Labor Smart Inc. (Ticker Symbol: LTNC) is an emerging leader in the Industrial Service industry that provides temporary blue-collar staffing services to small and medium sized businesses. It provides skilled tradespeople and general laborers to the commercial construction industries, as well as general laborers for manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing in response to the on-demand labor solutions by business clients. Labor Smart Inc. provides and markets its services primarily in the southeastern United States.

LTNC Management Team:

  • CEO and CFO: Mr. Christopher Ryan Schadel’s role in the company is to make major strategic decisions, overseeing the company’s overall activities and capital, serving as the primary point of contact between the board of directors and corporate management. As the CFO, he also provides the company with financial decisions including business planning, forecasting, budgeting and negotiations. 
  • Head of Regional Operations: Brian Middleton has served in True Blue Inc, a company listed in the NYSE for over 12 years. He managed to become the Regional Vice President as he set goals to grow a solid reputation during his career in True Blue Inc. Mr. Middleton’s leadership of operations and revenues has been critical in maintaining record-setting company growth, including double-digit sales growth and substantial rises in NOI, over his career (net operating income).

LTNC Key Data:

  • Market Cap: 504,000,000
  • Authorized Share: 8,000,000,000
  • Outstanding Share: 8,000,000,000
  • Float: 276,700,178

LTNC Socials/Website

  • Website: Labors|SMART You can easily request a quote to find skilled temporary labor you need for your business today on their website. You can also find their contacts as well as details about their services on the website.
  • Twitter: @laborsmartinc
  • Instagram: @laborsmart
  • Facebook: Labor Smart, Inc.

Labor Smart Inc. is active on Twitter. It posts updates every 4-10 days, informing its shareholders about what the company does today, who it hired, what’s new and more. This is a good way of gaining the shareholders’ trust as they are able to keep up with the company’s news. Any trader who wants to look up into this stock will also be able to know more about it as they visit its website and twitter page. 

LTNC now fully owns Takeover Industries

On March 1, 2021, LTNC, the pioneer in offering on-demand blue collar staffing, mainly in the Southeast, which grew into a diversified holding company, fully owned Takeover Industries. 

CEO Rayan Schadel announced the agreement live on Twitter on Sunday February 28, 2021 as he called for a restricted 12 months issuance of 6.8 billion common shares to form the acquisition. Takeover Industries is a growing pre-revenue beverage business that will become a wholly owned subsidiary of LTNC. The company will have a new owner after this transaction is completed.

During the announcement, Ryan Scahdel informed that the 500 million shares of LTNC common stock will be retired in an attempt to further decrease the overall share float.

In more news, the announcement concluded that the company will hire a new president and CEO of LTNC, Mr. Joe Pavlik, who has an experience of 20 years as an executive with expertise in the regions of health fitness and nutritious sectors. The company is excited to hire him and believes that his experiences will shift the company to a better position in the industry. Mr Pavlik said “On behalf of the Takeover Industries Inc. team we appreciate the opportunity to work with Mr. Schadel, in continuing the strong relationship with its shareholders and to bring forth immediate new opportunities in the functional beverage industry”.

LTNC signs an MOU agreement with H2ForLife to create Joint Venture

LTNC took a critical decision to create a joint venture with Faith Springs. On March 17, 2021, LTNC the pioneer in offering on-demand blue collar staffing, mainly in the Southeast, which grew into a diversified holding company, announced that it will create a joint venture with Faith Springs, H2ForLife after signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

LTNC will begin securing a minority share of the company’s stock of Faith Springs LLC through the joint venture. Thus, the company will have the authority to advertise, distribute and promote all hydrogen water products by H2ForLife technology on a 2-year contract. As the world’s first and only ultra-concentrated hydrogen-rich spring water, H2ForLife is canned at the source and specialized with technology that provides the most effective molecular and atomic hydrogen molecules that assist in regenerating the body’s cells at the cellular level.

The method starts with pure mountain spring water that is free of chlorine, fluoride, chromium 6, MTBE, and BPA, then adds trace mineral complexes and molecular hydrogen to finish. The end result is a one-of-a-kind premium hydrogen water for people who want to boost their mental clarity, physical recovery, and overall wellbeing by reducing oxidative stress.

The head of research and development for Faith Springs LLC who is ranked the world’s Bravest Thinkers by Atlantic Magazine, Danny Day, shared his excitement about the agreement saying “I have been doing research in ways to solve global issues since 1994. Most of my work until 2012 was in climate change and hydrogen, then switched to health when my 82 year-old father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer,” he added “In 2020, I realized we needed the right sales and marketing partner to scale up our business. I’m confident we’ve found that partner with the seasoned team of industry veterans at Takeover Industries Inc”.

This might be a great opportunity for Labor Smart Inc. to expand its business with different industries to grow a higher position in the market and generate revenues. 

What caused LTNC’s stock price to go up?

Recently, social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit have been bombarded by LTNC traders who are showing their excitement towards the rapid increase of the company’s stock price. This incident was caused due to company being pushed by famous penny stock influencers such as SanTradingMan, DipDeity, and MajesticDrama on Twitter. They discussed how investing in this company would be profiting. This inturn might have attracted many traders to invest in LTNC because they presumed the influencers’ words reliable. Thanks to this encouragement, many traders have bought LTNC shares, causing the stock price to go up. LTNC’s stock price is now currently 0.063 USD, which is an increase of 34.04%.


LTNC has proved itself as an emerging leader in providing on-demand blue collar staffing as it became one of the most popular stock markets that many traders are currently talking about. Its dedication to expand its businesses while forming joint ventures with health institutions and hiring a new president and CEO of 20 years of experience is most probably going to shift the company to a better position in the stock market. 

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