HPNN is a global ODM and OEM innovator at manufacturing consumer and commercial electronics, based in the  United States and China. It specializes in the development and manufacturing of electronic products, distributing software and telecommunications services. The company deals with products of  high-volume, low-cost wholesale distribution, technology licensing, white-label solutions, and development of ancillary revenue streams in markets. Its products vary from Android and Chrome OS-based devices, smartphones, tablets, televisions, set-top boxes, e-readers, to mobile device applications. Hop-On Inc. was founded by  Peter D. Michaels on March 16, 1993 and is headquartered in Temecula, CA.


Chief Executive Officer and President of the company: Mr. Peter Michaels

Since 2007, Mr. Michaels has been the Chief Executive Officer of the company and he served as its Chairman. He attended the communications school at the University of Southern California, and he was  an All-American athlete there,  which earned him a full scholarship for track and field, and completed the Entrepreneur Program in 1988. Mr. Michaels, being passionate about his company, he keeps his shareholders and his followers updated on twitter.


HPNN key data

 Sector:consumer and commercial electronics

Industry: developing and manufacturing of  electronic products, distributing software and telecommunications services

Market Cap: 57.35M

Share Volume: 7.45B

Average Volume ( 3 month) : 267.57M

 In the near future HPNN is expected to grow by 10 percent. They have exceeded the US Electronic industry which returned 98.3% over the past year. 

HPNN Socials

Website: www.hop-on.com 

Twitter: 15.2K Followers

They are usually very active, posting every different update and engaging with their followers. On twitter, they post normally every two hours and update and engage with their followers in the comments. 

Becoming current and obtaining important patent agreements 

digital global connection network technology background design

HPNN, The manufacturer of electronics for over the last 20 years focuses on  maximizing its secured  essential license for mobile and computing technologies. In addition, they have maintained their position as one of the few remaining US-based manufacturers of wireless technology. They have recently initiated the process of becoming current with its reporting. As on March 12th, the company has filed the required documentation of the last two years’ financial statements, and an updated disclosure statement with the attorney letter covering all relevant information for a non-audited company. Furthermore, it has continually obtained important patent portfolio license agreements, since 2003, for mobile communications, computing and home entertainment devices. And in its attempt to push the company to the next level of achieving the aspired growth and success, the company has completed, without shares or convertible debt,  its unsecured financing with its  Private Equity Fund (PEF) to be used in corporate activities; such as, Marketing, Packaging, Inventory and Logistics, Etc. 

HPNN licensing agreements 

HPNN which is known for developing and manufacturing  of electronics has a numerous licensing agreements for GSM, CDMA, and 4G LTE, WIFI, infrastructure equipment, base stations and base station controllers; circuit switched and packet switched core network elements such as mobile switching, gateway servers and support nodes; transmission equipment; home, visitor and equipment identity registers, network management and operation and maintenance equipment; devices and appliances providing interfaces and subscriber terminals and/or fixed telephone networks, multimedia services or the Internet and test equipment for different technologies. Also, They are one of a few ODMS with a license with Nokia and Microsoft  for their patent portfolio related to Android Operating Systems. In addition, the company is aiming at achieving important positions in the building out and retrofitting of 5G and other generation networks with the help of their IP portfolio, their external industry experience, and ODM and supply chain resources.

Some of their developed products

HPNN. products include computers-both manufactured by themselves or reselling them-communications products, and consumer electronics. They develop wireless phones, accessories, and surveillance systems. As, laptops, tablet computers, mobile phones, and computer monitors. They are currently more focused on the US market, but they have future plans of expanding. They are on their way to provide the US market with an alternative to Huawei, ATE , and others. 


Many companies are refusing to comply with the license and royalties for the Video codec that are protected by US and international intellectual property rights which is impacting the economy negatively. Hop-on, Inc. is trying to bring back the US and Asian companies in patent licensing and royalty requirements terms. Hops states that  making legitimate business is the only solution to avoid impacting the economy negatively. Hop-on, Inc. is taking all the correct steps into achieving more success, both inside the US and Worldwide. They are also expected to grow by 10%  in the near future as they have already exceeded  the US Electronic industry which returned 98.3% over the past year. For more information about the rising stocks, you can click here .

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