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As a leading biopharma company, Statera Biopharma, Inc. (NASDAQ:STAB) is well known for developing novel immunotherapies that target autoimmune diseases as well as emerging viruses and cancers. The company has been making headway in its industry due to its extensive research to develop drugs for Crohn’s disease, COVID-19, and pancreatic cancer. Currently in an upward trend, many investors are bullish on the potential of the company and STAB could emerge as one of the NASDAQ penny stocks to watch this week.

STAB Stock News

In light of its efforts to develop drugs for different types of cancers and viruses, STAB has been approved by IRB to start phase 3 of clinical trials for its prominent drug – STAT-201. The company’s most advanced drug aims to the restoration of mucosal healing and intestinal barrier function for the treatment of moderate to severe Crohn’s disease. 

Considering that 20%-30% of its patients show symptoms before reaching 20, Crohn’s disease is considered most prevalent among children and youth. Crohn’s disease patients endure much physical and emotional suffering given the disease’s unpredictability. In addition, Crohn’s disease current treatments can have severe side effects, making it necessary for an effective treatment with less side effects.

To capitalize on this, STAT-201 had impressive results in its phase 2 trials. The drug candidate showed encouraging signs inducing remission in 67% of participants and 43% mucosal healing without any severe side effects. As a result, the advanced drug received orphan drug designation for treatment of Crohn’s disease by the FDA. 

The phase 3 trial will assess STAT-201’s safety and efficiency in the treatment of Crohn’s disease in pediatric patients. The company plans to gather about 165 patients to start the trial in Q2. Given that many are bullish on its huge potential, the release of STAT-201 could have a major impact on STAB’s PPS as the drug could potentially have revolutionary effects in the treatment of Crohn’s disease.

In light of the increasing demand for COVID-19 treatments, STAB is currently developing a drug for acute and post-acute COVID infections. Having started its phase 1 clinical trial back in the end of 2021, STAT-205 has the potential to treat acute and post-acte COVID infections through modulating immune system functions as well as decreasing elevated inflammatory responses associated with the virus’s infections. 

The potential drug has shown in studies its ability to slow the progress of the virus causing COVID-19 in the human lung. STAB is currently planning to study the drug’s effect on patients with post-acute COVID-19 syndrome – representing almost 30% of COVID-19 patients.

In addition, the company is developing a potential drug – STAT-401 – with an aim to increase the remission period in pancreatic cancer patients. Currently in its phase 1 of clinical trial, STAB met with the FDA to assemble an advisory panel of oncology experts. Following the FDA granting STAT-401 Orphan Drug Designation for the treatment of pancreatic cancer, STAB plans to start phase 1b/2 studies on its drug candidate.

In other news, STAB announced that Dr. Satish Chandran – CEO of Lays Sciences, Inc. and Physis Pharma, Inc. – is joining its board of directors following the resignation of Steve Barbarick. As a well respected biotechnology veteran, Dr. Chandran brings more than 30 years of experience to STAB’s board in drug, biologicals and medical device product development.

In addition to his current roles, Dr. Chandran is a board member and CEO of Prodigy Biotech, Inc. – as well as being a former CTO at Pfizer Biotherapeutics. Dr. Chandran has also played a pivotal role in founding RPK Pharma, Inc. to develop OTC and medical device products using IgY technology. 

In light of these efforts, STAB has the potential to continue its recent upward trend as we approach the start of STAT-201’s phase 3 trial. Given its solid share structure of 37 million OS and its low float of 27 million, STAB could emerge as one of the best performing NASDAQ penny stocks this week.

Media Sentiment

@RealtorStarShar is bullish potential FDA news could have a major impact on STAB.

Technical Analysis

Given its resistance at .87, STAB is currently trading at $.81 with primary support at .73 and secondary support at .63. Accumulation is witnessing a steep downward trend. Meanwhile the MACD is on a bullish uptrend and the RSI is stable at 54.

The MACD is bullish – indicating a strong buying action in the market. Similarly the RSI has been on an upward trend stabilizing at 54 after the stock was extremely oversold. The bullish MACD and RSI indicate that the stock could retest its resistance or even break through it as investors wait for news regarding STAT-201’s phase 3 trial.

STAB Stock Forecast

Considering the company is developing a number of drugs in clinical trial, STAB is establishing itself as a leader in the biopharma industry. As the phase 3 trial of STAT-201 is soon to start, STAB could be set for a run-up given that biopharma stocks move on FDA news. With many investors bullish on the company’s future plans, STAB has the potential to reach its year-ago high of $7 – making it one of the NASDAQ penny stocks to watch this week.

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