Every college campus is rife with protests against the meat industry, usually hoping to dissuade students from meat products due to the industry’s notable mistreatment of animals. But recently, these protests have adopted a new tone as climate change becomes a hotter and hotter topic.

Here enters Next Meats Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NXMH) which has been proactively developing and marketing the next generation of meat substitutes in anticipation of a global, dietary shift.  Beginning its R&D in 2017, this food-tech venture company was listed on the OTC market only seven months ago after partnering with the Toyota-Tsusho Corporation at the start of 2020. 

A trailblazer in its home-country, NXMH was the first alternative protein company to air a commercial in Japan. Thanks to a collaboration with the Japanese barbecue chain restaurant, Yakiniku Like, Next Meat’s plant-based Yakiniku will be regularly served throughout the country. Similarly, NXMH continues to introduce its products through event collaborations, namely with Wayback Burgers at the Sacramento Vegan Food Festival and IKEA Japan’s Sustainable Food Fair. 

Wisely selecting the L.A. area for the launch of its e-commerce shop, Next Meats was warmly received in an area known for plant-based lifestyles and fusion cooking. As creator of the world’s first plant based Japanese barbecue meats, NXMH has already launched in Taiwan

Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Japan. But its selection of products – Next Burgers, Next Gyudon, Next Yakiniku, and most recently Next Egg 1.0 – are intended to make the Next brand universal. With ambitious plans to reach consumers in the US, China, India, Russia, and parts of Europe, NXMH continues to grow its hold on the Japanese market as well by launching its egg alternative where egg consumption is the world’s 2nd highest. NXMH is also building a factory in Niigata, Japan, which will become a hub for the company’s production and R&D.

This quickly accelerating company has already announced plans to “apply to NASDAQ around this summer”. But achieving these growth goals will require considerable infrastructure. Speculators have noted the connection between WB Burgers Asia, Inc. (WBBA) whose CEO, Koichi Ishizuka, is also Director of Next Meats. WBBA was formerly known as Business Solutions Plus, Inc. but went through a name change in July 2021.

Meanwhile, NXMH’s 8-K filing for January 29th mentions that NXMH and its controlling shareholder, Next Meats Co., Ltd., “have engaged in informal discussions regarding a possible merger and/or acquisition, which could result in Next Meats Co., Ltd. becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company.” While this may be worth noting, the document also clarifies that these discussions were “speculative” and no action has been taken for his purpose. 

Currently, the meat substitute market is projected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 8.4% for the period between 2018 and 2026. If correct, the market will have almost doubled by 2026 reaching $8,155.8 million. Driven by growing veganism and food security concerns, this industry is one to watch as current trends are unlikely to dissipate.

As for NXMH, the stock is currently capped at $2.235 billion with 500 million authorized shares. Its volume has slowed to almost 12 thousand compared to its average volume of around 26 thousand. Around its opening day, NXMH reached $13 but has since gradually descended to a current value of $4.47. With more filings dropping, the potential of uplisting to NASDAQ, increased brand recognition, and industry growth, NXMH could get to $8 in the couple of months ahead. As appetizing as NXMH is, you should always remember to sell on the way up.


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