Coming out with a new corporate strategy, Cyberlux Corporation (OTC:CYBL) has become a stock on the rise. Specializing in designing, developing, and marketing portable lighting products, CYBL specifically produces a line of tactical lighting products for various branches of the US military and government. Its leadership outlined a plan for solidifying this niche as well as expanding into new commercial markets while driving growth in South America.

SS Updates

Strengthening the company’s strategic equity without unnecessary dilution, CYBL plans to file for a reduction of its Authorized Share level. By cutting its share level 56.25%, CYBL will retain 8.75 billion Authorized Shares.

However, the outstanding share balance of roughly 5 billion includes 700 million phantom restricted shares that will never be tradeable. Therefore, the Effective Outstanding Share level is closer to 4.4 billion which increases the equity valuation for shareholders by 16%. By instituting a No Reverse Split Policy which will be publicly released after becoming current, its management has assured stockholders there will not be a reverse stock split for up to 5 years.

Announcing that its filings should be posted next week, CYBL has continued building the organization while searching out contracts, acquisitions, and strategic IP. As of now it has business and manufacturing operations in North Carolina, Virginia, and a business office in Bogotá, Colombia.

CYBL Expansion Plans

By the third or fourth quarter CYBL hopes to be expanding its presence in South America with several renewable energy projects that are expected to catalyze “future directional growth”. Describing itself as a renewable energy product company at its core, it appears ready to advance further into the energy sector by mentioning a S. America-Pipeline for the 3Q/4Q.

Having distinguished itself in the industry with its BrightEye Tactical lighting systems, the company is hoping to become “the trusted provider of advanced lighting solutions to Commercial, Government and Military organizations worldwide”.

Speculations of an upcoming government contract which could ensure the company’s long-term productivity are joined by projections of its solar and battery future. Its patented products, BrightEye and WhiteEye, feature milspec rechargeable power systems, with AC and solar powered options that deliver both White and Night Vision (NVG) Security Lighting. Given its products’ specialized capabilities, theories of a drone-technology contract have fueled the stock’s notable appreciation. 

CYBL Growth Potential

With a market cap of $2.068 million, the stock recently reached its all time high of $.0169 on July 26th following the announcement that CYBL has gained full OTCIQ access for the filings and approval process.

Comparing June 15th to July 26th, investors saw the stock price increase 966%. Now, bullish investors are hopeful the company’s announcements following its OTC certification will buoy the stock even higher, contributing to its current volume of roughly 38 million in contrast to its average volume of about 148 million. While there is a lot of action for this stock it’s important to sell on the way up; but with strong fundamentals and good structure this company shows a lot of promise and could push $.04 following Pink current and corporate announcements.


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