HMBL Stock & the Future of Financial Services

With an impressive client portfolio that includes big companies such as Netflix, HBO, Apple TV, and Marvel Studios,  HUMBL, Inc. (OTC: HMBL) is a favorite among OTC investors. As a fintech company that specializes in connecting consumers, freelancers, and merchants using blockchain technology, HMBL aims to make the benefits of blockchain technology accessible to everyone through its various platforms. HMBL stock price is currently dipping at $.2685, however this stock remains a long-term hold for bullish investors believe that its just a matter of time waiting for HMBL to reach its full potential.

HMBL Stock Background

Essentially, HMBL’s business model packages blockchain tokenization into easy use applications for customers, with a wide range of applications. Working to bring HUMBL Pay, HUMBL MarketPlace, and HUMBL Financial to the digital marketplace, HMBL’s services are expected to compete with the likes of PayPal, Alipay, and Venmo in the growing fintech sphere. 

Humbl Pay

In anticipation of this competition, HMBL is constantly innovating to offer new, applicable services to its users. Its mobile wallet – HUMBL Pay – is one example, garnering over 22 thousand users in the first weekend of its launch. Essentially, HUMBL Pay could be an opportunity to eliminate predatory rates on disadvantaged consumers as well as the high costs associated with currency exchanges. HUMBL Pay is unique since users can quickly pay a merchant and immediately have the option to review the merchant within 30-seconds. Whereas, PayPal can take days to settle and charge fees worth 5% of the total transaction.

Since the global mobile payment market is projected to reach $12.06 trillion by 2027, HMBL has focused its efforts on developing this mobile wallet. The latest version of HMBL pay includes peer to peer payments, trading for up to 20 digital assets, pegging to stablecoins, and sending gasless digital assets to other HUMBL pay users. On top of this, HMBL pay gives consumers the ability to purchase digital assets with credit cards, trade digital assets, and earn around 7% interest on digital assets. 

At its inception, HUMBL Pay was designed to help primarily cash economies migrate to digital money services across vertical markets, such as government, banking, and merchant services. This platform is projected to deliver up to 50% in savings on everything from lending, borrowing, and investing by delivering borderless transactions that integrate different payment methods, currencies, and financial services providers. This will capture a market underserved by Venmo and Zelle which are US only mobile wallet providers.

Commenting on this venture, HMBL’s CEO – Brian Foote – said “We didn’t build HUMBL for the 450 million digital customers using Apple Pay®, but for the 7 billion people for whom money has a totally different set of global pathways, access points and cost structures”.

Humbl Marketplace

Previously, HMBL acquired Monster Creative, LLC, a Hollywood production studio that collaborates with HUMBL in the production of NFTs and other digital content. In exchange, HMBL issued one convertible note and one non-convertible note for the aggregate principal amount of $8 million. 

This acquisition will likely supplement HUMBL Marketplace’s  NFT Gallery which acts as a medium for NFT auctions by connecting creators and entertainers to services and distribution mechanisms. This allows creative merchants to launch their products from all over the world with a bidding engine for NFT investors to take part in this digital economy.

Humbl anticipates expanding its NFT services into sports, music, entertainment, fashion, gaming, and photography. NFT’s have become a pivotal feature of blockchain technology and HMBL’s entry into the sphere is well-timed, considering the emerging market’s already high value of $2.5 billion.

Humbl Financial

HMBL’s third platform – HUMBL Financial – is one of its most innovative ventures. For a monthly subscription, HMBL Financial’s “active” products use automatic algorithms to manage users’ crypto investments. This relieves user’s of the need to monitor their crypto holdings because the quantity of each crypto holding in the BLOCK ETXs is determined based on their market capitalization, one-month trading volume, and Humbl’s due diligence.

Additionally, HMBL sells the blocks separately without the algorithmic monitoring which exposes investors to emerging, blockchain based asset classes without the need to use Bittrex or Coinbase to buy each type of crypto. With a range of crypto blocks at different ratios, themed blocks, and active products that adjust user’s crypto holdings based on specially calibrated indicators, HUMBL Financial is an exciting enterprise for the company.

HMBL Stock News 

In September HMBL announced the launch of – HUMBL Tickets – which allows customers to book seats at a lower cost across various verticals including but not limited to concerts, sports events, and theater. The company also entered a corporate ticket solutions agreement with Ticket Evolution to work on syndicated API technology integration, content marketing and ticketing sales together.

To ensure the platform’s safety, all transactions on HUMBL Tickets are encrypted to protect customers’ personal data and provide them with safe and secure transactions. HMBL uses its podcast – HUMBL Nation – as a marketing opportunity for its booking platform by showcasing artists, sports events, and venues that have scheduled events in the near future. 

Currently, HUMBL Tickets is planning on collaborating with the company’s subsidiaries Monster Creative and Tickeri to embed unique digital fan experiences and commemorative ticketing NFTs on HUMBL Pay. Through its acquisition of Tickeri, Inc. – a ticketing, live events, and box office SaaS platform focused on the Latin market – HMBL is working to deliver its services using this existing platform.

Meanwhile, HMBIL has taken steps towards its international expansion by joining Laboratorio de Blockchain Latinoamericano (LABS) as a founding corporate partner. The newly formed organization is expected to include a number of companies and regulators in various industries such as banking, education, fintech, real estate, payments, clean energy, and digital assets exchange. HMBL joined LABS to test beta programs and recruit fast paced talented personnel in Latin America. But will be using the BLOCKS blockchain to test for mobile wallet, public and private sector use cases in Latin America.

This was not the first time HMBL collaborated with BLOCKS, since the companies announced a strategic collaboration on blockchain initiatives in October. Already they have started experimenting on ways to drastically reduce NFTs’ gas fees by 98% while increasing the efficiency of NFTs metadata storage in music and videos and creating a global registry verified by BLOCKS for consumers to authenticate, verify and track their NFTs.

There were rumors that the company’s CEO and Co-Founder sold their Series B preferred shares, which resulted in a significant sell off. However Foote was quick to refute these allegations, stating that none of his shares – which represent 43.5% of the total Series B shares – were sold and will remain locked up till the end of 2022.

HUMBL Co-Founders represent 14.6% of the Series B shares and have also sold none of their shares. According to the CEO, they will sell no more than 1% of their total holdings per quarter through the end of 2022 as well. Meanwhile, the company’s employees, early investors, and service providers hold 41.9% of the Series B preferred shares and voted for a 5% conversion limit till the end of 2021 with a 3% limit until July of 2023.

This strong leadership from the company’s CEO is not surprising considering his remarkable background. With twenty years of consumer technology experience, Foote was twice awarded the Epson Innovators Team Award for teamwork on EcoTank and FastFoto product lines, which ranked number one for global technology sales in their respective categories. His work as Sr. VP of The Wilkinson Group in Silicon Valley and has work with merchant partners such as Amazon, Cisco, HP, AT+T, Mercedes Benz, Manchester United, Best Buy, Target and more has made Foote adept at building partnerships – which HMBL clearly excels at as well. Receiving his certification in blockchain, digital media, and social media from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Foote is well equipped to lead HUMBL as CEO.

HUMBL boasts a strong leadership team with experience from companies like: Twitter, Western Union, MoneyGram, American Express, Visa, Facebook, Microsoft, Epson and Qualcomm. But recently, HUMBL has brought George Sharp on as the company’s Capital Markets Advisor in order to assist the company in its upcoming application for uplisting to the OTCQB. Following this, HMBL intends to move to the NASDAQ and has begun filing audited financials with the SEC to start the process. Already, HMBL has submitted disclosures for its OTCQB certification.

Commenting on Sharp’s new position HMBL CEO – Brian Foote – shared that “His microcap savvy, which we value greatly, enabled us to bring about one of the most followed reverse mergers in OTC Markets history. Now HUMBL is prepared to take the necessary next steps to expand on that success.” Many investors remember HMBL’s legendary runup to $7.72 in February of 2021, and Sharp’s role in bringing attention to the stock.

Sharp noted that, “working with management to bring HUMBL to the public was undoubtedly my crowning achievement.” This partnership comes after a $2 million loan in debt financing from Sharp through Forwardly (OTC: FORW) which was used to purchase 10 million shares of HMBL. This was done using a warrant FORW holds to purchase up to 125 million warrant shares of HMBL through December 2023 at $.20 per share. Its worth noting that the company “has no intention of disposing of any stock at depreciated values” which is a bullish sign for HMBL shareholders considering Sharp’s new role as Capital Markets Advisor.

Media Sentiment

HMBL shareholders like @RebeccaHUMBL are bullish that the company will accomplish great things in 2022

@flyboy1075 highlights that soon, HMBL can follow opensea’s success as an NFT marketplace as its emerges in this growing space

Technical Analysis

HMBL stock price
HMBL stock forecast

HUMBL stock price is currently at $.28 with a support at .2683 and a secondary support at .2232. HMBL stock shows a resistance at .3196 and .3975 following backsliding at the end of 2021. The RSI is currently at 46 with a bullish MACD approaching a crossover. Accumulation has also been dropping.

It appears that HMBL stock price has been pushed down by end of the year sellers and still has not recovered from rumors of insider selling. However, given HMBL’s many assets and applications, HMBL stock is likely undervalued at its current stock price. With its decisive moves towards uplisting to the NASDAQ, HMBL stock could easily regain momentum in 2022.

HMBL Stock Forecast 2022

Keeping in mind that FinTech is a fiercely competitive industry, its impressive that HMBL has repeatedly stayed true to its shareholders and regularly delivers on its growth plans. With a communicative CEO and plans for global expansion, HMBL’s innovative products could quickly takeoff and the company is in a financial position to continue pursuing these plans. According to its last financial report, HMBL has $20 million in assets and $2.4 million cash on hand. 

Its important to note that HMBL stock is likely a long-term investment as the stock’s value will only grow with wider adoption and brand recognition which will help it contend with others in the FinTech sphere. With the help and support of its Advisor Nick Carter – a member of the famous Backstreet Boys band – the company is already attracting new users and brand ambassadors.  

Bringing high-profile actors and entertainers on board is an important step to growing the brand. As Carter releases his new EP and NFT collection with HUMBL in early 2022, Humbl could attract other celebrities to its platform. Considered one of the most promising stocks on the OTC, HMBL stock could see a rebound from these dip prices soon enough.


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