IFAN Financial, Inc. (OTC: IFAN) stock has been gaining attention since May when SSM Monopoly Corp. was granted custodianship of IFAN. SSM Monopoly focuses on turning delinquent tickers into stocks that have real value, namely through reverse mergers. The company has facilitated numerous mergers with highly valued companies but Krisa Management LLC appears to have started working on IFAN’s merger process in August. This has left investors waiting on news from either party as dilution drove down the stock’s price over the last month.


After becoming pink current, IFAN replaced Cary Cooley – CEO of Krisa Management – with Larry J Williams II as CEO. This handover is to be expected as Krisa Management announced on September 10th that IFAN had been sold and the new company would update shareholders once the transfer of control was complete. However there has been no action taken by the company’s new management since this.

Although IFAN has an official Twitter account, it has remained silent since its creation in September. Similarly, IFAN is supposedly in the process of creating a new company website which is expected to share information regarding IFAN’s business direction, management, and potential future plans.

Many of IFAN’s shareholders have noted that while the company’s new management has not been communicative, its has been dilutive. In June IFAN had a pretty solid share structure with an AS of 1.2 billion and an OS of 739 million shares – giving it a float of only 36 million. At the time, the market cap was $25,867,482. Now the OS has reached 958 million, increasing the float to 684 million while the market cap decreased to $14,765,513. This is the result of a share structure update put in place on November 2nd.

SSM Monopoly Corp filed a motion to be discharged as custodian on October 15th but no other updates have come through. Many investors are waiting for news specifically regarding an OS reduction which has caused tensions to run high among shareholders divided between holding IFAN despite the bleed out and those bullish that the new CEO.

Some investors have speculated that IFAN’S CEO – Larry Williams – has an affiliation with Henniges Automotive. While a Larry Williams is the acting CEO and President of this automotive company, the connection between the two is far from confirmed. On the other hand, with so little information known about IFAN’s new CEO other shareholders are speculating that the new CEO is of a less than stunning caliber.

While investors search for any clues or updates regarding IFAN – which despite dilution still has an impressively small float – the CEO of Krisa Management has returned from a business trip and may be in a position to update shareholders regarding IFAN.

Media Sentiment

It looks like @NoNetflixNeeded may have found a bullish clue for IFAN, but only time will tell if its true.

Technical Analysis

IFAN stock chart

IFAN stock has been bleeding out following the run up at the end of September. Currently trading at $.0161, IFAN stock has a support at .0145 and a resistance at .0205. There is a secondary resistance point at .0232 as well. The MACD had a bullish crossover recently and is climbing upwards while accumulation shows a slight uptick. The RSI currently at 57.

Should You Buy? 

With all the uncertainty surrounding the company its no surprise IFAN stock has seen a decline. However, given its share structure and possible OS reduction there are reasons to be bullish as well. Until the new management introduces themselves and shares their plans for the company, shareholders will be left in the dark. Hopefully, PR will be released in the coming weeks or Krisa Management will be able to provide more information on the company’s new management. With news, IFAN stock is likely to surge which is why many are playing the long-game on this one and accumulating the dip price. A positive announcement could bring volume to the stock and push it back to September’s highs of $.05, but keep in mind that nothing is certain.


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