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Low Price Stocks To Lookout For – TQLB

Torque Lifestyle Brands Inc. (OTC: TQLB) has witnessed immense growth in 2021. Given the rise of the nutrition and supplements market due to COVID-19, TQLB is ending the year with a strong financial position, partnerships with lucrative brands, and a new production facility. With plans already in place for the upcoming year as well as millions in booked sales, investors are bullish 2022 could bring even more growth and expansion to the company. With this in mind, TQLB could be one of the best low price stocks to invest in as the new year approaches.

TQLB Stock News

As people increasingly realize the vitality of nutrition in the COVID-19 era, revenue projections for the global sports nutrition and supplements market are set to reach $34.5 billion by 2028. TQLB – an emerging leader in this lucrative industry – is building off its Joint Venture to capitalize on this increase in demand, ramp up production, and increase operational efficiency. 

To do that, TQLB has worked towards cutting lead times and implementing application versatility company-wide. For years, the company has vertically integrated production in-house and incorporated all necessary equipment to provide versatile products. This has allowed TQLB to deliver more options to customers as well as ensure faster order completion. This strategy has helped TQLB stand out in terms of innovation and customer service – given that all in-house formulators are able to create custom fit high quality products for every brand from inception all the way to completion.

Not only that, its strategy has facilitated the company’s growth until now and has fueled its expansion even further. As of recently, TQLB has secured a new production facility to support the increasing number of orders. This manufacturing facility occupies 20,000 square feet near critical infrastructure and is designed to support existing orders and operations as well as fulfill greater orders as they line up for TQLB. Through this facility, the company is well-positioned to support major orders and partner with large brands in the future. 

As of now, TQLB has taken over production for Storm Lifestyles’ ‘Focus’ and ‘Pre-Workout’ product line. To prepare for the brand’s launch in January, TQLB has been implementing new technology as well as new sachet packing equipment in order to deliver on its inventory requirements which are expected to arrive in the next few weeks. Throughout the process, the company has ensured transparency for its shareholders through its official twitter as it continues to post updates on Zero Torque’s progress.

On top of that, the company is handling a $4 million purchase order from Glaxon. This purchase order follows the recent announcement of a partnership between Glaxon and GNC – one of the world’s largest global health and wellness brands. Leonard K. Armenta Jr, TQLB’s President, is excited about the growth potential this partnership could bring given that Glaxon’s award-winning products will “take the world by storm”.

Glaxon’s products are intended to accelerate cutting-edge nutrition solutions as well as promote the health and wellness goals of millions of consumers throughout the US. Now that Zero Torque is the company’s exclusive manufacturer, TQLB could quickly position itself as a leading manufacturer for many brands in this growing industry.

Aside from both Storm Lifestyles and Glaxon, TQLB has plans to support production of bigger brands within the industry in the future. To do that, TQLB will continue to acquire sufficient raw material inventory to run continuous operations as well as produce bulk orders faster and more efficiently.

With the framework in place to sustain continued growth, TQLB appears set to be one of the low price stocks for only a little longer. If its is able to sustain its current momentum and attract new brands through its enhanced production facility, TQLB could see tremendous growth in 2022.

Media Sentiment

Investors like @dirtymatzah are bullish on TQLB’s potential, and if correct TQLB could be one of the best low price stocks to lookout for with a 150% increase on the horizon.

Technical Analysis

After its major run on December 30th, TQLB has seen a slight drop and is currently trading at $.06 – making it one of low price stocks with great trading volume. The stock has a primary support at .0454 and a secondary support at .0376 as well as a resistance line at .0702. The RSI is starting to cool off at 57 following the run up while the MACD is bullish with no signs of an incoming crossover. However, accumulation has dropped significantly.

As TQLB moves closer to its support, bullish investors may find an entry point now or wait to see if the stock approaches its support at .0376. The stock’s indicators show a bullish sentiment even though accumulation is seeing a steep downward trend as investors cash out for profits. With the RSI cooling off and the MACD bullish, TQLB could be one of the low price stocks with great potential in the upcoming year.

TQLB Stock Forecast

Clearly, 2021 was a year of major growth for TQLB with so many milestones achieved. Starting with lucrative partnerships and finishing with a solid financial position, the company is already executing its plans to expand its presence and ramp up production. Overall, the company seems to be heading in the right business direction with a strong management that facilitates its growth.

It is also important to note that TQLB moves on news, therefore, announcements of a new partnership or an upcoming acquisition could send the stock on a run to its resistance of $.0652 or even higher. With this in mind, TQLB is one of the low price stocks that could be a profitable investment heading into 2022.

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