In an unexpected but welcome move Tongji Healthcare Group announced that with the successful acquisition of West of Hudson Group, they would completely rebrand and move into the Social Media Branding marketplace. This change comes with a name and symbol change. While the symbol changes are yet to be announced, the companies new name would be Clubhouse Media Group.

“We have taken the first steps toward effecting our corporate name and ticker symbol changes and are very excited to move forward,” commented Amir Ben-Yohanan, the Company’s CEO.

West of Hudson group was the owner of Clubhouse, a collection of mansions in California that house internationally renowned Social Media Stars from multiple platforms such as TikTok and Instagram

The deal was via a Share Exchange Agreement, which upon closing would make West of Hudson Group a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tongji Healthcare Group

Why is this exciting?

  1. When this was first announced mid august of this year the stock price surged from $0.5 to $3.68 a 52 week high
  2. This is space is exploding at the moment with lots of investors and International studios getting to the space
  3. Clubhouse Media Group is perfectly position in the market before saturation sets in, and as such will be able to brand itself as one of the early pioneers of this industry
  4. Company CEO Amir Ben-Yohanan has showed with this move that he is more than capable of pivoting and making moves that complement the market trends

In our opinion this stock is really a no brainer in a brand new exciting marketing thats only going up for the foreseeable future, we genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if the next the we write about Clubhouse Media they would no longer be a Penny Stock!

About Clubhouse Media Group

Clubhouse Media Group formerly known as Tongji Healthcare Group, Inc. used to operate Nanning Tongji Hospital, Inc. (NTH or Tongji Hospital). The Hospital was a general hospital with over 105 licensed beds and provided medicare services for senior citizens among other services in the fields of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, emergency medicine, ophthalmology, medical cosmetology, rehabilitation, dermatology, otolaryngology, traditional Chinese medicine, medical imaging, anesthesia, acupuncture, physical therapy, health examination, prevention, and emergency care. After its recent acquisition of West of Hudson Group the company rebranded to Clubhouse Media Group and is currently in the process of changing its stock symbol. This change brings about the complete shift of the company services from the medical field into the Social Media branding Field. if you need to read anther artical about $SSET

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