A public M&A investment company operating out of New York, London and Dubai, has caused an uproar among investors thanks to the steady increases in ILUS stock value since August 13th. Ilustrato Pictures International Inc. (OTC: ILUS), is focused on adding shareholder value through innovation and growth; for this reason it has taken action in acquiring new technology, engineering, and manufacturing businesses globally. On September 10th ILUS released word that they have “big announcements” coming out over the next few weeks. Anticipation propelled this low float stock into a 41% runup in the days following and may continue to rise based on other impending catalysts. 


The company has achieved attention recently due to its focus on innovative emergency services, life safety, and related technologies. Its work in disruptive firefighting equipment has been particularly valuable as the US continues to battle wildfires each summer. In August ILUS shared it would “soon be serving US firefighters with a complete range of equipment for wildland firefighting, technical rescue, HazMat requirements”. 

This ties into the vision laid out by ILUS’s Managing Director, John-Paul Backwell, in his last interview. He stated that ILUS is currently working on more than 20 new initiatives – ten of which are acquisitions and the rest are related to projects and partnerships. Currently, ILUS is in the final stages of due diligence and negotiations for four of its ten potential acquisitions.

The company focuses its acquisition efforts on companies already achieving an annual revenue of $1-10 million and two of its final stage acquisitions have a revenue of over $10 million. With Caren Currier signed on as a consultant, ILUS expects all ten acquisitions to be completed smoothly.

Blackwell also expanded on some of the company’s future plans which include: Takeleap’s Virtual Reality training platform, a firefighting drone partnership, and the development of electric commercial utility vehicles.  Blackwell also presented at an Emerging Growth Conference on September 15th, providing more details about the progress of ILUS’ acquisitions. 

While ILUS continues to acquire and develop other entities, its holding companies are making similar progress in their respective fields. FB Technologies Global acts as a holding company for ILUS Groups Fire & Vehicles divisions and has made notable progress in both government and private sector emergency services such as fire departments, airports, and oil refineries. While FireBug – a UK fire fighting equipment manufacturer – specializes in high tech disruptive water mist technology for reduced water consumption. 

BCD fire also integrates and installs fire, access and security systems across the UAE where it is located. Meanwhile, ILUS’s vehicle divisions – The Vehicle Company (TVC) and E-Raptor – make progress in converting vehicles for specialist applications and designing electric UTV’s respectively. 

But shareholders are specifically interested in updates to the company’s share structure. According to its August shareholder letter, ILUS has been unexpectedly delayed by SEC legal action against GPL Ventures saga. GPL holds notes in ILUS which are non-toxic and re-payable that will mature in two years. But the SEC has applied for an asset freeze on GPL which in ILUS’ “interpretation” may result in a moratorium or better outcome for the company. This has caused delays for ILUS as it works to complete its share structure update. 

This update goes hand in hand with ILUS’ plans to uplist to the NASDAQ in the first few months of 2022. Of course, this will require a significant PPS increase for the stock which is currently trading at $.181. Although ILUS has reported a revenue of $2.86 million in Q2 of 2021 – increasing from Q1’s revenue of $509k – the company will have to generate more revenue to justify this valuation.  

Media Sentiment

Back by special request, @MoonMarket_ caught this news as ILUS potentially draws closer to a share reduction.

Technical Analysis

ILUS stock chart

On September 13th ILUS stock increased 37% putting its new resistance level at its 52-week high of .1989. Its immediate support remains at .1441 with a secondary at .1173. Currently trading at $.181, ILUS has seen heavy accumulation over the last few weeks and accumulation is still building. After becoming overbought, the RSI declined to 52.44 following a bearish crossover on September 14th. The indicator remains on the upside but is still sloping downwards.

Should you Buy?

ILUS stock is worth watching considering the company’s many acquisition plans and its divisions across EV, emergency services, and other technologies. This globalized company has a strong basis with plans for expansion and uplisting in the near future. Given ILUS’ recent popularity and its President’s talk at yesterday’s emerging growth conference, there could be enough momentum to drive ILUS stock beyond its 52 week high of $.19.


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