Among the rising penny stocks of 2021, is a certain company/penny stock that’s on a rapid rise in the world of business, stocks, and even the community. In other words, they’re going out full blast on all fronts. This company is Greene Concepts Inc., ticker symbol is INKW. Greene Concepts Inc. is a publicly traded company that owns and operates a bottling and beverage facility in Marion, North Carolina. They bottle and manufacture their own line of artesian bottled water called Be Water, through their wholly owned subsidiary Mammoth Ventures Inc.. Their artesian water is developed from a combination of multiple springs and artesian wells that are fed from a natural aquifer located deep below the Pisgah National Forest. 

INKW Rising In Business

Back to that “full blast on all fronts” statement, one of the fronts mentioned above was the world of business. Greene Concepts Inc. (OTC Pink: INKW) has recently announced that the company has completed a $2.875 million funding transaction that will allow INKW to further expand its business and accelerate the growth of its brand. The deal will also have no dilutive effect for shareholders, none. What that means is that when the overall number of shares outstanding in the company increases because of this transaction, the shares of each shareholder won’t become less valued or diluted. That’s as “hitting two birds with one stone” as one could get. And INKW is just getting started with expansions because they have also signed a joint venture agreement with Lucky Soul Inc. to produce and sell their BE WATER line through Lucky Soul Inc. distribution channels. Lucky Soul Inc. is an apparel and wellness brand selling athletic and active lifestyle designs. So joining them will help INKW reach a greater audience in the sports and entertainment industry, and in doing so capturing a bigger share of the bottled water market.

If you thought they were done expanding, think again. INKW are still expanding and this time through another joint venture agreement with Upstart Kombucha for sales and marketing expansion into the Rocky Mountain Region. CEO of Greene Concepts Inc (INKW), Lenny Greene spoke on this joint venture agreement saying, The goals for Upstart Kombucha and Greene Concepts are to utilize Kombucha as the main sales and marketing leads for Greene Concepts, increase the value of Greene Concepts’ stock, increase the financials of both companies and the total national expansion of both brands.” INKW has also been doing tremendously well in terms of sales. They have been continuingly selling out in amazon and just this month they’ve sold out again in all distribution centers they have shipped out to. So, in terms of business it would be safe to say the business is A+ and that’s not just a statement, that’s their latest official rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

 INKW Rising In The Community

Greene Concepts Inc. (INKW) haven’t just been among the rising penny stocks, they’ve also been building great rapport with the community. Doing all different kinds of community work and raising social responsibility awareness. Such as partnering with a trucking company to donate and send two truckloads of BE WATER 16.9 ounce Pure Artesian Spring Water bottled water brand to Houston, TX. in response to the Texas power outage and clean water crisis. INKW has also developed a national program called the Be Water Distribution program where they offer opportunities for Veterans to encourage the sale of BE WATER to a new audience while supporting Veteran Entrepreneurship.

Remember the joint venture with Lucky Soul Inc.? Well, they’re helping the community through that as well. Together, they will work on creating awareness in the fight against racial inequality in the Beverage space. The CEO of Lucky Soul Inc., Vinnie Merril has also commented on this saying “Lucky Soul will donate a percentage of all SOULTOX product sales toward uplifting underprivileged communities of color while using the brand to inspire people’s mind, body and soul. This joint venture will contribute to consumer health awareness, which includes combating diabetes in America where there is an obsession with heavily sweetened and unhealthy drinks.“

INKW Rising In The Penny Stock Market

Greene Concepts Inc.(INKW) success in the business world and work in the community hasn’t been going unnoticed in terms of the penny stock market. I wouldn’t be surprised if their stock price keeps rising for some time. They have also recently announced they will be uplisting to OTCQB® Venture Marketplace. In the words of their CEO, Lenny Greene “Uplisting to the OTCQB will be a significant milestone in the growth of Greene Concepts as a company and will enhance our visibility in the investment community, increase trading liquidity, open the Company to institutional investors, and broaden our shareholder base.” 

All things considered, regardless of pandemics and what not. Greene Concepts Inc.(OTC Pink: INKW) seems to keep rising no matter the circumstances, whether it’s the stock market, business, or the community. They are definitely becoming one solid commodity in-between the rest of the rising penny stocks of 2021 in their own rights. 

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