Global Technologies, Ltd (OTC: GTLL) is a holding company whose operations span the CBD and hemp sector as well as IP in the safety and security space and entrepreneurial e-commerce. The company has just informed shareholders that it entered a LOI to acquire Tersus Power, Inc. which is set to build and deliver modular Hydrogen fueling stations. Following the LOI, GTLL increased 89.47% over 24 hours leading many investors wondering if this is the next stock to buy.


President Biden recently signed a bipartisan infrastructure bill. Under which, the United States is set to invest $9.5 billion in the hydrogen industry. The legislation gives the manufacturers of hydrogen fuel stations new opportunities to deploy hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology throughout the country’s improved energy and transportation systems.

This could possibly be a great opportunity for Tersus Power, Inc. as its CEO, Michael Rosen said: “Tersus Power is at the forefront of this multibillion-dollar movement with its modular hydrogen fueling station design and scaling ability to meet a global demand for green energy.” With this in mind, many investors are seeing opportunities for growth by investing in GTLL after its acquisition of Tersus.

The acquisition of Tersus Power, Inc. is expected to close Q1 2022 and is a strategic move on GTLL’s part because it has a revenue stream of $2 million and is debt-free. Tersus’ CEO, Michael Rosen, has an impressive CV as well. He is a Harvard alumni and has worked for notable companies like Bain Capital, Home Depot Supply, and Weyerhaeuser. It’s not clear what role Rosen might have following the acquisition but his experience could be an asset for GTLL going forward.

This LOI is good news for GTLL shareholders as the stock had been in a decline until recently, prompting the company to reassure its shareholders that there was no reason for the decline. GTLL added that its operations had been steadily moving forward despite the loss in value and that the company was committed to transparency through it filings and reports.

The company’s pivot towards hydrogen comes after its earlier move towards PPE at the start of the pandemic. GTTL founded Global Clean Solutions as a special purpose entity for providing PPE like masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. The entity strives to meet the needs of both government municipalities and corporations with its “boots on the ground approach” and has over 62 years of manufacturing experience with a global presence. Even though the pandemic’s affects are waning, this special purpose entity is a clear asset for GTLL moving forward.

Media Sentiment

Investor @legacybuilder88 believes the new acquisition will add value to the stock as the hydrogen sector grows.

Technical Analysis

Next stock GTLL chart

GTTL is currently trading at $.0036 with a primary support at .0022 and a more immediate support at .0032. The stock shows a resistance point at .0040. The MACD had a bullish crossover and is steadily moving upwards while accumulation spiked on the news and is showing some volatility. The RSI is at 74 showing that the stock is overbought.

Should You Buy

GTLL is currently on a run following its announcement as investors feel bullish on the potential for growth in the hydrogen energy sector. The LOI could bring considerable value to the company once it completes its acquisition of Tersus Power, Inc. – a new star in the hydrogen industry. In light of the government’s newly signed infrastructure bill, there may be no better time to consider investing in companies working in the hydrogen energy sector. With this in mind, GTLL could be the next stock to buy if it breaks through its resistance at .004.


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