Starting as a mobile health technology company developing personalized and point-of-care screening through Apps, Nano Mobile Healthcare (OTC: VNTH) has recently taken a new business direction with the hiring of its CEO, David Kittle. VNTH has experienced a 1,014% runup from the 27th to the 4th after becoming current and given the uniqueness of VNTH’s management and strategy, it is quickly becoming one of the hottest gaming stocks in the OTC. 


Currently VNTH is engaged in the intersection of gaming and crypto as well as the e-commerce sector. By focusing on this business direction, VNTH is getting in the mix of two of the hottest markets with the most growth potential. The global gaming market is expected to hit $256.97 billion by 2025 while the Crypto market is already valued at $2.06 trillion. 

With this in mind, VNTH is operating in a highly lucrative and competitive market. But VNTH’s CEO, David Kittle does not seem worried. Kittle is by all accounts a successful 18 year old and has already obtained a degree in computer science. He was given control of the company along with another aspiring youngster through Alphabridge Capital’s “Entrepreneurship Development” mission. Together, the two young entrepreneurs are expected to “explore the intersection of gaming, mobile-gaming and cryptocurrency”.

One of hottest gaming stocks, VNTH is seeing a lot of action as shareholders eagerly anticipate the company’s first shareholders’ meeting scheduled for October 5th at 2pm PST. At the meeting, VNTH’s CEO is expected to discuss the company’s investment capital and future plans. Already, VNTH has a packed schedule with plans to release its shareholder letter, update its website, and explore crypto coin development. At the same time, VNTH is searching for merger or partnership opportunities with top gaming sites which will likely be discussed at its upcoming meeting.

Shareholders are particularly interested in VNTH’s upcoming share reduction as it will reduce the company’s authorized shares from 100 billion down to 4 billion. Kittle has already engaged lawyers to accelerate the reduction process and has no plans for dilution now that VNTH’s TA has been changed. 

Media Sentiment

No stranger to runners, @SalsTradingOTC appears bullish on this stock 

Technical Analysis

gaming stocks VNTH stock chart

VNTH has experienced a notable upward trend during this past week and is currently trading at $.0068. VNTH has a resistance line at .0081. Its first support line is at .0055 and a secondary support formed at .0033. Currently, accumulation is downtrending while the RSI holds at 54. The MACD has witnessed a bearish crossover on October 4th meaning VNTH may continue to dip.

Should You Buy?

Taking into account VNTH’s recent business development, there could be a lot more in store for this stock. Waiting to see what happens at VNTH’s live shareholder meeting, speculative investors might get on board soon after. There will be other opportunities to load up as the company updates its website, proceeds with its massive share reduction, and pursues partnership opportunities. With this in mind, VNTH could make steady gains in the days ahead and may even prove to be one of the best breakout gaming stocks. In the long term, VNTH is pursuing opportunities in the crypto and gaming sectors which have undeniable growth opportunities in the years ahead.

With a $23,216,246 market cap, and 100 billion authorized shares, VNTH’s stock is trading with 17.91% increase from its last close at $.0079. With the company’s aforementioned plans and live shareholder meeting, VNTH could experience a bump in value – possibly breaking above $.0081 in the days ahead.


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