strategies that reach their users’ goals. 

Adapting swiftly to the global pandemic, BZWR has reported steady growth for the past _ quarters. The company’s strong structure and responsible management, has resulted in a better than expected revenue performance, leading to its strongest quarter yet this July. Thanks to this steady growth, the company was able to reduce its liabilities by 33% and resolve convertible notes.  

In light of this growth, the CEO Rhett Doolittle said, “We are projecting to be profitable for the year, which is nearly two years ahead of schedule.” This is promising news for the company which generated $1 million in gross revenue for the first time in May.

Speaking in a June interview with, the CEO Rhett Doolittle and President Jonathan Brooks highlighted the company’s model of monthly recurring revenue and its plans to allocate future revenue towards infrastructure and product improvements. They believe this will lead to compounding growth that will continue to improve over the next 90 and 120 days.

In April the company announced plans to uplist to the OTCQB dependent on its continued momentum. However, this would require a full financial audit which likely won’t occur for some time. In the meantime, it seems CEO Rhett Doolittle will continue to guide the company he founded to greater success.

Formerly the CoFounder and President of MobiSquad and Co-Founder of Entrust Bankcard, Doolittle was the founder and manager of three profitable companies – two of which were included in Inc 500’s list of fastest growing US companies. Over only a 3 year period, BZWR’s CEO successfully guided his previous company to a growth rate of 8,416% and now he is applying his experience to the Business Warrior Corporation.

Passing a plethora of financial milestones, BZWR has caught the attention of many investors who have high hopes for the company. According to its May 10-k, the company has $579,155 in notes payable and over the last quarter they accrued an interest of $58,924 which is valued at 4,008,433 shares of common stock. Of its total notes payable, $289,753 are promissory notes which can be converted into stock that is restricted for up to one year.

In the same quarter, BZWR issued 4,526,362 shares of common stock as payment for services rendered and issued 5 million shares of common stock for $400 thousand in a Reg A offering in March. As part of additional Reg A fundraising, BZWR  issued stock again in June and July to the tune of 2.5 million common shares valued at $200,000. As of May 31st, the company has $818,729 in on hand cash and cash equivalents. 

Currently, Business Warrior Corporation has a market capitalization of around 74 million. Of its 500 million authorized shares, 377 million are outstanding – the majority of which are restricted shares. The stock began dipping on August 10th after its run up and is currently trading at $.1970 per share. However, there is still a lot of market activity as the volume is currently 7.5 times its average volume of 729,421. Considering the company’s strong fundamentals, another gap up seems likely.

After this breakout, the stock’s new support is floating near $.1814 but its long-term support is closer to $.1022. The stock seems to show a general resistance near $.2186. If BZWR continues to develop its software and successful business infrastructure, its stock could hit its 52-week high of $.27 with its next earnings report. 


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