With a mission to provide effective and affordable treatments for infectious diseases, Enzolytics Inc. (OTC: ENZC) is a drug development company rising to prominence during the pandemic. ENZC stock witnessed unprecedented interest from investors at the beginning of the year thanks to its ambitious mission to cure numerous infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

After reaching a high point of .309 in June, ENZC has seen a general decline but has incurred renewed interest after signing a Letter of Intent with Creative Biolabs, Inc. for licensing and commercialization of its anti-HTLV-1 Monoclonal Antibodies. ENZC’s CEO, Charles Cotropia, said “We are now discussing licensing, commercialization, and distribution of these monoclonal antibodies with various pharmaceutical partners to expedite the development.”

ENZC Stock Catalysts

This Texas-based biotech company is concerned with the development of therapeutics which could treat a variety of diseases. Using its patented technology and proprietary methodology, ENZC has had great results in identifying sites on viruses to neutralize and treat them while protecting against mutations. However, this groundbreaking technology would not be possible without ENZC’s partner – Intel. This major tech company facilitated ENZC’s use of AI technology to analyze virus strains, which has now enabled its technology to predict the evolution of viruses. This means viruses and their side effects can effectively be prevented if ENZC’s technology proves actionable. 

HIV and Covid-19 Patents

Already, ENZC’s preliminary HIV clinical trials have shown promising results. Conducted according to standards of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the trials are expected to be completed this year. While there is a long journey until commercialization, it is worth noting that the same technology is currently used to produce anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies for treating COVID-19. ENZC holds patents for identifying the conserved sites on HIV and the Coronavirus and is expected to make considerable profit once they are actionable – projecting $105 billion in the first 11 years of its HIV treatment’s commercialization. As the company leverages its technology to potentially end and even prevent future pandemics, ENZC has quickly become a stock to watch.  

Revolutionizing the approach to the treatment and identification of diseases, ENZC is already gearing up to compete against Big Pharma companies. ENZC is also working to produce antibodies for the treatment of Small-Pox, Ebola Virus, Tetanus, and Rabies and has applied to the National Institute of Health for funding. Currently, the company anticipates receiving the funding which will no doubt accelerate its progress. 

As such, ENZC has announced its plans to uplist to the OTCQB, stating that their application is being prepared for submission contingent on the company’s audited statements. Now, speculations of a Big Pharma buyout are adding to the stock’s momentum. Biotech stocks like ENZC are moved by binary events such as successful testing and FDA approval, these catalysts push the stock up but there is usually a sell off that follows. With this in mind, these upcoming catalysts are big events for ENZC that can drive shareholder value.

Media Sentiment

This uplisting has stoked investors’ interest, including FinTwit fave, @MrMikeInvesting who shared ENZC on his watchlist. Alerting his 55.4k followers, that ENZC stock is in the “loading zone”.

Technical Analysis

ENZC stock chart

The company’s latest quarterly report shows that they are doing well financially with considerable assets, license revenues of $200,000, and a net operating loss of only $217,535. Considering that ENZC is a drug development company, the early investment and losses accrued are typical before their research comes to fruition.  

Currently trading at $0.134, ENZC stock is at a low price point comparable to the end of May. The support is near $0.1305 with a secondary at $.1226 which formed when it broke through its previous support on the 19th. Its resistance is holding at $.1434 with a secondary at $.1594. The MACD is showing an uptrend and parallelism between the signal line and indicator but does not seem ready for a crossover. Accumulation has held relatively steady after surging in June and the RSI is trending down at 46.7. 

Should you Buy?

At the moment, ENZC stock has a long list of catalysts ranging from their plans to uplist to their ground-breaking patents and technology. The company’s focus on the treatment of infectious diseases has made it particularly attractive to investors watching the Delta Variant’s surge. While the stock is currently valued near $.1350, this price point could be a potential entry point for bullish investors. In the long-term, ENZC has valuable patents which could bring sizable ROI’s to shareholders in the future and with a recently signed LOI, a gap up to May’s high of $.2975 could occur.


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