Hype has been steadily building around DRGV stock for the past few weeks. Dragon Capital Group Corp. (OTC: DRGV) is a holding company with emerging technology enterprises which conducts business in China through its subsidiaries. DRGV has been working to find a merger candidate and in anticipation of the upcoming reverse merger, investors have driven DRGV stock up 180% over the last month. 


To speed up the merger process, DRGV brought on merger expert – Carren Currier – as the company’s consultant. Well-known in the OTC market world, Currier is a classic merger consultant whose work routinely produces great results for shareholder like with ILUS, ETEK, KRFG, and more.

At the moment DRGV is pink limited as all relevant filings have been completed and the company is expected to become pink current very soon. The company will likely announce its merger candidate once it becomes current with the OTC Markets – leaving many investors eagerly waiting for these two catalysts.

DRGV is a holding company focused on emerging technology enterprises and incubating start up companies. However, its main focus is related to software solutions and computer sales. DRGV also offers consulting services for M&A, company valuations, and growth strategies.

While the company has not released official news regarding its merger, investors are particularly bullish on DRGV thanks to its share structure. The company has an updated float of around 2 billion shares and its CEO – Yunxia Li – owns 31.8 billion common stock shares or 86.5%. DRGV stock has an AS of 50 billion and OS of only 36.8 billion. Therefore, this is a very bullish sign for investors who have started picking up on the stock’s above average volume over the last few days.

Whatever sector DRGV’s merger candidate is in, DRGV makes a very appealing target as it is a clean shell without any debt. With this in mind, DRGV stock is one to watch in the days ahead.

Media Sentiment 

@mn_goat_trader has been alerting DRGV since it was at $.002 – GOAT

When you’ve got @AlexDelarge6553 and @mn_goat_trader on the same ticker you know its good…

Technical Analysis

DRGV stock chart

DRGV hit its highest value this month, forming its resistance at .0048. DRGV stock is currently trading at $0.0043 with a primary support at .0031 and a secondary support at .0027. Accumulation has been trending upward with a recent spike that pushed the RSI to 70 before correcting to 59.16 The MACD had a bearish crossover at market close on October 21st.

Should You Buy?  

As anticipation builds for DRGV stock, this merger play is likely to rocket after the company becomes current and releases merger news. However, DRGV’s long term value may be questionable considering the risks associated with companies operating under the PRC’s control. In the short term, DRGV is a potential play as its catalysts play out. In the run, DRGV stock could easily break its 52 week high of $.0048 and even hit $.007 in the rush.


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