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Gambling Stocks: HDUP Stock Nasdaq Bound

Gambling stocks

As a global gaming operator and media company, HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc. (OTC: HDUP) is focused on online gaming, sports betting, online lottery, and charity fundraising. Aiming to build a gaming empire, HDUP recently acquired the LotteryHub platform – attracting many investors’ attention to the company. With solid plans to expand globally, HDUP is shaping up to be one of the OTC’s best gambling stocks.

HDUP Stock News

The trigger for HDUP’s run was the announcement of its plans to close 8 independent transactions to be merged into a surviving entity branded as HeadsUp Global Inc. Commenting on these plans, the company’s Chief Business Development Officer – Mark Hutchinson – shared that the team is “building the gaming, lottery and digital company of the future”.

After closing these deals, HDUP intends to apply for NASDAQ listing based on its asset values and revenues meeting the NASDAQ’s requirements. HDUP’s management are confident this merger will reduce the risks of dilution – increasing shareholders’ value.

These plans were highlighted earlier in the company’s shareholder update which provided the outline of its operation rollout starting with the acquisition of “one of the world’s leading suppliers of digital lottery and online games”. On top of this, it has plans for a partnership with a major operator of gaming technology in Africa which would provide it with access to licenses in major global gaming markets

It also discussed the acquisition of a multimillion dollar asset with a database of over 4 million users. Once the transaction is completed, the company plans to launch the platform across multiple platforms this year.

These acquisitions could be among the first announced by HDUP given the company’s promise to release a number of press releases and twitter updates starting May 4th. In light of this, HDUP could be one of the best gambling stocks to buy ahead of these impending catalysts.

Overall, these additions will only build on HDUP’s existing framework. On this note, one of its main divisions is its Cause Drivers division which is focused on creating exclusive fundraising programs for its charity partners through its gaming products.

Cause Drivers

HDUP’s gaming products suite includes auctions, donate to win sweeps, online charity games and branded poker tournaments. Through these products, HDUP drives up interest for fundraising programs to encourage audiences to participate and donate to different causes. 

HDUP is already a partner of the Special Operations Charity Network which provides revenues to veterans, US military members, law enforcement, and first responders. Given its track record and reputation in the gaming industry, HDUP’s fundraisers are considered to be the most successful in the business. In this way, more and more charities may partner with HDUP to ensure the success of their fundraising initiatives.


From the company’s second division, HDUP operates a multi platform sports betting information site featuring daily videos and informative articles providing the best content for its audience. Behind the scenes, HDUP has been developing a TV show which is still in pre-production but is expected to air on national sports networks.

To increase traffic to GameChangerz, HDUP has partnered with the social media and analytics expert Chaos Integrated Inc. which has helped HDUP drive up its impressions – leading to an increase in its total user base. 

Moreover, GameChangerz features an impressive stable of handicappers – led by the best sports handicapper in North America – Joe D’Amico. Given that bettors spent $500 billion in the sports information industry in 2019, HDUP could be set to realize record revenues as it continues developing this division.

With this in mind, HDUP plans to expand GameChangerz by leveraging its platform to improve sales while expanding its content further to monetize global sports.

*Updated July 1st

Delivering on this goal, HDUP launched platforms in 6 states and Ontario where iGaming and sports betting are regulated and approved. To facilitate this, HDUP partnered with Enteractive Media Inc to produce daily content to attract new sports betting customers to the GameChangerz platform. According to this partnership, both companies will have several super affiliate agreements – with the first set to be with Casino Affiliate Partners. These agreements are expected to allow HDUP and Enteractive to monetize their content in several regulated markets.

In light of this partnership with Enteractive, GameChangerz will be able to drive traffic as a sub licensed and approved operator in the 6 US states and Ontario with major brands like DraftKings and FanDuel. As this partnership is expected to have more than 60 affiliate revenue deals in North America, HDUP has the potential to become one of the most profitable gambling stocks in the future.

In addition to this partnership, HDUP is currently working to launch a daily 30 minute TV show to coincide with the start of the NCAAF College Football and NFL seasons. Although this show is produced for the Ontario market, the show will be syndicated in the US and will be distributed through social media platforms in short form videos to engage more viewers. Given the potential of these plans, HDUP is shaping to be one of the OTC’s best gambling stocks.


In addition to global expansion, HDUP is venturing into blockchain technology and NFTs by partnering with TOKONOMICA – a global leader in NFT technologies and marketplaces. According to this agreement, HDUP will act as its exclusive business development partner across North America, South America, and Central America allowing it to market TOKONOMICA’s proprietary technology – STEM. 

STEM is considered to be revolutionary in the way it makes NFT creation easier while also increasing their initial value over time. Unlike typical NFT marketplaces, STEM is focused on creating value for its clients – not just the NFTs. Since this technology could be integrated with existing marketplaces or its own platform, this partnership could be extremely profitable for HDUP over time.

HDUP’s next step into the NFT sphere will be launching a joint venture with MH Universe which operates an NFT technology platform and operating system. Given the company’s focus on NFTs, HDUP’s “major NFT rollout” in Q2 and Q3 could be a catalyst for HDUP stock.  


As the company continues working towards the expansion of its media business, it has decided to launch and distribute Safariflix – a televised program focusing on safari adventures. The program works in conjunction with MH Universe and the Pure Wildlife Fund in South Africa to raise awareness. Following the launch of this program, HDUP will launch a follow up program – Oceanflix – by mid 2022.  Its important to note that most gambling stocks do not pursue such a wide variety of ventures and this undoubtedly makes HDUP stock unique.


However none of this would be possible without HDUP’s Chief Business Development Officer Mark Hutchinson. With more than 30 years of experience in the lottery and gaming sectors, Hutchinson is well-known as a global leader in this industry. Hutchinson has previously worked with state lottery operators across the US before becoming a leader in developing several lottery operations and televised gaming productions in the US, Europe, and Africa. Considering his experience in these global markets, HDUP is well equipped to expand further.

Global Expansion

Already a global gaming operator, the company could achieve more growth as the supplier, operator and license holder for a number of the world’s largest gaming markets. Additionally, its upcoming partnership with a gaming operator in Africa will open the door to new gaming markets in Africa and South America as well. Since this partnership is in the final stages of negotiations, HDUP could be one of the gambling stocks to watch this quarter as these partnerships are finalized.

*Updated July 1st

Looking to expand its reach globally, HDUP partnered with Metaverse Vision Group FZE LLC, UAE to form a new subsidiary – HeadsUp Ventures FZ UAE. This subsidiary will operate in the UAE and has opened new offices in Abu Dhabi. Beginning its operations, the newly formed subsidiary will participate in the launch of an NFT drop in collaboration with HDUP’s partner Tokonomika. In addition, HeadsUp Ventures will participate in the  “Beat My Team Euro NFTational Tournament” which will be the first of several planned sports team based NFT launches. Through this series of NFT drops, HDUP could be well positioned to realize major revenues as this business grows. 

Considering that HDUP owns 49% of this new company, HDUP appears to be in a prime position to capitalize on the potential contracts with industry leaders this partnership could attract. With this in mind, Metaverse Vision is led by global lottery and gaming icon Ola Lind who has been an associate of Mark Hutchinson for 15 years. Based on this, Hutchinson’s appointment appears to be bearing its fruit as the company is partnering with a big name in the industry. As a result, many investors are bullish HDUP could be one of the gambling stocks to hold for the long-term.

Meanwhile, HeadsUp Ventures entered into an agreement to launch and operate a major lottery operation in Africa’s largest market. Through this agreement, HDUP expects its new subsidiary to realize substantial revenues which could significantly contribute to the company’s financials. In light of these partnerships, HDUP appears to be well-positioned to achieve its target of expanding globally at a much faster pace to deliver value to its shareholders.

Utilizing its GameChangerz division, HDUP entered into a revenue share partnership with Centurion Fight Club Malta. Based on this agreement, HDUP will utilize GameChangerz’s media platforms to promote Centurion’s events starting with their next show on July 2nd where the GameChangerz crew will be on scene reporting live from Malta. HDUP will also meet with its platform’s developers to create a new interactive sports betting lottery game including real time betting at live sports events. Considering Centurion’s reputation as the most entertaining MMA company in Southern Europe, HDUP could attract more users to its GameChangerz platform allowing the company to tap into this new market of betting enthusiasts.


Adding to its impressive portfolio of subsidiaries, HDUP acquired the LotteryHub platform on an ongoing revenue share basis. Already servicing more than 4 million Americans, LotteryHub will provide HDUP with a proven platform to further grow in the gaming industry. With this in mind, HDUP is looking to further expand LotteryHub globally by securing global partnerships with the view of making LotteryHun the leader of online sales for lotteries. 

Delivering on this, HDUP already secured partnerships in Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Eastern Europe and Eastern Africa. At the same time, HDUP is negotiating to allow national and state lottery partners to improve their online offering and sell tickets throughout the world. Based on these partnerships, LotteryHub will be able to get access to more than 120 million customers around the world which could make the platform one of the world’s leading lottery platforms.

Given that the global lottery market is expected to grow to $450 billion by 2027, HDUP has the potential to secure a significant share of this market through LotteryHub’s software and platform. In light of this, HDUP intends to expand the platform globally to become an online retailer and software platform for National and State based lotteries. As for the US, HDUP plans to transform the platform into an online retailer to allow all states to purchase LotteryHub’s games as legislation changes. 

In light of LotteryHub’s growth potential, HDUP projects to generate more than $51.7 million in revenues in the first year of its business plan and expects these revenues to grow to more than $400 million in five years. If the company is able to achieve these milestones, HDUP could be well-positioned to achieve its target of listing on the NASDAQ based on its assets. Considering the company’s constant efforts for growth, HDUP could be one of the best gambling stocks to hold for the long-term.

HDUP Stock Financials

Looking into HDUP’s Q1 report, the company increased its assets to C$ 3.1 million from C$2.9 million. Liabilities also increased to C$2.3 million compared to C$2 million. Meanwhile, the company reported C$4.7 thousand in revenues and had a C$43.5 net loss. Given the company’s efforts to expand its business, HDUP could be set to report significantly better financials in the future when its plan comes to fruition.

Media Sentiment

@ecgreendays expects HDUP to run today based on its chart.

@thommic is surprised HDUP did not climb following the acquisition of LotteryHub.

Technical Analysis

gambling stocks HDUP stock chart

Trading at $.1055, HDUP has supports at .096 and .0582. Meanwhile, the stock shows resistances near .129 and .1702. Although the company’s acquisition of LotteryHub is a major development for the company, HDUP was unable to climb due to investors selling on the news. With this in mind, HDUP recently dropped below its MAs and has been unable to break through this resistance. In light of this, the stock could drop near $.096 – which could be an entry point for bullish investors.

gambling stocks HDUP stock chart

Considering the sell-off on the news of the LotteryHub acquisition, accumulation is on a steep downward trend and the MACD is bearish. However, the RSI is currently holding at 47 indicating HDUP could have room to run on high volume. HDUP has an AS of 500 million, an OS of 229 million, in addition to a low float of 70 million.

HDUP Stock Forecast

Considering the company’s acquisition of LotteryHub, HDUP could be on track to deliver on its growth plan. With four profitable businesses under its umbrella, HDUP could be well-positioned to achieve its forecasted revenues of $51.7 million given LotteryHub’s wide user base. With this in mind, HDUP has been doing a tremendous job expanding globally and now has offices in Abu Dhabi after establishing HeadsUp Ventures.

Meanwhile, the company’s partnerships in several countries across the world will allow HDUP to attract more users to its platforms. Given the company’s NASDAQ listing plans, HDUP could be in a prime position to achieve this target through its platforms – making HDUP stock one of the most promising gambling stocks. As the company has not diluted any shares since 2020, many investors are bullish HDUP stock could be one of the most profitable gambling stocks in the long-term.

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