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Global Developments, Inc. (OTC: GDVM) has been climbing investors’ watchlists since last August after the CEO of VeeMost Technologies, LTD Melvin Ejiogu acquired it. Since announcing plans to merge with Veemost, GDVM has seen major runs – reaching new 52-week highs thanks to the potential Veemost brings to the company. With the merger finally closed, GDVM has the potential to continue soaring as it grows its business. With a number of catalysts right around the corner, GDVM could be one of the penny stocks to invest in ahead of these catalysts – especially at its current dip.

GDVM Stock News

As an OTC clean shell, GDVM is gaining momentum among investors following the acquisition of VeeMost Technologies, LTD’s CEO – Melvin Ejiogu – of 3.1 billion shares from its previous CEO. In light of this, many investors are speculating GDVM could be set to merge with Veemost in the near future. With this in mind, Veemost has already been looking to become public and had a previous agreement to merge with JPX Global, Inc. (OTC: JPEX) which has seen JPEX stock soar to its 52-week high of $.0429. Based on this, many investors are bullish that GDVM could witness a stronger run as it has a more attractive share structure than JPEX. 

Although the company has not shared any news regarding its upcoming plans, investors have been speculating that Veemost is the merger target thanks to the company’s updated business description on its OTC profile. According to this business description, GDVM is seeking to merge with a multi-brand provider of cybersecurity and networking solutions. Since this business description is in line with Veemost’s operations, a merger could be on track to be delivered in the near future. 

At the same time, GDVM intends to operate as a holding company where it plans to acquire and merge with IT companies. After growing these companies’ businesses, GDVM plans to sell these companies either through an IPO or a direct sale to drive more growth for the company. As a result, GDVM could be one of the penny stocks to invest in for the long term since these plans could position the company for substantial financial growth when it starts operating.

On that note, merging with Veemost could allow GDVM to achieve this target considering its operations in the lucrative cloud services and cybersecurity spaces. By operating in such highly demanded industries, Veemost currently has an impressive pipeline of more than $75 million in contracts and services from government and enterprise clients. In addition to these contracts, Veemost has a number of strategic alliances with a number of well-renowned industry leaders including Microsoft, Cisco, Palo Alto, and Splunk. Based on these alliances, Veemost has the potential to become an emerging leader in the cloud services industry which could make GDVM stock one of the penny stocks to invest in if a merger with Veemost is finalized.

Looking to become a major player in this market, Veemost is currently in the process of upgrading its Cisco partnership to become a Cisco Gold partner. To achieve this remarkable certification, Veemost is set to meet Cisco’s standards in networking competency, service, support, and customer satisfaction. If Veemost achieves this certification, GDVM could be one of the best OTC penny stocks to invest in if Veemost is the merger target. 

Moreover, Veemost is planning to close a number of acquisitions in the US to further grow its business. However, the company plans to acquire companies in the emerging markets of Africa and India in the future to compete in its niche on a global scale. With speculations growing that Veemost is set to merge with GDVM, the stock could be well-positioned to continue soaring if that is the case.

While a potential merger with Veemost remains speculation, GDVM has been actively looking to add value to its shareholders. After acquiring GDVM’s controlling block, Ejiogu purchased and returned 525 million shares to the company’s treasures – representing 12% of the company’s OS. Additionally, Ejiogu assured shareholders that no dilution would take place in the future while promising to share updates soon. In light of this, GDVM stock could be one of the penny stocks to invest in anticipation of these updates.

Meanwhile, many investors are speculating Ejiogu could have NASDAQ ambitions in the future as GDVM is already fully PCAOB audited which would make a NASDAQ listing simpler for the company. For this reason, GDVM stock could be one of the best penny stocks to invest in as the company appears to be set for a bright future.

*Updated January 9th, 2023

With the company set to merge with Veemost, investors are anticipating PR announcing the deal as GDVM filed a certificate of merger with the State of Delaware and is awaiting approval. Once the deal is approved, GDVM intends to share updates regarding its operations through PRs which could include additional information about Veemost’s business. As the company awaits approval for the merger, GDVM is in the process of selecting reputable members for its BOD. Meanwhile, GDVM intends to file for a name and ticker change with FINRA upon the approval of the merger. Considering the bullish sentiment surrounding the company thanks to its anticipated merger with Veemost, GDVM could be poised to soar to new 52-week highs upon finalizing the deal. 

At the same time, GDVM appears to be adamant about adding value to its shareholders as the company reduced its OS by 3.1 billion shares along with a 4.5 billion reduction of its AS. Given that the merger with Veemost could be finalized in the coming weeks, many investors are bullish that GDVM could be one of the best penny stocks to invest in this year.

As the merger appears to be right around the corner, investors are increasingly bullish on GDVM’s future prospects upon the merger thanks to Veemost’s potential as a Cisco gold partner. With this in mind, Veemost has recently achieved Cisco Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization. In this way, Veemost now achieved 4 Cisco advanced specializations in 2022. Based on this, GDVM could be one of the penny stocks to invest in for the long term.

*Updated February 6th, 2023

With the company’s merger with Veemost on track to be finalized soon, GDVM has been climbing investors’ boards thanks to Veemost’s AI-related services. With that in mind, Veemost is working to introduce business process automation powered by AI and machine learning. In that way, companies would be able to cut their costs and increase their productivity which could allow this solution to witness high demand from potential clients. Considering the growing interest in the AI sector, GDVM stock could be one of the penny stocks to invest in to capitalize on the AI hype.

*Updated February 27th, 2023

After much anticipation, GDVM finally closed its merger with Veemost through the exchange of preferred shares. Following this deal, GDVM will be renamed to VeeMost Technologies Holdings, Inc. and has already submitted applications with FINRA to change its name, ticker, and CUSIP. Now that Veemost is a public company, the company could continue garnering investors’ interest thanks to its technical capabilities. 

As one of the few tech companies in the US to achieve four or more Cisco advanced specializations, GDVM is on the right track to becoming a Cisco Gold Integrator Partner. If the company receives this designation, GDVM stock could become one of the best penny stocks to invest in for the long term.

With this in mind, GDVM intends to become a strategic partner for Cisco and other industry leaders by providing technical expertise in several disciplines. GDVM appears to be on track to realize this goal as it recently earned the Cisco Customer Experience Specialization. As part of this program, GDVM is now recognized for the value it provides across its entire customer lifecycle. 

This is a tremendous validation of GDVM’s ability to help its customers achieve their business objectives and eliminate obstacles to their subscription renewals. By receiving this designation, GDVM could be set to become a Cisco premier partner as it now has all the required certifications to become a gold integrator. In light of this, GDVM could be a bargain for long-term investors at its current PPS.

Thanks to the company’s impressive tech capabilities, GDVM has been approved by a global telecommunications provider. In this way, GDVM could be poised to secure similar deals with other major companies which would substantially increase the company’s value to shareholders. As GDVM has not shared additional news regarding this deal, the stock could soar on the official announcement of the deal which makes GDVM an attractive investment at the current PPS.

On that note, GDVM could be poised to significantly appreciate in value as it looks to capture a portion of the global public cloud services market. With $490.3 billion spent in 2022, global spending on cloud services is expected to grow 21% this year. If GDVM is able to secure a share of this market, the company could be well-positioned to realize major revenues in the long term. 

Moreover, GDVM is looking to secure a share in the cybersecurity market to further add to its potential revenues. In 2022, organizations spent $188.3 billion on information security products and services due to the extreme rise in cybersecurity incidents. Since this spending is expected to grow 12.4% this year, GDVM could find it extremely profitable to continue growing in this segment. 

To secure a share in both markets, GDVM intends to launch its own cloud services and solutions in Q2 to make them available to organizations and consumers. At the same time, GDVM has strategic alliances with most industry-leading security vendors like Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, and other companies. 

Furthermore, GDVM plans to acquire tech and cybersecurity companies to grow its presence in both markets. On that note, GDVM is currently in talks with 2 acquisition targets – with which the company expects to reach agreements in the near future. Given the scale of the company’s plans, GDVM could be one of the best penny stocks to invest in for the long term.

Media Sentiment

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Could GDVM’s recent dip be due to naked short selling? That is what @thommic believes.

Technical Analysis

Penny Stocks To Invest In GDVM stock chart

Currently trading at $.0870, GDVM has supports near .0858, .0739, .0651, and .0514. The stock also shows resistances near .0931, .1108, and its 52-week high of $.1370. Although the company recently shared positive news regarding the Cisco Customer Experience Specialization, GDVM dropped by as much as 66% near the $.04 level.

Considering the company’s long-term growth potential following its merger with Veemost, GDVM ran more than 90% from its low and could continue running this week. As the stock closed above its resistance, the current PPS could be an attractive entry for bullish investors considering GDVM’s upcoming catalysts including acquisitions and launching its cloud services and solutions.

Penny Stocks To Invest In GDVM stock chart

Following GDVM’s massive dip, accumulation took a major hit, however, it appears to be rebounding to the upside. Similarly, the MACD is bearish but could be approaching a crossover soon. The RSI also climbed from 18 to 34 indicating that GDVM remains slightly oversold. In light of these indicators, GDVM could be poised for a major run from current levels which makes it an attractive buy at the current PPS. GDVM has an OS of 368.3 million and a float near 324.1 million.

GDVM Stock Forecast

Now that the merger with Veemost is closed, GDVM presents an intriguing opportunity for bullish investors at the current PPS – especially following its recent dip. Considering the company’s plans for acquisitions and launching its own cloud services and solutions, GDVM has the potential to soar to new highs on these catalysts. Given that GDVM is a fully PCAOB audited company, the company could deliver on its target of NASDAQ listing once its business shows the anticipated results. With several catalysts right around the corner, GDVM could be one of the penny stocks to invest in at current levels.

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