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DDDX Stock – 3D Printing Stocks to Keep An Eye On 

3D printing stocks DDDX stock

Arguably one of the most promising 3D printing stocks to keep an eye on in the coming weeks is 3DX Industries, Inc. (OTC: DDDX). As things stand, DDDX promised to release multiple PRs this week and next week. This is significant since it successfully completed its NIST assessment to become eligible for JCP certification back in March and is pursuing a manufacturing deal with the Marine Corp. Additionally, the company proposed multiple manufacturing deals with industry giants in the aerospace and marine sector.  Keeping this in mind, it is fair to assume that these upcoming announcements could be related to deals with such industry leaders or JCP approval which would open up a plethora of military contracts for the company. 

DDDX Stock News

DDDX is positioning itself as one of the more notable 3D printing stocks due to its impressive capabilities and its growing relationship with the US armed forces. As is, DDDX has proven itself to be one of the most proficient users of additive and subtractive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing is 3D manufacturing, while subtractive manufacturing is the process of molding a material in order to produce a finished product or component. By using these two techniques the company is capable of producing a wide range of products from toys to car parts and even vessel components, with less fiscal cost than traditional manufacturing. 

As things stand, DDDX could be setting for a run this week due to its upcoming press releases. Meanwhile, there is another catalyst that could cause the stock to soar which is JCP approval. The NIST assessment is merely a prerequisite for JCP approval which gives the approved party access to unclassified military data used for the construction of military equipment. This ‌means that news regarding JCP approval could also cause the stock to skyrocket. With this in mind, the company is likely to be approved due to its manufacturing capabilities.  

Navy Contract

Recently, DDDX completed a contract with the US Navy which is an extremely significant yet puzzling milestone. During the execution of this contract, the company manufactured military equipment, both classified and unclassified, which would not be possible if it did not have JCP approval since the only way to access the necessary data is through a JCP application. Given that information, it is fair to assume that its JCP application has already been approved and might be the subject of one of the company’s upcoming press releases. 

JCP speculation aside, this contract is particularly noteworthy since it is DDDX’s first military contract. By manufacturing Navy turnbuckles, the company exhibited its advanced additive and subtractive manufacturing precision. Moreover, the fact that DDDX manufactured classified equipment is promising since that move demonstrates a sense of trust between the Navy and the company. Due to that sense of trust and the company’s precision, it is entirely feasible that this contract is merely the start of a long partnership. 

After the completion of its contract with the Navy, DDDX moved to seek out a contract with the Marines. Given its performance with the Navy, such a contract is more likely, especially since during the Navy contract it manufactured vessel components. Additionally, due to the flexibility of the company’s manufacturing capabilities, other branches of the military may follow suit. 

Upcoming News 

There is a wide range of possible scenarios concerning DDDX’s upcoming press releases, especially since it is currently pursuing manufacturing deals with multiple notable institutions including Lockheed Martin, Airbus, General Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman. One of the upcoming press releases could be a deal between DDDX and one of these companies, while other potential announcements include a Marine Corp. deal and JCP approval. These catalysts could potentially cause the stock to continue its run and reach new highs – especially since it has a low float of 44 million.   

DDDX Stock Financials 

According to its Q2 2023 report, DDDX’s assets drastically dwindled from $540 thousand at the beginning of the year to $408 thousand due to a sharp decrease in accounts receivable and current assets. On the other hand, liabilities remained relatively unchanged from $3.9 million to $4 million.

As for its revenue, DDDX experienced a sharp YoY decline from $243 thousand to $50 thousand likely due to down-scaling operations since its operating expenses decreased significantly from $371 thousand to $190 thousand. For this reason, the company’s net loss decreased YoY from $171 thousand to $155 thousand.     

Media Sentiment 

Check out @ChaseMacTrades’ video mentioning DDDX. 

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Technical Analysis  

3D printing stocks DDDX stock chart

DDDX stock is in a neutral trend and is trading in a sideways channel between $0.044, and $0.048. Looking at the indicators, the stock is currently above the 200, 50, and 21 MAs which is a bullish indication. Meanwhile, the RSI is neutral at 57 and the MACD is curling bearishly. 

3D printing stocks DDDX stock chart

As for the fundamentals, DDDX is one of the 3D printing stocks to keep an eye on over the next week in anticipation of its upcoming PRs. These PRs could potentially be related to a new deal with the likes of the Marine Corp. and Lockheed Martin or regarding JCP approval. Given the potential significance of the company’s anticipated news, bullish investors could wait for the stock to retest its support before taking a long position. 

DDDX Stock Forecast

Out of all the 3D printing stocks out there, DDDX probably has the most promising upside potential over the coming 2 weeks due to its anticipated press releases. As things stand DDDX recently completed a contract with the Navy, after which it proposed a manufacturing deal with Marine Corps. Not only that, but the company proposed other manufacturing plans with industry giants like Lockheed Martin. These upcoming press releases could be about approved manufacturing deals, military contracts, or JCP approval. In that case, the stock could continue its run that started this week and reach new highs given its low float of 44 million.

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