Wearing many hats at the age of only 48, Frank Igwelaor’s impact on the OTC Market world is hard to miss. An experienced business professional who has led 7 different companies, Igwelaor has managed the responsibilities of public and private entities across multiple industries. Today, Igwelaor is best known for his current role with Video River Networks Inc. (OTC:NIHK)

Entering the business world before completing his MBA in Finance, Igwelaor became director of Poverty Solutions Inc. in 2008 where he served low-income persons needing financial education and entrepreneurship development.

Poverty Solutions Inc. continued to benefit from Igwelaor’s leadership despite becoming Director and Partner at Goldstein Franklin Inc. in 2012. A gifted multi-tasker, Igwelaor managed the financial services firm while obtaining his Juris Doctor degree and serving as CFO for the non-profit lender, Neighborhood Housing Services of Los Angeles County. By 2015 he had graduated with his MS in risk management from NYU’s Stern School of Business and had already amassed a diverse range of skills and expertise in the financial sector. 

His experience as a California licensed CPA, CFM, top-level financial reporter, and tax expert transitioned him from his work as CFO of Pacific Ventures Group Inc. to Sr. Vice President and CFO of the startup, Cannabinoid Biosciences Inc. There, he created a comprehensive pre-launch campaign that enabled CBD Co. to generate $4.6 million in pre-qualification reservations. Thanks to his critical leadership, the startup passed through rigorous SEC checks and the company’s common stock shares were issued at $10 per share. 

After a year, Igwelaor became CEO of the Taiwan based Kid Castle Educational Corporation (OTC:KDCE) which is oriented towards childcare and education in Mainland China and Taiwan.

With over 200 branches in each country, Kid Castle also supplies materials to over 7,000 schools. CBD Co. acquired 70% of the outstanding shares in Kid Castle, setting Igwelaor with a mandate to make KDCE current with the SEC, OTC, and FINRA, before pursuing an up-listing of the combined companies to the Nasdaq.

In 2020, Igwelaor began working with the GiveMePower Corporation (OTC:GMPW) which creates precise floor plans, using state of the art technologies to provide accurate building information to its clients. Through its subsidiaries Alpharidge Capital LLC and Community Economic Development Capital LLC, GiveMePower also deals with corporate strategies, financial engineering, regulatory compliance, and acquisitions among other services. However, only a year earlier, Igwelaor had joined Video River Networks (OTC:NIHK) as CEO and has been disrupting OTC Markets ever since. 

Video River Networks, Inc. (OTC:NIHK) is a technology holding company which maintains a portfolio of electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics assets. It has since focused its acquisitions to operations that design, manufacture, install, and sell power controls, battery technologies, or mission-critical devices.

Despite preparing for the launch of its Lingstar car line, NIHK’s CEO isn’t taking a break. The exciting acquisition of Drone Guarder Inc (OTC:DRNG) will see Frank Igwealor become Chairman and Co-CEO with Adam Taylor. 

This entrance into drone technology is impressive but is nothing new for Igwealor whose work has affiliated him with American Renaissance Capital, Inc., Fresh & Healthy Markets LLC, Premier information Management, Inc. (OTC:PIFR), Mondial Ventures, Inc. (OTC:MNVN), Profitable Developments, Inc. (OTC:PRDL), as well as many others. 

With a reputation for successful turnarounds and returns to investors, Frank Igweloar is one of the few names on the OTC Market which instills confidence in up and coming stocks. 


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Comments to: Frank Igwelaor, the CEO that is taking the OTC world by storm
  • July 28, 2021

    Goodmorning mr Frank Igwealor.
    CONGRADULATION. Job well done. Keep it up.
    Wish you GOD\’S PROTECTION.

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