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MGRX Stock –  Phallic Growth Among Small Cap Stocks

small cap stocks MGRX stock

Small cap stocks have been extremely hot lately and one of them is Mangoceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: MGRX) which has been gaining momentum due to a litany of sponsorship deals and its upcoming product launch. These moves reflect MGRX’s thorough understanding of marketing strategy because they precisely target its target audience while utilizing a growing underrated medium. Taking into account the significance of these sponsorships, MGRX’s revenues may increase drastically which might make MGRX stock one of the small cap stocks to watch especially since it is about to launch a sildenafil based product. 

MGRX Stock News

The first few years of any company are critical since during that time corporations set strategic visions that could help it in achieving profitability or lead to its demise. MGRX was founded in 2021 which makes it a newcomer to the erectile dysfunction (ED) market. That said, its Only Stans sponsorship reflects an understanding of the sexually active demographic that other ED companies simply lack which is why the stock’s potential could be considered extremely promising.

The Checkered Past of ED Sponsorships

ED companies have a complicated history when it comes to sponsorships.  In 2007, Viagria pulled out of its sponsorship deal with the MLB abruptly after it spent hundreds of millions of dollars. The reason is not specified however one could infer that the results of the sponsorship did not satisfy Viagra because the sponsorship did not target a specific audience. Another issue that ED sponsorship may face is a lack of comfort in advertising ED medications. A year before Viagra withdrew its sponsorship, a cluster of NFL teams withdrew their sponsorships with Levitra as the league did not feel comfortable being associated with an ED medication. 

The differences between MGRX’s sponsorship deal and the aforementioned deals are simple – placement, and targeting. The Viagra and Levitra deals appeal to a large audience but they felt out of place. On the other hand, sex podcasting is a profession built on discussing a taboo subject matter which means that an ED sponsorship fits like a glove. Furthermore, sex podcast regulars are more likely to be sexually active which is desirable for an ED company.

The Desirability Of Sex Podcasts

The sexually active demographic could be seen as a simple manifestation of lust perpetuated by primal carnal desires, however, a closer look reveals a litany of overarching ideologies. Sex podcasts like Esther Perel’s Where Should We Begin,  Doing It! with Hannah Witton,  Only Stans, and many others discuss topics such as being autistic in the sex industry, paraphilias (atypical kinks), and raw sexual narratives that reveal the messiness of sex in its authentic form. 

This medium is optimal for discussing ED because it emphasizes a central philosophy that focuses on demystifying sex and discussing it as if it were any other topic. This aforementioned philosophy is also the reason why Only Stans has an average of 320 thousand viewers, and why the sponsorship deal was a wise choice for MGRX.

Future Plans

As things stand MGRX did not give any details about the nature of any future marketing deals it might be considering, however, the company stated that it is “aggressively hunting additional sponsorship deals with similar media opportunities ”.  That statement was made in regard to deals within BarStool Sports as well as similar organizations. That said, MGRX’s approach towards targeted marketing will help it acquire suitable sponsorships which will improve its chances of acquiring revenue from these deals. It is for that reason that its dedication to marketing-oriented growth is a clear market advantage that may catapult MGRX stock to new heights.

Short Data

As is, MGRX is one of those small cap stocks with short squeeze potential as its short data hint at a potential short squeeze. Currently, MGRX has a high cost to borrow of 410% and a 100% utilization rate, however, its short interest is only 6.2% and its float on loan is only 11%. Despite this, MGRX’s short data are increasing rapidly compared to last week which may see a short squeeze occur – especially since MGRX has a low float of 6.2 million.

MGRX stock short data

*Updated June 22, 2023  

Doubling Down On Podcasts 

MGRX doubled down on its utilization of podcasts for marketing as it recently signed a partnership agreement with GaS Digital Network to promote MGRX’s products on multiple comedy podcasts. This move fits the company’s intricate yet playful persona by targeting its audience while introducing its product through the medium of comedy, which also thrives on discussing taboo subjects.

The terms of the agreement include that GaS Digital Network will generate 1 million unique impressions over the span of 2 months, which is significant since it has approximately 5 million listeners per month.


According to MGRX, its new Sildenafil based Mango flavored ED treatment will be available for purchase this summer. This product in and of itself could be considered a marketing ploy due to the fact that sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra.  MGRX started trending online due to memes and social media commentary insinuating that its Cialis oriented treatment was a knockoff of Cialis. 

That said, these digital transactions provide increased visibility and engagement. By utilizing Sildenafil, MGRX may be banking on duplicating this phenomenon in order to get additional engagements online. In this way, MGRX could see higher demand for its products – increasing its revenues.

MGRX Stock Financials

According to MGRX’s Q1 report its assets increased fourfold QoQ from $1 million to $4.1 million which is mostly due to its cash balance increasing from $694 thousand to $3.7 million. Liabilities, on the other hand, decreased from $389 thousand to $296 thousand. This is extremely promising since it means that MGRX has more than enough cash on hand to cover its liabilities 10 times over which is incredibly impressive for small cap stocks – especially for a new company like MGRX.

Media Sentiment

@nxtplse is having a hard time choosing between two pills

@tg_tradez is bullish on MGRX’s chart. 

Technical Analysis

MGRX stock chart

MGRX stock is in a neutral trend and is trading in a sideways channel between $1.51, and $1.71. Looking at the indicators MGRX is trading above the 200, 50, and 21 MAs. Meanwhile, the RSI is neutral at 61 and the MACD is bullish.

MGRX stock chart

As for the fundamentals, MGRX appears to be one of the small cap stocks poised to soar thanks to its groundbreaking sponsorships and its Sildenafil oriented ED product. With the company pursuing additional sponsorship deals, MGRX could soar if a new deal is announced.

MGRX Stock Forecast

As things stand, MGRX may be the most prolific ED marketer to date as every move it makes seems optimized to increase its visibility. With a new product expected to be released this summer, MGRX could be on track to grow its revenues significantly this year. Given the company’s potential to secure additional sponsorship deals, MGRX stock is shaping to be one of the most interesting small cap stocks to watch this summer.

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