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Clean Energy Stocks Expanding Globally – GEGR

clean energy stocks GEGR stock

Gaensel Energy Group, Inc. (OTC: GEGR) is making headway in the renewable energy industry following the acquisition of a consortium in Italy. Through this consortium, GEGR acquired an interest in an Italian company specializing in refitting and transforming nautical and diesel engines – leading GEGR stock to soar 270%. With the company planning more agreements next week, GEGR stock could be one of the clean energy stocks to watch in anticipation.

GEGR Stock News

With the aim of building a conglomerate, GEGR has an impressive portfolio of holdings in the biotech, health, beauty and fashion, commodities, technology, as well as renewable energy industries. These subsidiaries have a track record of providing GEGR with substantial revenues as they operate in lucrative industries. With this in mind, each division in GEGR is actively seeking opportunities for further acquisition to expand their reach and provide more revenues to the company. While these companies are mainly operating in Europe, GEGR intends to utilize its partners in the US to facilitate the expansion of their products to the US, Canada, and Latin America.

Despite these ventures’ potential, investors have been taking notice of GEGR stock following its acquisition of the controlling interest in Consorzio Green Solutions & GNL for $9 million. Established in 2019, this consortium consists of several renewable energy companies who have combined their interests and have contracts worth more than EUR200 million over the coming two years. With renewable energy witnessing high demand due to the fear of fossil fuels’ impact on the environment, this acquisition has the potential to be a smart long-term investment by GEGR. 

With this in mind, the management is confident this acquisition could help the company become a leader in renewable energy solutions in Europe. Meanwhile, GEGR intends to integrate its partners in North and South America to secure a share in these markets. In light of the company’s plans, GEGR has the potential to be one of the best clean energy stocks in 2022 as the company has several plans lined up for its new acquisitions.

On that note, the consortium entered into a number of agreements with operators in the transport and logistics sector for the development of the use of liquified natural gas (LNG). This agreement encourages these operators’ choice for modifying their trucks in dual fuel which would reduce 50% of the market’s transformation costs. Meanwhile, the consortium is focused on designing small liquefaction plants connected to the SNAM methane network to allow more efficient distribution of LNG. With this in mind, the first plant is currently in the design phase and will be installed in Italy. 

By developing the micro-liquefier technology, GEGR has the potential to capitalize on the transport and logistics sectors that are looking to use the company’s systems in their fleets. On that note, GEGR plans to expand this technology into the US to capitalize on the trucking and fuel crisis in the US upon the completion of the first plant. With the consortium successfully securing profitable deals, GEGR could be one of the clean energy stocks with long-term potential.

With the company looking to become a leader in renewable energy solutions, GEGR acquired a Lipro HKW-HGW plant valued at more than $7 million from its trustee. This plant is a biomass cogeneration plant which is capable of producing electricity and heat simultaneously. Based on this, this plant could save significant amounts of fuel compared to producing the two vectors separately. As a result, GEGR is well-positioned to have a major economic and environmental advantage in producing electricity and heat. 

In the meantime, GEGR is working with Consorzioto to identify the ideal location for the first biomass plant in Italy and is negotiating plans for deployment in North and South America. Considering that there are only 40 such plants deployed across the world, GEGR is positioning itself to become a major player in the renewable energy industry. As the company continues to share ambitious plans, GEGR could be one of the renewable energy stocks to hold long-term.

Given that yachts and shipping vessels utilizing diesel fuel propulsion will not be allowed to access shipping ports beginning January 2025, GEGR and Consorzio created a network of companies to refit nautical diesel engines into hybrid propulsion utilizing GEGR’s LNG solutions. Aiming to capitalize on this market, GEGR acquired a 50% interest in Meccanica Yacht Services srl to be a part of this network and organize the first GNL nautical pole in the Mediterranean. 

Looking to grow this new business, Consorzio plans to assign new contracts worth EUR800 thousand to Meccanica for the development of several perforation platforms of Micoperi SPA. Moreover, Meccanica will be assigned several other contracts with major shipping companies which are being negotiated. As this service is set to witness high demand, GEGR could be in a prime position to continue growing financially. In light of the company’s ventures and expansion plans, GEGR could be one of the most profitable clean energy stocks in the future.

Considering the company’s focus on renewable energy solutions in Italy, GEGR could be well-positioned to receive funding by the government to develop its solutions. In 2021, the EIB group provided major financing of EUR13.5 billion in Italy which unlocked investments worth EUR76.3 billion. With this in mind, EUR6.68 billion were handed to small and medium-sized enterprises like GEGR. As the company is developing pivotal solutions for renewable energy, GEGR could be on track to receive a share of this government funding – which could make GEGR one of the most promising clean energy stocks. 

Despite the company’s long-term potential, GEGR stock could be a solid short-term investment with run potential. With the company surging 270% since announcing Meccanica’s acquisition, GEGR stock could replicate this run as Consorzio is set to close several agreements next week. Considering the company’s recent deals, many investors are bullish the upcoming deals could be profitable for the company. In light of this, GEGR stock could be one of the clean energy stocks to watch in anticipation of more updates next week.

GEGR Stock Financials

In its Q1 report, GEGR’s assets slightly declined to $54.9 million compared to $55.5 million in the previous quarter. As for liabilities, GEGR reduced its liabilities to $31.3 million from $32.8 million. In terms of revenues, GEGR’s sales declined from $16.7 million in Q4 to $11.5 million – leading the company to report $12 million in total revenues compared to $17.2 million a quarter ago. Despite this, GEGR reported a net income of $2.4 million – an increase from $2.3 million reported in Q4.

Media Sentiment

@AngryRed316 is watching GEGR closely for a potential run to $2 similar to last year.

@SalsTradingOTC is confident GEGR could be extremely undervalued based on its P/E ratio.

Technical Analysis

clean energy stocks GEGR stock chart

GEGR is currently trading at $.1715 and has a resistance near .2820. The stock also shows supports at .1689, .0811, and .0459. After acquiring Meccanica, GEGR stock climbed 270% as the acquisition could enable the company to capitalize on a growing market. With this in mind, GEGR could replicate this run next week since the company promised to close several agreements. If these agreements are as profitable as the company’s recent deals, GEGR could climb near $.28.

Considering that GEGR recently broke through $.1689, investors could watch for this support to hold before buying shares in GEGR as a successful retest could send the stock near its resistance. However, if the support fails to hold, GEGR could drop to retest $.08 which could be an ideal entry point for bullish investors.

clean energy stocks GEGR stock chart

With investors bullish on the company’s latest acquisition and anticipating the upcoming agreements, GEGR’s accumulation has been trending upwards and the MACD is bullish to the upside. Meanwhile, the RSI is trending upwards at 87 which indicates that GEGR is extremely overbought. In light of this, GEGR could momentarily drop to allow the RSI to regulate before having another run in anticipation of the company’s upcoming agreements. As is, GEGR has an OS of 249 million and a float of 85 million.

GEGR Stock Forecast

As the demand for cleaner alternatives for fossil fuels is growing rapidly, GEGR is in a prime position to capitalize on this demand through its recent acquisition of Consorzio. Through Consorzio, GEGR was able to acquire its interest in Meccanica which could allow the company to capitalize on the EU’s new regulations. Meanwhile, GEGR and Consorzio are working to identify a location in Italy to deploy its biomass plant. As the first biomass plant in Italy, this plant could be a major success once it is deployed. Considering the plant’s ability to produce electricity and heat simultaneously, GEGR is negotiating to deploy this plant in North and South America to achieve more financial growth. With the company planning to announce additional agreements next week, GEGR could be one of the clean energy stocks to watch in anticipation of the news.

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