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ENZC stock

With a mission to provide effective and affordable treatments for infectious diseases, Enzolytics Inc. (OTC: ENZC) is a drug development company that has risen to prominence during the pandemic. ENZC stock has witnessed unprecedented interest from investors thanks to its ambitious mission to treat HIV and AI technology. After launching its immune system supplement and releasing its future plans, ENZC stock has been gaining ground. With this in mind, ENZC stock could be one to watch this year as the company prepares to release ITV-1 in several African countries.

ENZC Stock News

This Texas-based biotech company is concerned with the development of therapeutics which could treat a variety of diseases. Using its patented technology and proprietary methodology, ENZC has had great results in identifying sites on viruses to neutralize and treat them while protecting against mutations. However, this groundbreaking technology would not be possible without ENZC’s partner – Intel. 

This major tech company facilitated ENZC’s use of artificial intelligence technology to analyze virus strains, which has now enabled its technology to predict the evolution of viruses. This means viruses and their side effects can effectively be prevented if ENZC’s technology is actionable. ENZC stated that its planning to use an AI protocol to analyze the amino acid sequences of targeted viruses in the body. The new protocol will be based on extensive analysis of existing viruses and their variants as well as new viruses as soon as they are discovered. This could later be used to develop more effective vaccines.

Samsung Biologics

In October, the company announced a strategic partnership with a contract development and manufacturing company (CDMO) – Samsung Biologics. Usually pharmaceutical companies partner with CDMOs to outsource drug development and manufacturing. Because Samsung Biologics is a biotech subsidiary of Samsung Group – a world leader in contract development and manufacturing services and one of the 500 largest companies in the world – ENZC stands to benefit a lot from this partnership.

Under the terms of the agreement, Samsung Biologics will provide end-to-end CDMO services for Enzelytics as part of its mission to develop and commercialize a Monoclonal Antibody Therapy for the treatment of HIV and Covid. 

At the time, the COO of ENZC – Dr. Gaurav Chandra – shared that “This partnership marks a pivotal milestone for Enzolytics to significantly advance the clinical development of our universal, durable, broadly neutralizing Monoclonal Antibodies and reduce time to the clinic”. This indicates that Samsung’s services will not only aid in the drug’s development, but could also help with the important IND filing which is a necessary first step towards making the drug publicly available.

With a portfolio of treatments targeting Covid-19 and HIV, it’s important to first understand the cogs in the machine working behind the scenes to bring ENZC’s therapeutics to market. 


The company’s primary lab is focused on the production of fully human monoclonal antibodies targeting infectious disease​s​ such as SARS-CoV-2 and HIV-1 using ENZC’s proprietary methodology to create monoclonal antibodies that target conserved, immutable sites on the viruses. 

This is potentially revolutionary work because it ensures that ENZC’s therapies are not rendered useless when viruses mutate. The methodology is already subject to pending international patent applications – giving ENZC valuable IP that will stay with the company for years to come after approval. 

At its lab located at Texas A&M’s Institute for Preclinical Studies, ENZC begins the process using the proprietary A.I. platform invented by ENZC’s COO – Dr. Gaurav Chandra. The AI analyzed the structure of over 2 million Coronavirus isolates which yielded 19 target sites that are immutable and conserved across all 2 million isolates. The platform has also analyzed the HIV virus to find 8 immutable sites.

Since these sites will not change even as the virus mutates, ENZC’s next step is the production process which is used to produce monoclonal antibodies targeting the sites. During this stage, 3d models are generated of the antibodies for analysis and ENZC’s scientists use these models to produce neutralizing antibodies.

This process of producing monoclonal antibodies is unique to ENZC because it uses fully human monoclonal antibodies. Although this process is clearly one of ENZC’s assets, it is lengthy. However, the end result of processing these million cells is a single monoclonal antibody that binds to the target on the virus’ conserved site. This has allowed ENZC to target HIV-1, SARS-CoV-2, Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).

After producing  the antibodies, they are tested for binding and neutralizing activity which is confirmed by the company’s partner labs before its CDMO partner – Samsung Biologics – produces the antibodies in its proprietary, FDA approved stable CHO cell line. Following this, ENZC will be able to conduct animal and then clinical trials.

Meanwhile, at its Dallas lab the company has been developing ITV-1 and IPF Immune which are patented under the company’s CSO – Harry Zhabilov.

HIV Treatment

ITV-1 is the therapeutic which attracted many investors to the stock because of its potential to treat HIV. The treatment already showed promising results during clinical trials conducted under the requirements of the Bulgarian Drug Agency. 

While there is a long journey until commercialization, it is worth noting that the same technology is currently used to produce anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies for treating COVID-19. Using AI, the company is currently advancing two platforms for treating HIV. One of these platforms – ITV-1 – is already patented and clinically tested. It has previously shown significant results in HIV treatment, while the other is ENZC’s primary anti-HIV monoclonal antibody.

So far, ITV-1 has been shown to reduce HIV viral loads by 80.5%, inhibit the infection of CD4 T-cells by HIV thus raising them to healthier levels, and boost the immune system’s ability to fight HIV infections overall. The therapy can be used in combination with other anti-retroviral therapies but it’s less costly and much less toxic. On top of this it can be used periodically rather than daily and most importantly – it is unaffected by virus mutations. 

In short, ITV-1 presents many advantages to anti-retroviral therapies which have serious side effects and are not able to be taken during early stages of HIV infections. This means, ITV-1 could be taken when the infection is most treatable without presenting harmful side effects. Because taking ITV-1 showed an improvement in the CD4/CD8 index, it could also be one of the few treatments available to those whose HIV infection progresses to AIDs. 

Right now, ENZC is focused on completing toxicology studies after which ITV-1 would be made available in several African countries. ENZC’s subsidiary Virogentics Inc announced its progress in producing ITV-1 for the treatment of HIV patients in Central and East Africa.

ENZC intends to make this treatment available in Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Kenya and South Africa upon the completion of these studies. At the same time, Chandra is holding talks to introduce ITV-1 for individuals in Africa. This could be a massive opportunity for ENZC given that there are 23.8 million HIV patients in Africa.

With this in mind, the company has committed to producing an initial quantity of ITV-1 for two African hospitals. Following this, the company is expected to provide larger quantities to treat about 30 thousand HIV patients.

However, ENZC will still pursue additional clinical trials to launch the therapy in the EU before seeking FDA approval. With this in mind, ENZC has brought Scandea on board to provide regulatory consulting services to reduce the time-to-market and minimize development costs.

Shareholders have held ENZC stock through thick and thin believing that its treatment is the solution for millions of people affected by HIV  who are subject to expensive antiviral treatments such as Biktarvy ($42,635 per year), Dovato ($27,540 per year), and Dolutegravir/tenofovir ($48,000 per year). It’s reported that the estimated cost of care is between $1,800 to $4,500 per month for the entirety of a person’s lifetime.

In light of this, independent estimations of the projected profit from a successful HIV Monoclonal Antibody therapy sold in the seven major world markets is $105 billion over the first 11 years. However it’s important to note that prior to its EMA approval, ENZC intends to focus its treatment on Africa because of the current humanitarian issue and ITV-1’s potential to be economically supplied and produced there. 

As the company leverages its technology to potentially end and even prevent future pandemics, ENZC stock has quickly become one to watch. With this in mind, ENZC’s COO Chandra is bullish that “in the next six months to one year we anticipate a monumental shift in the position of the company as our clinical products start coming to the market”.

Meanwhile, the company also signed a Letter of Intent with Creative Biolabs, Inc. for licensing and commercialization of its anti-HTLV-1 Monoclonal Antibodies back in July. As ENZC’s CEO, Charles Cotropia, said “We are now discussing licensing, commercialization, and distribution of these monoclonal antibodies with various pharmaceutical partners to expedite the development.”

IPF Immune

But the company seems intent on diversifying after announcing its plans to enter the $50 billion dietary supplements market by producing and selling a science-backed immune modulator – Enzolytics IPF Immune.

The supplement is expected to be sold by both large and small retail outlets as well as through the IPF Immune™ website. ENZC sparked some excitement after the company launched its website for IPF Immune and made it available on Onelavi. It’s a bullish sign that the product sold out immediately on the site.

Now available in the US, IPF immune’s rollout is being facilitated by Nutritional Products International (NPI) but the supplement will also be launched in Europe and Canada. ENZC has a number of distributorship contacts in Europe which presents significant upside potential for the company once the launch is finalized. 

As an immune booster, IPF strengthens the immune system against viruses as well as other pathogens without showing any side effects. Moreover, IPF Immune is able to improve recovery and reduce the recovery period after an illness. During its testing, IPF Immune showed impressive results against Covid-19 – showing similar efficacy to Tamiflu while proving to be 24 times less toxic.

Considering these results, ENZC has the potential to secure a significant market share in the $50 billion nutrition supplement market which is projected to reach $77 billion by 2028. In light of this, IPF Immune could become a major revenue stream for ENZC. Given that the company intends to share efficacy data in the upcoming weeks, ENZC stock could be one to watch for a major run.

Through its participation in ECRM’s “Weight Management, Nutrition, and Vitamin Program”, ENZC was able to introduce its supplement to several large and small retailers. While meeting with these retailers, a majority of them showed interest in IPF Immune – with 27 retailers believing the supplement was a great fit for their product lines. Based on this, ENZC expects IPF Immune to be accepted by these retailers and given the health conscious environment triggered by the pandemic, the product could continue to be met with high demand.

One of the reasons for this is the supplements’ range of applications. Helping the body fight infections, recover from disease, and more, the supplement tags viruses and disease cells allowing the body to identify threats and combat them naturally and more efficiently.

This means IPF Immune could be beneficial in therapy for oncological diseases, infectious-inflammatory diseases, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis. and viral diseases such as viral hepatitis, influenza, cytomegalovirus, or herpes infections.

In general, the supplement stimulates the immune system helping to cut down on the body’s recovery time by promoting antibody production and antioxidant defenses. Additionally, IPF Immune can be used in combination with other drugs to further improve treatment.

With this in mind, the initial feedback for IPF Immune was exceptional as many consumers witnessed significant improvement of their symptoms. In light of this success, many investors are bullish on ENZC stock’s future if the company is able to introduce its new supplement to various retailers such as Amazon, CVS Health, and Walgreens.

As is, the timing of its release couldn’t be better. With the supplement already launched in the US, ENZC intends to launch IPF Immune in Europe and Canada in the next three months which could have a significant impact on ENZC stock price.


Setting its therapeutics aside, an important piece of the company’s assets is its Artificial Intelligence platform which can be utilized for early drug discovery and development as well as for building up the company’s IP portfolio. Still being developed by Dr. Chandra, the platform is being built to identify novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets, design innovative diagnostic and prognostics tests, all while expanding ENZC’s patent portfolio.

Already ENZC boasts a robust patent portfolio which includes patents for ITV-1 and IPF-Immune, as well as patent applications for fully human anti-HIV monoclonal antibodies and vaccines, the AI platform for use in diagnosing COVID-19 and HIV, in addition to anti-corona virus monoclonal antibodies and vaccine. 

It’s important to note that, ENZC’s patent application covers the use of any one identified epitope or a combination of them for producing a therapeutic monoclonal antibody to treat HIV or Covid-19, for producing a vaccine against HIV or Covid-19, other therapeutic methods, or diagnostic tests to identify whether a person has HIV or Covid-19. These international patent applications cover all countries adhering to the Patent Cooperation Treaty

Commenting on the patent process, ENZC’s CEO shared that, “The breadth of patent coverage that is sought and expected is extremely far-reaching based on the discovery of the critical target epitope sites necessary to effectively neutralize these viruses. The Company has also identified conserved epitopes using its AI platform on multiple other viruses, […]These findings will also be protected by patent coverage.”

Personalized Medicine

However, over the long-term ENZC plans to enter the personalized medicine market thanks to its unique technology. Given it’s applications, ENZC has outlined several areas of interest for the company including: genomic surveillance, monitoring of virus epidemiology, identifying conserved immutable and neutralizable sites on viruses, creating an A.I. protocol for producing monoclonal antibodies, and the human microbiome. 

On this note, ENZC is also exploring applications for its AI for use in-vitro diagnostic tests which can diagnose viral diseases using conserved sites unaffected by mutations. Currently, ENZC is discussing partnering with a number of approved diagnostic companies known for distributing diagnostic tests for clinical use. Since these viruses could mutate rapidly, ENZC’s tests would not have to be modified to identify these mutations which means its tests could be universally applied.

Similarly, the possibility of using AI for prognostic tests to predict the immune response before receiving viral therapy has attracted ENZC’s attention as another route for AI driven diagnostics. Now, ENZC is negotiating with a company to develop a prognostic test that could predict immune responses before receiving a treatment or a vaccine.

By leveraging its AI platform, ENZC is able to develop drugs at a faster pace and explore new possibilities. With this in mind, ENZC’s future looks bright as the company utilizes its identified conserved epitopes and technology.

Veterinarian Therapeutics

At the same time, ENZC is taking the opportunity to develop veterinarian therapies mainly for the treatment of Horse Equine Infectious Virus, Chicken Anemia Virus, Cat Feline Leukemia Virus, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, Koala Retrovirus, and Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes virus.

To facilitate the production of these treatments, ENZC plans to acquire patents on discovered conserved epitopes for these viruses. These patents are expected to cover the use of the discovered epitopes in producing any treatments related to these epitopes. As the global veterinarian therapeutics market is expected to grow from $31.2 billion to $54.6 billion by 2030, ENZC stock could be a promising long-term hold if it is able to secure these patents.

Advisory Board

With ENZC’s vision expanding to include these new ventures, the company has brought in Dr. Suraj Saggar to its Advisory Board. Having conducted clinical research at the National Institute of Health, Dr. Saggar offers a wide range of expertise in diagnosing and treating infectious diseases like tuberculosis, HIV, Zika, Dengue Lyme, and SARS-CoV-2.

Currently a primary investigator in several ongoing trials of COVID-19 therapeutics and other clinical trials, Dr. Saggar’s experience is expected to aid ENZC in advancing its products to trials and patient application. Dr. Saggar will also advise the company in developing its new technologies for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic tests and IPF Immune in addition to the company’s HIV treatment ITV-1.

ENZC Stock Financials

According to its annual report, ENZC increased its assets from $568 thousand to $2.2 million. However, ENZC’s liabilities grew to $7.1 million compared to $5.9 million in 2020. As the company is researching and testing its upcoming products, ENZC did not report any revenues. Despite this, ENZC could witness significant revenues in 2022 after the successful release of IPF Immune.

ENZC Stock Forecast 2025

Revolutionizing the approach to the treatment and identification of diseases, ENZC is already gearing up to compete against Big Pharma companies. The company is working to produce antibodies for the treatment of Omicron, Small-Pox, Ebola Virus, Tetanus, and Rabies and has applied to the National Institute of Health for funding.

As such, ENZC has announced its plans to uplist to the OTCQB, stating that its application is being prepared for submission contingent on the company’s audited statements. This has led to speculations of a Big Pharma buyout.

ENZC has made exceptional progress in bringing ITV-1 to market and continues to develop this treatment with more clinical trials planned for the future. After completing its toxicology studies, ITV-1 will be made available in several African countries as the company pursues EMA approval for marketing in Europe. Considering that the treatment was already approved according to the standards of the Bulgarian Drug Agency and the added assistance Scandea brings to the table, ITV-1 appears to have a promising chance of approval. Following this, ENZC will seek FDA approval for marketing ITV-1 in the US.

Given the huge market for this treatment, any ENZC stock prediction will be reliant on ITV-1’s performance in these markets. Additionally, if the company’s patent applications are approved then ENZC stock forecast is likely bullish considering the value of these intellectual properties.

Another potential catalyst impacting the ENZC stock forecast for 2025, is the potential passage of COVID-19 research funding. In March, the Biden administration attempted to push through billions in funding as part of the $1.5 trillion omnibus spending package. While that funding was eventually cut from the legislation, there could be a renewed push for a stand-alone funding package.

On the other hand, ENZC has already brought IPF Immune to market and plans on selling the product in not just the US, but Europe and Canada as well. As the company draws on networks of distributors, the supplement may appear in more large and small retailers. This could help the company financially as it pursues its research over the next three years.

However, any long term ENZC stock forecast should consider that the company has identified conserved epitopes using its AI platform on multiple viruses. This gives the company an advantage in research and treatments related to HIV-2, Influenza A and B, H1N1 influenza, Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), Small-Pox, Ebola Virus, Tetanus, Diphtheria, HTLV-1/2, Rabies, Herpes zoster, Varicella zoster, Anthrax, Mason-Pfizer monkey virus (MPMV) and Visna virus (VISNA). 

Biotech stocks like ENZC are moved by binary events such as successful testing and FDA approval, these catalysts could push the stock further and with this in mind there are many opportunities for ENZC to bring new treatments to market through its AI platform and identified conserved epitopes.

It’s also worth noting that ENZC has not issued any additional shares since October 2020 and the company has also announced that all of its debt has flowed to its subsidiary – Robustomed, Inc. instead. Since the company is not diluting its shares, many investors believe that ENZC stock could be a profitable long-term hold.

Media Sentiment

@GodfatherCap is bullish on ENZC’s potential after the company’s recent podcast interview

@RebeccaHUMBL and @Demi6851 are watching interest for ENZC’s treatments pour in

Technical Analysis

Currently trading at $.068, ENZC stock has supports at .066, .059, and .054. The stock shows resistances at .0696, .076, .081, and .091. After a 35% increase, ENZC fell back to its support at .066 before bouncing back slightly. 

ENZC’s run was triggered by several strong catalysts and with more news expected soon, the stock could start regaining ground. However, right now ENZC is consolidating and could break out either way. For this reason, traders looking to start a new position should look for a sign of which direction the trend is heading before taking a new position.


The stock tested the 200 MA two times yesterday, if it breaks out above it then this is a bullish sign, as 200MA break indicates a trend reversal. and investors could enter on confirmation of the breakout. However, if it fails to break the 200 MA, ENZC could fall through the 50 MA and VWAP. I would look for consolidation at its .059 support before taking a position in anticipation of a rebound similar to the 17th. The .059 has proven multiple times to be a very strong area of support, showing that buyers see that price as undervalued. 

Trim Levels

$.081 appears to be a strong resistance and investors could take profit leading up to this resistance. There could be a pullback at the .0767 resistance which is another place to trim. A break of .081 could send the stock back above a dime, which could be another trimming level, possibly keeping the rest for a bigger run, if momentum continues 

Short Term – 5min

ENZC stock forecast

Currently trading at its 50 MA, if the stock breaks through it will likely fall back to its support at .066 or lower. Considering its upcoming catalysts and that the stock typically traded between $.07 and $.09 for most of 2022 – anything below .066 could be an opportunity to add on shares in anticipation of the market’s rebound. As is, .081 is a hard resistance but the stock could be looking to retest it as the MA draws closer for a possible golden cross. Accumulation is currently showing a slight downtick after falling on the 17th. Meanwhile the RSI is at 48, which is cool enough to allow for another run .

Long Term – 1 hour

ENZC stock forecast

ENZC experienced a decline in April which led it to its strong support at .054. However, for most of 2022 it traded above .07. It ran up roughly 80% as the company released IPF Immune and introduced its future plans. As the company is expected to release more press releases regarding not just sales and efficacy of IPF Immune but regarding ITV-1 as well, a strong catalyst could push ENZC out of its current channel past $.10 and back to all time highs.

Overall Recommendation

ENZC is likely a long term hold and in light of its plans to begin marketing ITV-1 in several African countries before seeking EMA approval for the EU. Right now, it appears that ENZC could bounce back to old highs as news rolls out. For those willing to hold their position long-term, I believe adding shares below .0597 could payoff once the stock begins picking up more volume. 

However, as it consolidates near the 50 MA and VWAP I believe it’s safe to wait for a break in either direction before taking a new position.

ENZC Stock Forecast

At the moment, ENZC stock has a long list of catalysts ranging from plans to uplist to their ground-breaking patents and technology partnerships. The company’s potential to treat HIV and prevent the spread of certain diseases has made it particularly attractive to investors who believe that at the current ENZC stock price, the company is undervalued. With this in mind, now could be a potential entry point for bullish investors as the company finally released its immune system supplement.

It is important to note that companies in this industry are moved by binary events, and investors could wait a long time before seeing a return on their investment as ENZC seeks to commercialize its treatments. The company could see profitability in the long term due to its valuable patents which could bring sizable value to the stock in the future. But in the short-term, ENZC is already capitalizing on the nutritional supplements market with the launch of its IPF Immune supplement. With the company promising to release the efficacy tests results for IPF Immune, ENZC stock price could be able to push past its resistance at $.0821.

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