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Through its subsidiary, Galexxy Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GXXY) is developing an online CBD and wellness products business marketing directly to customers by utilizing its patent pending technology. Recently, GXXY stock emerged as one of the hottest marijuana penny stocks following the company’s update promising to release several PRs over the coming weeks – leading the stock to climb more than 200%. With anticipation brewing over these announcements, GXXY could be one of the best marijuana penny stocks to hold this month.

GXXY Stock News

VRMS Technology

As the company is looking to secure a share in the rapidly growing cannabis market, GXXY is developing the VRMS technology to accelerate penetrating this market. This technology is a unique hybrid retailing approach that combines the physical features of the traditional brick and mortar experience with the convenience of online shopping through deploying its point-of-sale systems in stores. Through VRMS, GXXY is confident it could mass market its online Genus cannabis products via retail outlets that have contact with millions of customers. Based on this, GXXY could witness major growth financially once the VRMS technology is fully deployed.

Considering this technology’s potential in growing GXXY’s business, the company filed a provisional patent application in the US to protect its proprietary technology. In addition, GXXY intends to file a Patent Cooperation Treaty patent application to further protect its technology globally. Based on this, GXXY could have a competitive advantage in the cannabis market since VMRS could be a revolutionary technology in increasing the company’s sales of its cannabis products.

Genus App

In addition to the VRMS technology, GXXY is preparing to launch the Genus app to disrupt the cannabis market. As a free virtual app for customers, Genus will provide customers with access to discounted products as well as health and wellness information. With this in mind, GXXY intends to integrate this app with the VRMS technology to drive up sales on the Genus app. Meanwhile, the Genus app will also provide customers opportunities to generate income since it will include digital token capabilities

To facilitate this blockchain venture, GXXY entered into a technology platform partnership with BlockCerts Blockchain to develop a fully encrypted blockchain operating system to support the growth of the Genus app. Moreover, this partnership will allow tokenization and digital currency exchange transactions on the Genus app. By integrating BockCerts’ blockchain solution into the Genus app, GXXY has the potential to accelerate its business operations, improve efficiency, increase productivity, as well as reduce operating costs. 

Meanwhile, this new operating system will have features like cannabis supply chain control, web3 cloud, patented smart contract blockchain capability, in addition to privacy and authentication solutions. In light of these features, the Genus app could witness high demand since it will enable more authentic and secure online payment processes. Given that this app could disrupt the cannabis market, GXXY could be one of the marijuana penny stocks to watch in anticipation of the app’s release.

CFI Joint Venture

While the company is focused on developing the Genus app and VRMS technology, GXXY is in a JV with City Farm Industries Inc (CFI) for the cultivation of cannabis oils and isolate. The JV also includes the cultivation of hemp flowers to distribute in the US and Europe. CFI has a 25 year ground lease on 1600 acres of prime farmland in the Central Valley region of California which had $4.5 million invested in its infrastructure by the previous leaseholder. To facilitate this JV, GXXY plans to invest up to $10 million in tranches of $2.5 million to expand CFI’s cultivation processes. 

Initially, the JV will utilize 300 acres of the property for large-scale greenhouse cultivation and the sale of smokable flowers to meet its customers’ requirements. With this in mind, the expansion plans will include the cultivation of hemp biomass for processing into several cannabis oils and isolate. Based on these plans, GXXY could be one of the best marijuana penny stocks to invest in considering the potential of this JV.

On that note, CFI already holds LOIs for sales of up to 20 thousand lbs of hemp flowers per month. Given that GXXY intends to expand the ground to include climate controlled greenhouses totaling 320 thousand square feet, the company projects to realize $10 million annually from this JV once all PODs are operating and production is sold. With this in mind, CFI plans to add more PODs when the JV turns profitable. In light of this, GXXY could become one of the most profitable marijuana penny stocks when its growth plans are achieved. 

Aiming to start the large-scale greenhouse cultivation program, CFI signed an MOU for a $2.5 million JV investment with a private investor. This new investment is on top of the $10 million pledged by GXXY to increase the JV’s production capacity which could set the JV for further growth. According to this agreement, a new JV will be formed and will be owned 75% by the investor and 25% by CFI. Meanwhile, CFI will provide a sub-lease to the new JV to accommodate a large-scale POD containing 8 greenhouses. 

Through this new JV, CFI will be able to develop an additional 80 thousand feet of greenhouse capacity that can produce 28 thousand lbs of hemp flowers annually which could generate $8.4 million in revenues. Considering that GXXY has the option to acquire CFI based on their JV, GXXY has the potential to become a major player in the cannabis industry based on its growth efforts.

KRTL Partnership

Looking to further grow in the cannabis industry, GXXY signed an MOU with KRTL biotech (OTC: QENC) to develop and distribute new cannabis and psilocybin compounds and medicines. These medicines are currently under development by KRTL’s team of US and Korean doctors and research scientists for the treatment of several disorders like autism, PTSD, ADHD, depression, addiction, as well as other psychological illnesses. According to this partnership, KRTL and its affiliates will support GXXY’s expansion plans by promoting the VRMS technology and Genus products across the world. At the same time, GXXY plans to invest $2 million in KRTL where the company will receive 10% of KRTL shares and certain commercial licensing rights. 

Meanwhile, both companies will be joined by other public companies to move forward with this project. These companies include Here To Serve Holding Corp (OTC: HTCS) and Pervasip Corp (OTC: PVSP). In light of this project, GXXY could be one of the best marijuana penny stocks this year as investors remain anticipating more updates regarding this project.

Future Plans

Although the company has not shared any new updates since its name change back in April, GXXY is climbing investors’ watchlists after promising to share several PRs over the coming weeks. Since these PRs are about acquisitions, divestments, and board member additions, GXXY could announce the acquisition of CFI. In that case, GXXY could be well-positioned to benefit from CFI’s 1600 acre ground in growing its cannabis business. As these announcements are approaching, GXXY stock could be one of the marijuana penny stocks to hold this quarter in anticipation of these updates.

GXXY Stock Financials

According to its Q1 financials, GXXY has $5 million in assets mainly attributable to goodwill and IP. As for liabilities, GXXY reported $922.9 thousand including $553.9 thousand in current liabilities and $369 thousand in long-term liabilities. Meanwhile, GXXY did not report any revenues in Q1 and reported $218.8 thousand in net loss. Despite these financials, investors are bullish on the company’s prospects since it is still growing its business and has no convertible notes – reducing dilution risk.

Media Sentiment

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@SalsTradingOTC and @ChairmanOtc are confident GXXY could break the $1 mark thanks to its low float.

Technical Analysis

Marijuana penny stocks GXXY stock chart

GXXY is currently trading at $.2550 and has a newly formed resistance near .27. Meanwhile, the stock has supports near .2280, .15, and .1010. After the company promised to release PRs over the coming weeks, GXXY soared more than 200% in anticipation of the news. With this in mind, GXXY could break through its resistance and reach new highs if the company shares positive news. On that note, bullish investors could watch for support retests to add more shares in anticipation of the PRs.

Marijuana penny stocks GXXY stock chart

As anticipation continues to build up over the coming announcements, accumulation is trending upwards and the MACD is bullish. Meanwhile, the RSI is at 62 indicating that GXXY is slightly overbought. Based on this, GXXY could momentarily drop to let the RSI regulate before having another run. As is, GXXY has an OS of 201.1 million of which only 12 million are unrestricted and a low float near 8.9 million.

GXXY Stock Forecast

With the company looking to disrupt the cannabis industry, GXXY appears to be well-positioned to achieve its target through the VRMS technology. As this technology could lead to record sales for GXXY’s products, the company has been active in protecting its proprietary technology since it filed a US patent application and intends to file a Patent Cooperation Treaty patent application to protect VRMS globally. With this in mind, integrating VRMS with the Genus app could lead GXXY to witness financial growth as the app has an advanced blockchain operating system. 

Meanwhile, GXXY has been active in growing itself in the cannabis industry as the company is currently in a JV with CFI where it has the option to acquire CFI. Considering that the JV could generate $10 million annually at full capacity, GXXY could be in a prime position to report revenues soon since CFI’s ground has been expanded. As the company prepares to release a series of PRs over the coming weeks regarding its operations, GXXY could be one of the marijuana penny stocks to buy in anticipation of the announcements.

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