Now under the custodianship of Alpharidge Capital, LLC, JPX Global, Inc. (OTC: JPEX) is in the midst of a custo play with an upcoming merger candidate already secured. Involved in integrated waste and waste management services, JPEX has historically dealt with the storage, transfer, and disposal of waste. A clean shell which has been defunct since 2019, the company experienced a brief 26% dip in price earlier this month, but is back on investors’ radars thanks to progress on its reverse merger. As investors pile on in anticipation, JPEX is a hot penny stock to watch.


JPEX took a hard hit on August 23rd due to a childish Twitter feud between the notorious @GeorgeASharp – infamous for bashing penny stock companies – and Alpharidge Capital’s CEO Frank Igwelaor. Concerned investors caught in the crossfires, began a panic selloff which dropped the stock’s price based on @GeorgeASharp’s allegations directed towards a different company also handled by Alpharidge Capital’s CEO. In the OTC FinTwit turmoil, JPEX experienced a sympathy selloff. 

However, after announcing an upcoming reverse merger on July 21st, JPEX is showing signs of recovery.  Bullish investors anticipate upcoming merger details will come after the company’s  alignment with OTC market regulations before the September 28th deadline. The merger, according to JPEX, “is in the latter stages” and the merger entity is expected to be announced after the company becomes current.  

With no need to raise capital at this time, the company has announced it is not planning a reverse split or dilution. JPEX’s custodian, Alpharidge Capital, LLC, went a step further assuring investors that it will include a restrictive clause forbidding reverse-splits for a minimum of two years. This clause is contingent upon JPEX finalizing its merger agreement but the company is also working to reduce the number of outstanding shares. In response to these announcements, JPEX stock value saw a 16% increase in the days following.  

However, JPEX is not yet Pink Current and is working to drop its filings as the OTC deadline inches closer. Bullish investors are confident the company will meet this deadline thanks to the addition of Caren Currier as interim president and CEO. Currier is a celebrated merger consultant whose expertise is a good sign that the company will meet the OTC Markets’ and SEC’s deadline. Currier has considerable experience in the OTC market and a long history of successful mergers. We previously reported on Currier’s handling of King Resources Inc. (KRFG) and Novation Holdings Inc. (NOHO), which have all since become current. 

Furthermore, on August 23rd International Star (OTC Pink: ILST) – another stock under the custodianship of Alpharidge Capital, LLC. – became current. Now, many are speculating that  JPEX will be next. 

Media Sentiment

FinTwit is brimming with OTC investors encouraging each other to take advantage of this hot penny stock dip buy opportunity before JPEX becomes current and merger details drop. @SalsTradingOTC – famous for his “scared money don’t make money” catchphrase – mentioned JPEX to his 20.4K followers saying investors should keep a close eye on this clean shell. Meanwhile, OTC Tra8er – @toughest_scene – shared what most JPEX shareholders are thinking.

Technical Analysis

hot penny stock JPEX stock chart

In the aftermath of the feud, JPEX dipped notably and has since formed a new support at .0093. At the moment, the stock is trading at its most immediate support level of .0095 and has a resistance level at .0105. The stock has a secondary resistance level .0109 but would likely surpass both of these resistance levels in the runup upon becoming pink current. The RSI is near 42.9 and is downtrending but appears to be correcting from overselling in the days prior. Accumulation has held steady and is showing a slight increase. The MACD is uptrending and a crossover appears imminent.

Should you Buy?

Trading at $.0104, this hot penny stock is currently trading at a good entry point for investors interested in accumulating shares before the stock becomes current and finalizes its reverse merger. Anticipating a gap up in the aftermath, investors could benefit from @GeorgeASharp’s juvenile bashing of JPEX’s custodian by entering at the current dip price and booking short term profits in the run up. Given the 92% increase in price upon the merger announcement, it is possible for JPEX to reach $.0145 or more in the run up.


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