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Hot Penny Stocks Today – Universal Systems, Inc.

As a full-service production company, Universal Systems, Inc. (OTC: UVSS) specializes in content creation, studio and sound design, audio production and brand influence. UVSS has been expanding its focus to include NFT and crypto services. To support this rebranding, UVSS announced its upcoming name change to Digital Distro Solutions. With investors speculating about upcoming JVs and projects, UVSS is climbing investors’ watchlists as one of the hot penny stocks today.

UVSS Stock News


As a subsidiary of Critical Solutions Inc. (OTC: CSLI) – a renowned company known for providing consulting and advisory services to different types of companies – UVSS has seen impressive growth recently thanks to its prominent CEO – Andrew Lane. As a multi-platinum producer, Lane has sold over 50 million records worldwide and has garnered a stellar reputation through his work with industry giants – Sony, Disney and Universal Music.

*Updated July 8th

With the company looking to further grow in its new business direction, UVSS appointed Alessandro Patti as a chief technical officer. Well-known in the web3 and crypto industry, Patti was involved in several blockchain projects. Through this experience, UVSS could be on track to achieve its target of  providing consulting to web3, metaverse, and NFT projects. Based on this, Patti’s appointment could allow UVSS to generate more revenues due to his reputation in these spaces. With this in mind, a large number of blockchain and data-mining companies consulted Patti on their operations to achieve the best possible results. In light of Patti’s experience, many investors are bullish UVSS could be well-positioned to start realizing revenues this year.

Movie Production

Under Lane’s leadership, UVSS saw amazing progress. Aside from generating impressive Q4 revenues through music supervision and influencer talent casting, the company is also capitalizing on a contract with a production company to produce a musical soundtrack for a feature film – which is expected to be released by Q3 2022. As of now, the company has secured additional production credits in another film project with a production team that has direct connections to industry giant – Netflix. These partnerships could prove lucrative revenue streams and help the company position itself among emerging leaders in the market.

*Updated July 8th

On that note, UVSS shared that it is close to completing its contract for the music soundtrack and music videos for the feature film “Man in the White Van”. In addition, UVSS secured a deal to co-produce another feature film. While the company has not shared more news regarding this deal, some investors are bullish more updates could be coming in the near future.


In light of his success within the media industry, Lane was recently selected by top NFT companies to help identify the next NFT stars as well select new artists’ upcoming NFT collections. Taking advantage of Lane’s involvement within the NFT space, UVSS recently announced its intentions to create a space on the NFT and crypto markets. To prepare for this, the company is planning to complete all the “white papers” and “tokenomics” overviews within the music and entertainment industry. Following this, UVSS will focus on finalizing all required compliance documents in order to ensure the efficiency of all its upcoming joint ventures and planned software developments.

*Updated July 8th

Considering the company’s NFT capabilities, UVSS was in attendance for the NFT VIP Show where the company’s new disruptive NFT smart ticketing technology was showcased. Since the ticketing market is worth $60 billion, UVSS’ new technology could allow the company to secure a significant share of this market. In addition to developing this technology, UVSS is preparing to launch NFT marketplaces in the near future. Based on the company’s operations in this lucrative market, investors are bullish UVSS could witness substantial financial growth as these plans roll out.


To position itself as an emerging leader in the industry, UVSS recently established its very own news portal – The Daily Crypto. Through its official twitter account, the daily crypto releases information and up-to-date news on everything NFTs, entertainment, business-related. To grow its content and readership, UVSS recently finalized a partnership to become Mcap mediawire’s new downstream partner. Investors are bullish on this partnership given that MediaWire specializes in meeting the needs of OTC/QB/QX companies with streamlined PR service solutions from NASDAQ and is well-known for delivering news to thousands of outlets and millions of targeted investors. 

*Updated July 8th

Given UVSS’ previous partnership with Mcap MediaWire, both companies agreed to enter into a JV to expand the digital media services of both of them. Through this JV, UVSS and MediaWire will work together to develop a full disclosure news service including several forms of news and content. At the same time, this JV is expected to help in growing TheDailyCrypto’s subscriber base. Since this JV will give UVSS access to more technology, processes, as well as personnel, this JV could be more profitable than an acquisition since the company would not increase its costs or dilute its shares. Considering the potential of this JV, many investors are bullish the company could be in a prime position to boost its financials this year.

Meanwhile, UVSS was selected by Metaverse and VRx giant 2B3D to provide consulting services for web3 NFT solutions for utility deployment within its ecosystem. This ecosystem is developed to provide mental health services to military veterans. According to this deal, UVSS will guide 2B3D on NFT development, NFT drops, web3 integration, as well as growing its community. To achieve this, UVSS will integrate its web3 and NFT technologies into 2B3D’s ecosystem to create a Digital Media Experience that can be used in the treatment protocols. Since this ecosystem is the first of its kind, UVSS could be positioning itself as a pioneer in developing such ecosystems.

Future Plans

Although the company has not shared news regarding any future plans, many investors are speculating UVSS could be preparing to announce new JVs and projects in a PR soon. If these speculations are true, UVSS could be one of the hot penny stocks today to buy in anticipation of the potential news.

With all these catalysts in play, investors are bullish UVSS could be poised for major growth in 2022. Following its name change, the company’s TA has verified the share structure will remain unchanged – with around 246 million OS and an incredibly low float of only 76 million. This low float could likely position UVSS for a run sooner than expected. Given that the company has assured investors it has no plans for dilution or a reverse split anytime soon, UVSS could be a potentially profitable and safe investment.

Media Sentiment

@Kanye_Invest is confident UVSS could be one of the hot penny stocks today if updates are shared.

@PikachOTC is bullish UVSS could run near $.04 if the company shares a major announcement.

@shawonsarker84 expects UVSS to continue running thanks to its low float.

Technical Analysis

hot penny stocks today UVSS stock chart

Currently trading at $.011, UVSS has supports at .01 and .007. Meanwhile the stock shows resistances near .0125 and .017. With speculations over the company’s plans intensifying, UVSS climbed more than 100% intraday. Since the company has not released any updates regarding future deals, UVSS could be poised for a similar run if the company announces new deals. With this in mind, UVSS is a speculation play so far until the company releases PR. Since the stock has not been able to break through $.0125 recently, UVSS could be poised to retest its support which could be an ideal entry point for bullish investors.

hot penny stocks today UVSS stock chart

Considering the speculations regarding potential major deals, accumulation went on a major upward trend but is currently witnessing a slight downtick due to investors taking profit. Meanwhile, the MACD is bullish to the upside and the RSI cooled off from 78 to 59 indicating that the stock could continue running on high trading volume. With this in mind, UVSS has an OS of 286 million and a low float of 76.8 million.

UVSS Stock Forecast

With the company focusing its efforts on the lucrative metaverse and NFT industries, UVSS is well-positioned to capitalize on the growth of these industries through its management team. Considering Lane’s and Patti’s experience and connections within the industry, investors are bullish on the company’s potential moving forward. Given the speculations regarding potential major deals, UVSS has the potential to be one of the hot penny stocks today. If the company releases PR in the near term as anticipated, UVSS could soar on positive news considering its low float. With no plans for dilution or a reverse split, as well as zero debt, UVSS could be a potentially profitable and safe long-term investment.

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