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GTBP Stock – A Breakthrough In Immuno Oncology

GTBP stock

The field of immuno-oncology has seen unprecedented growth in the past 10 years, that said GT Biopharma, Inc. (NASDAQ: GTBP) could potentially catapult the advancement of the field of immuno-oncology to a new order of magnitude. GTBP’s TriKEs tech is easier to administer, store, and produce than traditional CAR-T therapy. Additionally, it demonstrates extremely positive preclinical results. Currently, GTBP is set to submit INDs for two of its TriKEs treatments GTB-3650 and GTB-5550 in the second half of 2023. As this would be the first toward FDA approval, GTBP stock might soar in anticipation – making the current PPS a potentially profitable entry.

GTBP Stock News

As things stand, GTBP might be poised for a run due to its two upcoming IND submissions which are coming up in the latter half of 2023. The significance of these INDs cannot be understated due to the potential of GTB-3650, and GTB-5550. It is also worth noting that GTBP could also be considered a notable long-term investment due to its liquidity and the potential it has in changing the immuno-oncology market.


GTB-5550 is a TriKEs-oriented treatment for B7H3-positive solid tumor cancers. Its preclinical trial results are promising, especially when it came to its performance with several myeloma cell lines. These results are extremely promising for GTB-5550 ahead of its IND submission.


GTBP’s GTB-3650 Leukemia treatment is its most promising treatment yet. So far, its preclinical trial results were especially impressive demonstrating a significantly higher potency than the company’s other compound – GTB-3550. 

Overcoming CAR-T Cell Therapy 

One of the fastest-growing technological advancements in the field of immuno-oncology is CAR-T cell therapy. Having said that, GTBP’s approach to immuno- oncology is specifically made to overcome CAR-T cell therapy limitations, and as a result, it produced immunotherapeutic treatments that travel faster through the human body, and are easier to mass produce. 

Additionally, TriKEs tech has already demonstrated a more potent and lasting response to oncological hurdles than some CAR-T cell therapies in its preclinical studies. An additional advantage could be found in the fact that it is currently being considered an over-the-counter medication due to the minimal risk it poses. Given this information, it is possible that TriKEs-oriented treatments could become easily accessible to the masses which is simply not feasible for CAR-T cell treatments.

CAR-T Cells are genetically modified T Cells, on the other hand, TriKEs are protein-oriented treatments that alter cellular behavior by catalyzing persistence, and proliferation, as well as creating an immune synapse between natural killer cells (NK cells) and tumor cells which basically means that it helps NK cells target.

The largest difference between TriKEs and CAR-T cell therapy is scale. One treatment operates on a cellular level by utilizing living T Cells, while the other operates on a subcellular level while utilizing non-living matter. This discrepancy makes a world of difference. For example, due to the fact that CAR-T’s are living cells, storage is a complex hurdle. 

CAR T cells require cryopreservation and are stored on average for only 29 days. On the other hand, therapeutic proteins like TriKEs typically have a shelf life equal to or greater than 3 years. Additionally, due to the nature of CAR-Ts, they usually require a costly customized approach while TriKEs do not. These differences make the mass production of immuno-oncology treatments a feasible reality if TriKEs-oriented treatments are approved. Keeping that in mind GTBP stock’s potential for growth is extremely significant.


Biotech companies usually sustain themselves through dilution due to their lack of product revenue, however, dilution is not an issue for GTBP’s immediate future. As it stands, GTBP has enough cash, and short-term investments to fund its operations until Q2 2024 which means that GTBP stock is not likely to resort to dilution until the aforementioned date. 

Low Float 

As is, GTBP stock has a low float of 33.4 million shares, which is opportune since it means that it runs easily on news. Currently, GTBP has 7 treatments in its pipeline which is comprised of treatments made using TriKEs tech. If positive news comes out concerning any of those treatments, GTBP stock might soar to new highs. 

GTBP Stock Financials

According to its Q1 2023 report, GTBP assets increased QoQ from $16.7 million to $20 million, however, its cash on hand decreased from $5.6 million to $2 million. Its liabilities have increased from $5 million to $7 million. 

In terms of expenses, GTBP reported a YoY decrease from $5.44 million to only $3.6 million, which is why its net loss drastically decreased from $5.4 million to $227 thousand.

Media Sentiment

@FrankieBstock has his eyes on GTBP stock.

@Dehix_Trades believes GTBP stock is a buy at current levels

Technical Analysis 

GTBP Stock Chart

GTBP Stock is in a neutral trend and is trading in a sideways channel between $0.33, and $0.42. Looking at the indicators, the stock is trading above the 200, 50, and 21 MAs which are bullish indications. Meanwhile, the RSI is neutral at 51 and the MACD is approaching a bullish crossover.

GTBP Stock chart

As for the fundamentals, GTBP is about to submit its GTB-3650 and GTB-5550 INDs in the second half of 2023. Given the potential of the company’s TriKEs tech, GTBP could revolutionize oncology since its treatments could be commercialized over the counter. With the stock trading near support, the current PPS could prove to be a profitable entry point in GTBP stock.

GTBP Stock Forecast 

Currently, GTBP is poised to submit its INDs for GTB-3650 and GTB-5550 which could cause GTBP stock to soar. That said, the true significance of these INDs can only be understood when GTBP’s TriKEs tech is taken into consideration. GTBP’s treatments are the first step towards the possible mass production of over-the-counter cancer treatments. If GTBP accomplishes this goal, its PPS will likely reach a new order of magnitude.

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