If you have been keeping an eye on stocker symbol $GTEH, like we have you might have noticed some behavior from OTC:GTEH Holdings that warrants a second look right around the last month mark when they released their performance data for the last 3 month.

But first, for those of you who don’t know, OTC:GTEH Holding is an up and coming market leader in the FMCG sector with a subscription-based Premium coffee as their star product ”Secret Javas”.

So this OTC:GTEH first caught my eye when I check the performance reports, an 825% increase in assets. This could only mean one thing, someone is gearing up for some major acquisitions. The report also included some terrific numbers, cash up 2580%, and Purchase orders worth $300,000 showing that the company is starting to enter its financial maturity.

Less than a month later, what I suspected happening started coming to fruition. The first acquisition Havana Supply, the premier CBD brand with a retail presence across 20 states. The deal was a stock only, which only goes to further show how strong OTC:GTEH books and financials are becoming.

The Third and perhaps most interesting news, is what GenTech has been doing with SinTech Nutrition, its functional foods marketplace.

  • A major partnership with TrueLife a major distributor that will take SinTech to the next level. especially on amazon. The deal will focus on boosting Digital and eCommerce sales
  • Another major Deal was scoring an international distributor in Saveco, which already bore fruit with a major shipment already sent to Kuwait pending government and regulatory approval.
  • Last and not least, the huge deal secured stateside with CrossFit Gyms through WheelPay to supply its products across its 13,000 gyms

We have seen this behavior in companies before that are looking to jump to the big leagues, and blue-chip companies, very few OTC companies have the metal to go so far and expand aggressively. If I was a betting man, and let’s face it we all are to some degree. Smart money is on OTC:GTEH going up in the next month. The numbers support it and it all points in one direction.

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