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NSAV Stock – An Undervalued Metaverse Stock

NSAV Stock

To establish itself as a fully integrated technology company, Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTC: NSAV) has been making significant progress in the crypto, digital asset, and blockchain spaces. In light of the company’s efforts and solid relationships within the sector, investors are increasingly referring to NSAV as one of the most intriguing blockchain penny stocks to date. Even though the company recently announced its upcoming ventures into the metaverse industry, NSAV stock continues to trade near its support – making now a good entry point for investors bullish on the stock’s potential.

NSAV Stock News

To deliver on its metaverse plans, NSAV focused on developing strategic partnerships around the world. To date, one of the company’s most prominent partners remains Silverbear Capital. According to their agreement, NSAV has a 50% stake in SilverBear Capital Decentralized Finance Investment, Inc. which plans to launch its SBC Unix X Token.

Aside from bringing lucrative assets, this partnership also brought invaluable key personnel to NSAV’s management, including Danny Lau and Dato’ Sri Desmond Lim. Given his experience as a property tycoon as well as his impressive roles in the financial sector, Desmond Lim was appointed as senior VP of NSAV’s Cryptocurrency Operations as well as the company’s interim CEO. Following his appointment, many investors were bullish on NSAV’s direction moving forward.

Aside from Silverbear Capital, NSAV also developed a solid partnership with TG Private Equity Inc – a major player in China’s investment community. Through this partnership, NSAV gained invaluable key personnel addition. Mr. Yuen Wong – Bitmart’s Managing Partner– was appointed as NSAV’s Executive Director – a notable achievement considering Wong’s experience with Bitmart’s approximately $2 billion 24-hour trading volume and 220 cryptocurrencies.

Despite this strong leadership structure, NSAV has previously hit a few roadblocks. Citing regulatory issues in early August, the company delayed the launch of its Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange – which left NSAV stock trading at one of its all time lows. Because the exchange is located in Hong Kong – where no regulations are in place – the company is currently pursuing the licenses necessary to proceed with its launch. With this in mind, NSAV continues to assure investors that the exchange is fully operational otherwise.

To further position itself in the market, the company launched its stake holding – VirtuaBroker – offering AI powered trading services to users interested in managing all their crypto holdings in one place. Using VirtuaBroker’s tools, users are able to trade on several major exchanges including Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken.

NSAV is also planning to enter the virtual assets sector to deliver on the increase in demand from clients looking to store their digital assets with regulated entities and licensed institutions. Through this, the company could relieve users of potential catastrophic losses resulting from forgotten passwords. According to NSAV, Bitcoin investors alone have lost over $140 billion because of forgotten passwords – highlighting a burgeoning need for solutions offered by a virtual asset management company.

To capitalize on this, NSAV has established a strategic partnership with LuxFi – entering the company into the luxury asset-backed NFT marketplace. NSAV will focus on tying real-world assets – such as art pieces, diamonds, luxury watches and branded bags – to NFTs in a way that employs benchmarks made from real-world data to assess NFT pricing.

As of late Q4 2021, NSAV launched its native token which is designed to aid in the facilitate the company’s presence in the DeFi sector. With zero gas fees, the company’s native token could be used for yield farming and staking in NSAV’s recently launched, fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform – NSAVDEX

Originally, NSAV created NSAVDEX to become the one platform for all crypto products – further positioning the company’s presence in the $2 trillion global cryptocurrency market. The company emphasized that NSAVDEX is built to provide users with an exceptional experience given it has some of the best technical specifications in the decentralized crypto industry. 

In fact, through the platform, users could mine, swap, liquidate and trade crypto. Aside from this, NSAVDEX is designed to support up to 10,000 transactions per second and is governed by its community to ensure its decentralization. In light of this, many investors were excited that NSAVDEX intends to be deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – which enables fast trading and empowers users to create their own decentralized apps and digital assets.

To grow its exchange platform, the company recently announced its entrance into the $500 billion metaverse industry through its partnership with the first public blockchain role playing game – Nirvana Meta. In light of this partnership, the Nirvana Meta native token is well-positioned to trade on NSAVDEX before 2022 ends.

This venture is already proving successful as the owner of Malaysia Car King – Dato’ Calvin Yap Kim Heng – recently announced that his company will be accepting Nirvana Meta tokens as a form of payment. This means that people holding Nirvana meta tokens can purchase a car, a yacht, or even a private jet – proving that a unified metaverse token can be essential. Additionally, the token is also expected to be used in real estate transactions given that some of the top real estate agents in Malaysia including Mah Sing Property Berhad, Akisama Group, and Binastra Group are starting to accept it from property buyers.

Media Sentiment

Taking into consideration the company’s upcoming ventures into the metaverse, investor @Daymarelis29 is bullish on NSAV’s potential moving forward.

Technical Analysis

NSAV Stock Chart

Witnessing a downward trend, NSAV stock is currently trading at its support of $.0165 with a primary resistance around $.0205 and a secondary resistance at $.0274. The RSI is at 26 and continues to trend downwards indicating that the stock is slightly oversold. Meanwhile, accumulation is decreasing and the MACD is bearish to the downside.

NSAV Stock Chart

These indicators show that the stock is extremely undervalued at the moment. However, the company’s new metaverse project might have a positive influence on the PPS. In fact, investors are speculating that metaverse news from the company could send the stock on a 51% run up to its resistance at $.0306 – making now a good entry point on NSAV.

NSAV Stock Forecast

If NSAV is able to market NSAVDEX as “the one platform for all crypto products”, the company could see major long-term growth and establish a competitive edge in the market. Additionally, the metaverse project and the company’s other strategic partnerships might reflect in its balance sheets in 2022. In light of these catalysts and NSAV’s mission to become one of the best blockchain penny stocks, NSAV stock could see a rebound and reach its resistance point at $.0306 – making now a good entry point for investors bullish on the company’s potential.

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