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INKW Stock – Happy Mellow

Greene Concepts, Inc. (OTC: INKW) is committed to providing the world with high-quality, healthy, and enhanced beverage choices that support a healthy lifestyle. Since launching its CBD infused product Happy Mellow, INKW stock climbed nearly 300% and continues to reach new highs. Meanwhile, the company is working to expand the distribution of its flagship product – Be Water. With the company preparing to announce a deal with a major retail chain to carry Be Water this week, INKW stock could be one to hold in anticipation.

INKW Stock News

The ongoing pandemic has prompted consumers to re-evaluate their dietary choices. Now more than ever, consumers are shifting towards healthy lifestyles that aid in sustaining fitness, increasing immunity, and reducing diseases. These factors – alongside rising healthcare expenditures and increasing urbanization rates – have put the health beverages market on the path to becoming one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.

With a mission centered around creating products that support total bodily health and wellness, INKW is well-positioned to capitalize on this billion dollar industry. INKW’s bottling facility has had a major hand in growing the company’s flagship product – BE WATER .Using spring water sourced from the Blue Ridge Mountains, the facility has an annual production capacity of over 192 million bottles with room for expansion. Given its wide appeal as a premium artesian bottled water brand, BE WATER, has facilitated major growth for the company.

The company recently received a purchase order for three additional truckloads from INKW’s Florida distribution partner – H20 Artesian. CEO Lenny Greene is confident that this is only the first of many orders to come as the brand expands in Florida. He added that H20 Artisan could open up “new retail avenues for BE WATER in the state of Florida and set INKW up for significant growth.” To prepare for this, he assured investors that INKW will “maximize bottling plant production levels with increased staffing, in-house training as well as quality and logistical management.”

In addition to targeting consumers in Florida, H20 Artesian has recently expanded its distribution to New England through a partnership with Horizon Beverage – the second largest liquor distribution company in New England. Because H20 remains INKW’s main distribution, the company’s management is bullish this partnership will increase BE WATER’s brand exposure as well as accessibility.

H20 Artesian’s Agent – Mike McMurray – has been working diligently with INKW to deliver its products to New England, highlighting that “the agreement with Horizon Beverage entails their purchase of BE WATER to service 1,600 independent retailers throughout the state to include convenience stores, liquor stores and grocery stores.” He also assured investors that “a truckload of BE WATER has already been sent out to Massachusetts”. In light of these expansions, INKW took to twitter to announced that it will have more locations in the future.

While expanding its brand awareness through its network of retailers is clearly a priority for INKW, the company is also building upon its product portfolio. The company has plans to include a range of products such as functional beverages, liquid dietary supplements, pH balanced water, athletic drinks, vitamin infused beverages, and more.

Already acting on these plans, INKW is preparing to rollout a new line of vitamin infused beverages. The Happy Mellow Beverage line is expected to generate even more excitement than BE WATER thanks to its infusion with a broad spectrum hemp extract proven to stimulate faster absorption of nutrients. Designed to revitalize health, help manage stress, and enhance focus and relaxation, the company is confident that its new product line will find a place in the thriving health and wellness beverage market.

Before the end of Q1 2022, INKW intends to release Blood Orange Acai, Lemon Lime, and Plum Punch Happy Mellow flavors on the market which could lead to significant boost in its sales. Already, INKW has seen notable sales growth, increasing from $23,194 in Q4 2020 to $95,432 in Q4 2021 in parts thanks to its vendor contract with Camping World’s 175 locations. Overall, the company appears to have healthy financials boasting nearly $7 million in assets and a roughly $1,981,358 decrease in its liabilities.

Throughout all of these expansions, the company has not had any dilution and INKW has since opened a brokerage account to fund a corporate stock buyback and share retirement program. The company will follow SEC rules in regards to the timing and number of shares purchased. This comes as INKW settles $130,000 in convertible debt without the issuance of stock. These moves only solidify the company’s commitment to its shareholders and is a bullish sign for new investors.

Commenting on the company’s aggressive moves, its CEO – Lenny Greene – shared that “The Company will continue to focus on building premium brands and increasing revenues throughout 2022 and beyond” and added that new product releases and PR will be released soon.

*Updated August 16th

Although the company did not launch its new product in Q1 as planned, INKW stock has been gaining investors’ attention after Happy Mellow was finally launched this month. After extensive research and testing for its new product, INKW created advanced immune support formulas that include Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin B-12. Moreover, Happy Mellow includes a patent pending water soluble technology designed in the biopharma industry. In this way, INKW improved the effectiveness of Happy Mellow’s CBD formula. 

In addition, the technology has an on-set time of 3 to 9 minutes which allows for faster absorption into the bloodstream. As a result, Happy Mellow could increase health support for customers. Through these features, Happy Mellow supports revitalization, focus, body relaxation, as well as stress relief thanks to the CBD formula. In light of these effects, Happy Mellow could witness major success in the market once the company finalizes its distribution deals.

On that note, Happy Mellow is currently available on its website as the company is working to finalize its distribution partnerships. Given that INKW was able to secure profitable distribution partnerships for Be Water, Happy Mellow could be poised to achieve major sales from such partnerships. With this in mind, INKW stock could be well-positioned for another run upon announcing distribution partnerships for Happy Mellow.

INKW is also looking to increase sales of Be Water and launched a new e-commerce website powered by Shopify to offer its flagship product. This website includes a major feature that allows customers to find retail locations selling Be Water across the nation. Meanwhile, INKW is developing a new product tab on the website which will offer merchandise promoting the company and Be Water including hats, shirts, hoodies, and mugs. Considering the rapid growth of e-commerce, INKW could be set for a surge in Be Water sales through this channel and its retail footprint across the US. With this in mind, INKW is preparing to announce a new major retail chain that will offer Be Water this week. For this reason, INKW stock could be one to hold this week in anticipation of the news.

As the company is focused on growing its revenues, INKW is looking to expand its business by producing a white label product for a well-known national brand. To facilitate this expansion, INKW is currently sourcing production line parts to enable its plant to fill and run 1 gallon jugs. With investors anticipating more news regarding this business expansion, INKW stock could be one to watch for further updates.

In addition to its pursuit of financial growth, INKW is also focused on providing value to its shareholders. With this in mind, the company recently concluded its share buyback program where the company successfully purchased and canceled 37.3 million shares. Meanwhile, INKW is in the final stages of completing its 2 year audit to become fully SEC reporting and has already pre-drafted its Form 10 to file it as soon as the audit is completed. Since becoming SEC reporting would allow the company to uplist to the OTCQB, INKW stock could be a profitable investment in the long-term.

INKW Stock Financials

According to its Q3 report, INKW’s assets declined to $6.2 million compared to $7.5 million a year ago – with cash decreasing from $3.3 million to $1.2 million over the same period. Meanwhile, INKW reduced its liabilities significantly to $343 thousand from 2021’s $861.3 thousand mainly due to the company reducing its accounts and notes payable. As for sales, INKW witnessed a substantial decline as it reported $19.6 thousand only in Q3 compared to $149.9 thousand in the same year-ago period. However, operating costs decreased to $484.5 thousand from $2.1 million in Q3 2021. Based on this, INKW was able to reduce its net loss to $500.8 thousand from $2 million over the same period last year.

Media Sentiment

@InvestmentGuru_ expects INKW stock to break $.02 soon.

@PikachOTC is bullish on the anticipated retail chain announcement coming this week.

Technical Analysis

INKW stock chart

INKW stock is currently trading at $.0188 and has supports at .0141, .0092, .006, and .003. The stock also shows resistances near .0207 and .0296. Since announcing the launch of Happy Mellow, INKW stock has been surging – increasing nearly 300% this month. With this in mind, INKW could witness another strong run this week as the company plans to announce a major retail chain that will carry Be Water. 

Considering the stock’s impressive run this month, profit taking could occur which could send the stock near its support. In that case, this could be an ideal entry point for bullish investors in anticipation of the upcoming update. With this in mind, INKW recently broke through its VWAP resistance and appears to be on track to retest its resistance near $.02. In light of this, investors could take a starter position at the current price level and average up as the stock moves on its upcoming catalyst.

INKW stock chart

Accumulation is currently trending upwards following the company’s promise to update its shareholders on the major retail chain and the MACD is bullish to the upside. With this in mind, INKW stock is overbought at the moment with the RSI at 73. Based on this, INKW could momentarily drop to allow these indicators to reset before running on the news of the retail chain. INKW has an OS of 2 billion and a float of 2 billion.

INKW Stock Forecast

Through its facilities, expanding portfolio of products, and promising market, INKW has the potential to grow further and achieve its vision of becoming a domestic leader in the health beverages market. Now that the company finally launched the much anticipated Happy Mellow, INKW could be on track to grow its revenues since this product has major health benefits. Additionally, INKW is working to expand the distribution of its flagship product – Be Water – as it launched an e-commerce website for this product and plans to announce a major retail chain that will carry Be Water this week. Based on this, INKW stock has the potential to continue soaring this week on the news. 

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that the company’s management is dedicated to increasing shareholders’ value through the recent share buyback and the upcoming 2 year audit to become fully SEC reporting. In light of these efforts, INKW stock could be a good long-term hold as it continues growing its business.

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